Tiny Strife

Tiny Strife

I have no idea why the game has no reviews… but now it will! First of: it is adorable! I like the cute design of everything. Also, it is turn based. So turn-based party RPG (I mean it says it above). You start with one character, but the higher you go: the more you unlock.

The game is… luck based. I lost on the first or second battle my first time around. Then when I showed my friend how bad I was at it: I completed 1-1 area! Afterwards I tried to lose, because if you do - there is a score that updates and you get new skills… so I actually won Chapter 1… Go figure!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

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Battle for Antares

Battle for Antares

Battle for Antares is a fast-paced strategy game. You grow your empire, colonize star systems, build planetary infrastructure and combat drones to battle your opponent. Will you focus on research to crush your opponent with superior technology? Or do you outnumber and overwhelm the enemy early on? The fate of your empire is at your hands.

Procedural generated, face-paced game play

Battle for Antares is face-paced. Every round is different due to procedural generated galaxies and one round lasts roughly 15 minutes. Grow your empire, install crucial infrastructure projects on your planets and research new technologies. Command your fleet of drones and crush your opponent.

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Car Puzzle: Round Ways

Car Puzzle: Round Ways

It makes an error when a car collides with a pizza delivery coming out of a delivery point. While pizza deliveries move backward when they leave the points, the developers have not programmed how to deal it when a car collides with the back of another one. It makes the game get totally stuck, so I have to turn off and restart the game.

Real player with 11.9 hrs in game

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Round Ways is a mobile port of a free game that has nothing new to offer in the paid version. The features listed on the Play Store and Steam are exactly the same word for word. It’s a bad port too with relics of the mobile version still intact with a clunky mouse only interface for finger sliding/tapping. It is more of a quick reaction time game than it is puzzle that just doesn’t work well on the PC. The core design has the player switching cars between tracks by tapping the switches, which is much easier to do on a touch screen phone where the player can have their fingers lined up with multiple switches at once vs on the PC where the player can only click one switch at a time and requires dragging the mouse to the next switch. Each level is fairly simplistic, but the time limit and switch limits for getting 3 star ratings become too cumbersome on the PC version. As early as level 13 it’s like the dev just gave up on the level design and flat out admits the level does not have a solution and instructs the player to use an auto-abduction power-up that passes the level. After this point the entire game can just be auto-completed and it’s hard to tell which levels actually have a solution anymore. Just play the free version on a touch screen phone.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

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Swoon! is an Adventure 2.5D Platformer for all ages. You are an alien who crashed on planet Earth. Collect all the mechanical parts of your spaceship, face the most daring bosses, travel through time and save your friends.

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Void Explorer

Void Explorer

You are a lone colonist - Explore the void of space and discover all sorts of planets, creatures, dungeons and civilizations!

Build your own bases and gadgets to further expand your colony!

  • Explore Space!

    Modify and upgrade your ship, find planets, land on them.

  • Discover Planets!

    Wide array of planets ranging from dense and lush forests to rocky wastelands!

    Specific dungeons, civilizations, resources and enemies on each!

  • Craft!

    Craft powerful weapons, food, gadgets or tools to grow your colony!

  • Fight!

    Get weapons and fight enemies and bosses for better loot!

  • Explore!

    Explore Ancient Ruins and dungeons found on planets!

  • Much More!

    Quests, base building, NPCs, colonies, boss fights and so much more!

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No One’s Earth

No One’s Earth

No One’s Earth is a 2.5D action/adventure Metroidvania set in a post-post-apocalyptic Earth, which had been dominated by two alien races and are now at war.

Play as Harlie Jamoor, a member of the team responsible for evaluate the habitability conditions of the Earth, coming from the space colony that shelters the human refugees from the climatic catastrophes that occurred on Earth. Harlie must rescue team members who have entered the Earth and mysteriously lost contact with the ship.

  • Explore the abandoned CCTA (Climatic Control Testing Area), looking for the plants to complete the mission to help the Nularis so they can help to rescue your team.am.

  • Watch closely and shoot anything that looks suspicious, dangerous enemies, or secret places.

  • With just a visual reference and a brief description, venture through all of CCTA’s natural and artificial alien environments to find the plants almost hidden across the map that can save the Nularis from extinction.

  • Acquire new abilities that need to be well managed by the consumption of the two types of energy that circulate through your suit, which can be expanded and also affect map progression.

  • Survive the dangerous animals and security systems, which will try to stop you at all costs to prevent you from causing damage to the valuable species preserved in CCTA.

  • Be careful with the movement of the Ceresti, responsible for creating the virus that puts the existence of Nularis at risk. Avoid getting their attention, run away, or fight them if you are capable.

No One's Earth on Steam

Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion

Outcasts of Orion is an autobattler roguelike combining a solid game loop and varied strategic potential to offer an engaging experience with much replayability. You draft from a variety of randomly presented abilities and units to craft your squad and discover unexpected synergies. The game does struggle a bit early on in conveying the appeal of its mechanic, but given some time, it reveals an underlying layer of depth that keeps you coming back. If you are a fan of either autobattlers or strategy roguelikes, this game is worth giving a shot.

Real player with 37.0 hrs in game

I’ve come back to add, this game has more layers and depth than I originally imagined it may be “feigning”. On the flip side, the enemy formations are a little limited. There is deviation from the standard, but buy in large, there are a few standard formations you will find them in. That said, for the price point, what you are getting is more than fair from where I stand, and the developer seems to be active on the boards, and they seem to be keeping an eye on this game and keeping it in a good state.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game

Outcasts of Orion on Steam



Doesn’t load youtube vid; Doesn’t load local mp3; Just doesn’t work.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Musicle on Steam



Playing Superverse is really awesome experience.

Whole universe against you, just like old retro games when we were saving world and universe from bad guys, those were good old times. What can one wish for more.

Excellent graphics and fluid gameplay is something that is typical for this game.

Tested on keyboard which can be playable but i recommend with Joypad. It is totally different experience.

Once you get used to controls it becomes very natural and easy to play even versus tougher opponents.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Have you ever played Gate88? How about Chicken Invaders? Imagine Gate88 space mechanics and controls where you are floating and you can power up your weapons in Chicken Invaders style and just enjoy nice space scenery?

SUPERVERSE will give you all that and more. Although it is an early access game, it is offering interesting content. You are a small space vessel and you roam around different universes and upgrade weapons, Chicken Invaders style where more is better, enjoy the scenery and destroy enemy vessels.

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game


Aliens In Paradise

Aliens In Paradise

Aliens In Paradise is a Shoot’em Up game inspired by old school Shoot’em Ups like Contra and Metal Slug. Aliens In Paradise takes place in The Bahamas which is the first stop for the Aliens invading the Earth. They destroy the main character house what he spent most his life working to build so he sets out on a revenge quest to destroy as much Aliens and their Ships as possible. His thirst for revenge may actually save the world. Play the game and find out.

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