The Judgement of Q

The Judgement of Q

After i tried it, i’m not considering it as a puzzle game only, but also a brainstorming game, where you think through this short trip about the meaning of life and about the truth of it (that’s how i would describe it). Great game from an ambitious developer and i hope there will be more games like this.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game

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The judgement of Q is one of those simple games to play when you want to chill, the puzzles are thought provoking, but not frustrating. The soundtrack is soothing and harmonic with the progression of the game. The environment design is the most beautiful aspect of the game, giving the player a sense of discovery and curiosity, that goes along with the narration, which can get somewhat confusing at times, but the game is mostly visual anyway.

There are occasional FPS drops between loading screens, but nothing that will completely upset your experience. It’s an overall calm and relaxing experience with meaningful implications.

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

The Judgement of Q on Steam

Acolyte: Prologue

Acolyte: Prologue

My play through of the prologue here (once it uploads) if you get stuck and need help:

I had so much fun with the prologue I’m super stoked to see what comes next also the link for the transcendent edition brought up a 404 error on Check this game out for sure also it’s very easy to get stuck on a tangent if you make a mistake figuring out part of the puzzle. I had to close and reopen the game to get back to what I needed, luckily it saves your progress. I love games that make you think outside the box and use outside resources. I had two things that might have been glitches? I rated a haiku and the task didn’t complete I got information for a evidence database but I couldn’t find the evidence database I had two messages I couldn’t find in my message log and all messages were shown as read but regardless I still made it to the end of the prologue so nbd

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

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so.. this sucks. don’t get me wrong, i LOVE this game, i just found it yesterday and I loved it. I beat the prologue, then went and bought the transcendent version to continue the story. (weirdly enough the transcendent edition has more actual bugs and not fictional bugs than the steam version, including spelling errors, but c’est la vie)

i’ve reached the part now where i had to fill my contacts list, and figure out the passwords to unlock the cosmetics. there are 0 hints for either. for the latter, the hints that ARE given, are extremely vague and i am unable to find any references for them that correlate to the actual game, and it’s extremely frustrating. what does “dog” mean in this context? the cosmetic was related to hair so i put poodle, nope. i also put cat, thinking back to the personality test, also nope. what does QR @ 0:40s mean? and the postal code? where would i even begin to find that? i understand this game is new, so there’s not a lot of info out there, but i’m stuck. (yes, i’ve looked through the discussions and reviews here for any hints, i’ve looked at the forums for this game, i’ve looked at twitter, ive looked at youtube, i’ve looked at reddit. i’ve even looked at your patreon to see if there was anything there.) i’m unable to progress because i have no idea what to ask, what the passwords might be for the cosmetics, or how to progress the storyline.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Acolyte: Prologue on Steam



A 3D Platformer where the more you die then harder it becomes

Estress let’s you feel how your body experiences stress in a more visual way

This is the story of a live, would be your story or mine in each stage of the live we face very stressful events this game is the representation of that situations.

With each dead the stress of the character increase this trigger many effects like camera shaking and altered movement.

Each effect is based in the real stress effects in human body.

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Estress on Steam



This is a great puzzle game. If you like puzzling things out with no time limits or pressure, this is for you. It reminded me of Kami in a way so if you like that you’ll probably like this. I loved that it has an undo button so if you make a wrong move you don’t have to start over. I used it often. Like most games it starts easy and gets harder and gradually adds more mechanics to make it more interesting. They also add new puzzles every day so it never really ends. There are six new puzzles a day that stay posted for five days. A few easy and then they get hard. You can open it about once a week and have 30 new puzzles to play. There’s also an extra mode that continuously generates new tiles and the point is to see how many moves you can make before you get stuck. Early on the puzzles only take a minute or two. Later they usually involve multiple tries and can take a while. Every once in a while I’d be working on one for half an hour or so. I really like that they always have three puzzles open above the last level you completed so you don’t just get stuck. You can skip one and maybe try it later. There are still a few I’ve left skipped that I couldn’t figure out yet.

Real player with 52.6 hrs in game

a minimalistic puzzle game where you have to match 3 or more of the same color or pattern by switching them around and clear all the tiles. might sound boring or ‘not this again’ but I found playing it a lot of fun even with several similar games under my belt, mostly because the visuals are very pleasant and it’s really quick and responsive. the game loads fast, takes you immediately to the current level and moving pieces can be as fast or slow as you want by holding the mouse button. I really loved this because as you start moving tiles, it reveals which ones will disappear if you finish turning them, and if I knew what I was doing, moving squares was instantaneous, but if I was experimenting, I could take it slow.

Real player with 19.3 hrs in game

Dissembler on Steam

Quiet Valley 2

Quiet Valley 2

I love this game. great visuals and style that if you can get a grip on does a great job getting the spooks. its a short and sweet game, ideas put forward are chilling and oppressive, basic style is still detailed in its implementation and surprisingly thought out. there are little additions that only show up for a few seconds and it keeps you on your toes and impress with there inclusion. this feels like a flash game made by a AAA experienced indy developer. its alot like silent hill in its progression where there are secrets, the progress is in exploration and it is willing to be appropriately aggressive when its required.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

fuk you and your shity view i wanted to play this but i cant tell where i cam because of the camera

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Quiet Valley 2 on Steam

Up Left Out

Up Left Out

Up Left Out is a sliding block puzzle game where the primary gimmick is that the blocks have to be slid out of the pegs holding them before they can be moved around like normal. For the starting levels, removing the blocks from the pegs is all you have to do, but later on you’ll also have to create complete lines from red fragments on top of the blocks, as well as contend with other mechanics like rotating blocks and moving walls.

