The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory

The Soldiers Factory is a top-down stealth game and the start of a trilogy.

Go undetected and sneak past enemy soldiers or secretly kill them. Overcome surveillance cameras and laser barricades. Use the room scanner, the taser pistol and many other weapons. But remember, the alarm will make the mission even more difficult.

The playing time on the NORMAL level of difficulty is approximately 12 hours. Of course, it depends on the player. The story takes you to several locations, which is divided into over 60 levels.

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The Soldiers Factory on Steam

星尘战区 Stardust Theater

星尘战区 Stardust Theater

Very Good Shoot em up, A shop to power up your weapons, good controls.

quite a variety of Enemy ships to destroy, end of stage cool Bosses, nice music.

5/6 Stages with quality colourful graphics and effects.

Their is a great story to go with the game!!

I will happily pay more than the asking price which is small and so pleased i found this game.

Superb work guys…Both Thumbs UP!!!


Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

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星尘战区 Stardust Theater on Steam

Lotto Life

Lotto Life

Have you ever wondered if you could win the lottery? Here’s a chance to test that luck, without losing your shirt in the process. Lotto Life is an authentic lottery simulator similar to state-run lotteries.

Welcome to Ys, a modern city under the auspices of Lotto Life Megacorporation. Every day, in real time, a winning number is drawn for the in-game lottery. Buy tickets, read the daily newspaper, go to work, and maybe win big! Fail to pay the rent, though, and you’re looking at a new life (or perma-death, if you like) in debtor’s prison.

In line with simulating the wait-and-see experience of playing the lottery, this game plays out at a slow pace. Most days your session can take around 5 minutes to complete, and then real time must pass before more can be done.

Please note that this is a game, with no actual real-life cash payout in the event of picking a winning ticket.

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Lotto Life on Steam



A heartwarming tale of the will of mankind, and its ability to persevere through any adversity. The game is fun, silly, and an enjoyable 3 or so hour experience. Take it at face value as a satirical, goofy game and not one meant to be taken immensely seriously.

Also, dash in the air to go much faster. It doesn’t always work, but most of the time it does.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Godkiller on Steam

Stupid Stories

Stupid Stories

Blockbuster Story :)

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Nostalgia kicks in hard on this one.

Great, little adventure game with love fore the details. Riddles are challenging but fair with a well thought trough in-game help system. Get it on sale.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Stupid Stories on Steam

non - The First Warp

non - The First Warp

Great game for the any point and click adventure lover. Funny and engaging. Highly recommend it and you will be supporting indie gaming.

Real player with 20.2 hrs in game

Quite a neat little adventure thing, with ample help for the player if you risk getting stuck (as I often am, not being the greatest fan of the genre)

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

non - The First Warp on Steam

ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue

ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue

I’ve played puzzler platformers and I’ve played puzzlers based around colours, but Color Blend FX is looking to combine those and expand it across an expansive Metroidvania with a story to boot. This prologue is a very strong proof of concept.

In terms of an MV game you’re only getting one movement upgrade, but if you’re skeptical about the basics this prologue should have you setting your doubts aside.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

Super fun game and I like the puzzles which are not overly challenging. Great concept for a game which I have never seen. The game runs very smooth and I really look forward to the full game if there is one.

Review at:

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue on Steam

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

The Meta:

This is a free prologue, as a feature-limited demo of the full game which expands upon the content that was made available in the demo from July. You have absolutely no reason not to try this.

I’ve played rather extensively through the beta testing, and can attest that the devs are incredibly responsive to the player community, both for bug fixing and implementing player-suggested improvements or modifications, and I fully expect that behavior to apply to the full game.

The game includes no microtransactions.

Real player with 70.7 hrs in game

Originally, I thought the prologue would end in 30 days at most, but later I found out that I was still too young and naive. On the first day of the second month, I angrily ate all my food. I have many cans which used all the money I made to buy, and with lots of blueberry milkshakes and carrot soup. It’s ridiculous that I didn’t have diarrhea after eating it all! Ok, I have to quit the game in dismay!

Talk about the advantages and shortcomings of this game. This game is still very creative, painting style is good, it is said that the official version has more content. In terms of content, the game is undoubtedly a success. But the game also has some shortcomings:

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper: Prologue on Steam

Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first few hours but boy did I change my mind. I was expecting to actually have to survive in the shelter I created and see the aftermath of the wasteland left after the world goes to hell and I was puzzled as to why this sort of game play wasn’t added in but it’s still a fantastic base building , survival game and I hope they’ll add DLC in the future, where you’ll actually be able to survive in the bunker or even get to experience what happens after landing the rocket .

Real player with 448.5 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper. A survival base building game that’s not about survival and not about base building but purely story-driven.

TL;DR: If you can get it cheap (10 USD/EUR), give it a shot. But if you want a survival challenge or expect another game like This War Of Mine, STAY AWAY. It has SO much unused potential. It could be so much more.


  • Interesting story. Mr. Prepper is not your average guy.

  • The typical “just one more day” game design that sucks you in.

  • 3 (4) NPCs you interact with that are all kinda likable.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper on Steam



Pros / What’s good?


The Egyptian theme is an eye-pleasing hook, and consistent throughout most of the game. The Serket armor set looks like something from monster hunter and the Ishtar set has this silly blue-pink paint job going on.

Combat is challenging, tactical almost. To Some attacks cannot be blocked, only dodged. Some cannot be dodged, only blocked. These attacks have ‘colored trails’ on them: red is unblockable, blue is undodgeable. Parrying - I found it new that you could parry enemies blocking with their shield in order to get them to drop their guard.

Real player with 116.1 hrs in game

Pharaonic is a game that has drawn many comparisons to the Dark Souls series with its action RPG features and the hacking and slashing. Honestly, I have not played one game of the Dark Souls series. I wanted to give Pharaonic, an indie game, a try because I was captivated by the art direction, the stunning environmental design, and the stunning background design. It is a side scrolling game with a steep learning curve, tough enemies, and a fantastic setting in Ancient Egypt.

The story of Pharaonic is set in Ancient Egypt and you play Dagi, a prisoner who tries to escape from prison to find out what happened to The Red Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt in the year 440. You get to escape with the assistance of a mysterious woman. This is where your journey truly begins, as you are almost fully naked and armed with a basic sword. The plot is not very deep, but the focus of the game is on combat. There are many enemies and the battles are very difficult. I died many times but was rarely frustrated. I quickly realized that getting killed was mainly my fault and it was a matter of understanding my strengths and weaknesses as well as understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my enemies. Your defense, like dodge roll, block, and parry, is just as important as your offense because taking a few too many hits will result in certain death.

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

Pharaonic on Steam