My main problem with this game is that it feels half-finished. There’s only around 50 levels, and considering how every time a new mechanic is introduced the game uses a few levels to ease you into how it works, it feels like only one half of the package is made of actual puzzles. Of those, the majority felt more like busywork than brainteasers, and when I reached the point where the game became engaging enough that I felt it was about to truly START, I suddenly got a “THANK YOU FOR PLAYING”, followed by a few bonus levels easier than what I just played. Disappointing, to say the least.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

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Up Left Out is another short minimalist puzzle game from the maker of Hook, Klocki and Push but this time you are sliding blocks around.

There are various goals to accomplish. It starts off simply, you just need to free each block from it’s holding pin. Other mechanics are slowly introduced, blank blocks that just get in the way, patterns and lines on top of the blocks that need to be matched together to end the puzzle, buttons that rotate all the pieces and walls/gates that can be manipulated to stop blocks at specific places. These walls demonstrate the fundamental mechanic, blocks slide as far as they can until they hit something. Some of the later and best puzzles contain blocks that can only be moved once that pattern on top of them is replicated on other movable blocks.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Up Left Out on Steam

Radon Blast

Radon Blast

If you’re looking for a relaxing brick breaker this is a decent option.

That being said there are still some things that could be better. My biggest issue is how uninspired some of the stages are, with the priority being on making a cool or referential picture (like a floppy disk or face) instead of levels that are interesting to play. There are still some great levels here but fewer than you would expect from a game like this. Also, the settings are a bit sparse.

I did really enjoy that you bounce from screen to screen and you get a chance to save yourself, it was a fun take on the genre.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Great brick breaker game that has its own unique style and twists.

When you miss hitting a ball and one gets by you, a charged up red firey ball bounces around at what seems about double the speed. If it gets by you, you’ll lose progress each time it gets by you until you either lose a ball eventually or until you finally manage to hit it.

You cannot use the keyboard at all and it’s all controlled by moving your mouse up and down.

A few things missing from this game are the typical power ups I’m used to seeing in break breaker games like this. You know the power ups that make your paddle bigger for a short time, give you the ability to shoot the bricks for a short period of time, or offers you a shield behind your paddle in case you miss the ball..

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Radon Blast on Steam

A Chamber of Stars

A Chamber of Stars

Each person has a universe inside of them.

A personal universe with characters influenced by the observable reality around them. Your friends, the fans, the local shop clerk, each person you pass without giving pause is another universe. You make up a story about them, they form a story about you. The universes expand.

I always wonder how similar our universes can be. You and I. Will I ever be able to pierce through and present myself, my real self, or will the information be lost in translation? The thing rattling around in our heads can’t be all that different. We both still get choked up over the same melodies, it’s only human to do so, right?

Maybe, if you would like it, I could play something for you. Lord knows your songs are still rattling around in my head.

The singularly named Starr, an enigmatic performer, guitarist and songwriter, has somehow survived the constant shifting tide of the musical landscape. Decade after decade, this artist has remained relevant in culture’s eye. After multiple personas, genre manipulations and controversies, the public is still buzzing. “What will Starr do next?” The rumors say their upcoming album will be the fated magnum opus…

A Chamber of Stars is the sequel to 2018’s The Endless Empty. Through six unique worlds the life of the rock n’ roll hero, Starr, will be pieced together. Exploration, choices and performances will change the course of a life and will alter the songs that are produced. A Chamber of Stars will feature a mix of classic adventure games, puzzle solving and unique rhythm game performances all within a fully realized surrealist universe.

Nothing heavenly or divine; just filthy mortal music here.

A Chamber of Stars on Steam

A Forgetful Loop

A Forgetful Loop


  • Simple mechanics that form some surprisingly complex levels

  • Writing is better than it has any right to be for a puzzle game

  • Music is top notch and rather catchy

  • Honestly peak gameflow


  • Lost track of time during play, which is ironic really

  • Existential dread about the nature of quantum mechanics

Disclosure: Was a beta tester for this, but purchased my own copy on release

Real player with 14.5 hrs in game

This is a great, fast-paced worker assignment puzzle. it’s a lot of fun! As someone who likes time management/cooking games where you have to frantically cook multiple meals at once, I took to A Forgetful Loop immediately. It has a few bugs, which can generally be solved by closing and reopening. The story sections (which are text only) are sad and stressful and sometimes kind of horrifying, but you can skip them if you want to. I reported a bug and the developers were very responsive and nice. I would definitely recommend this game if you like fast paced time-management worker assignment games.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

A Forgetful Loop on Steam

ASMR LIGHTness - Light painting 💡

ASMR LIGHTness - Light painting 💡

A great little puzzler to stimulate your mind. If you’re a fan of Hidden Object Games you may have come across this type of puzzle before as you try to untangle a series of nodes connected by stretchy bands with no crossovers allowed.

Gentle music and soothing lightning make for a nice peaceful game. I enjoyed solving a puzzle or three at the end of the day to unwind. You’re rated one to three stars on completion based on, finishing the puzzle, the fewest number of moves, and then on the smoothest execution/speed.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

loved it nice to do when ya dont wanna really play anything to strenuous loved the music and sounds to it to :)

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

ASMR LIGHTness - Light painting 💡 on Steam