80s Volleyball

80s Volleyball

Simple but fun enough once you figure out the timing and controls.

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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Tho it says “inspired by 80’s 8-bit vollyeball games” the visuals and tunes highly resembles specifically that [awful] ‘Great Volleyball’ on Sega Master System. Good thing only the looks were reminiscent from it, this game is a lot better. While it is not recommended for those wanting to rinse the bad taste left by ‘Spike Volleyball’ since this is a more arcade take, it is recommended for any indie sport gamers in general, specially volleyball fans. It’s simple and fun, and has an impressive amount of teams and competitions to choose from (for a volleyball game at least).

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

80s Volleyball on Steam



CubeLines is balancing act. Taking a risk and go for the big score in one go or play it safe and steady. You can choose how you play it. There are no timers, take all the time you need for your next move or swing it and see how it goes.

By arranging 5 or more cubes in a line, you can clear them from the board but there is always those few that stay behind. It starts of easy; you think you have the control over the board but turn by turn it start to fill up.

Go for high score for longer games or complete a few challenges for a quick game. And for those moments when you simply want to relax there is an easy mode, to simply play!

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CubeLines on Steam

Heart of Siam

Heart of Siam


A classic 2D platformer (aka Jump’n Run). Try to collect all diamonds and reach the end of the Level before the time is up.

24 Levels (plus secret caves) are waiting to be discovered. But some scary creatures are in your way, be careful.


Thailand 1945

In 1945 James T. Elwood found the 3 magical Diamonds.

They are know as the Heart of Siam.

5 days after he found the Diamonds, James disappeared.

With the 3 stones in his pockets…

60 Years later…

You are now on the way to Thailand… 2Hours and you are in Bangkok.

Everybody told you, you are crazy… the only thing you know about the

3 magical Diamonds is that, they’re somewhere in the Jungle in northern

Thailand, close to the border of Laos.

The beginning of a dangerous adventure…


  • 24 amazing Levels

  • Secret bonus Levels

  • Dangerous Enemies

  • Beautiful 2D Art

  • Great Soundtrack

Beautiful 2D Platformer, after 14 years in developemnt now on Steam.

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Heart of Siam on Steam

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Get ordained in The Abbey of Crime, THE most awarded Spanish graphic adventure game of the 80’s and solve the dangerous mystery that has been hidden among the dusty pages of history for more than five centuries.

Become the friar Guillermo de Mosce and return to your order to discover the reasons why you were imprisoned by the Holy Inquisition.

“_After being accused, deemed guilty and imprisoned by the very Pope John XXIII during the fourteenth century, Guillermo de Mosce flees from the jail in Avignon to seek asylum in the court of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria. But after his death, Guillermo decides to come back to his order, accompanied by a young novice with the intention of meeting Bernardo Moi, head of the inquisition led by the pope.

Nobody never knew what really happened. There is only a disciple’s account left, which would shed light several years after upon those horrible and astonishing events, which remained secret ever since…_”


  • Original studio game

  • Rewind option

  • Original instruction manual

  • Original material

  • Development notes

  • Trophies

  • Steam/Nintendo Switch/PS4

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime on Steam



REPLACED is a 2.5D sci-fi retro-futuristic action platformer set in an alternate 1980s America, with free-flow action combat and a deep, dystopian story.

You play as R.E.A.C.H. - an artificial intelligence trapped in a human body against its own will, striving to adjust to human life, in and around Phoenix-City.

Outlaws are rife in a society that has sustained lasting damage and taken a turn for the worse, following a catastrophic nuclear event. Everything is ruled by corruption and greed and the ones in power see humans and their organs as nothing more than currency. REPLACED focuses on a single player experience, with a mix of cinematic platforming, pixel art and free-flow action combat.

Set in a complex gritty stylized cyberpunk inspired world combined with deep engaging dystopian story set in an alternative past.

Explore and uncover its mysteries as R.E.A.C.H. who is beginning to understand that everything comes at a price.


Duel Jousting

Duel Jousting

The game has just been banned in my house for glorifying dogfighting, (I don’t share the opinion, my mom is one of those moral guardians) so I figure that now is a good time to give my overall thoughts.

First, I’d like to address the issues. For one, this game is rather unpolished, most notably in the Retro stages where I encountered glitches with both myself and enemy dragons. In one instance I got stuck in a platform and needed to reset, another time my sprite duplicated. As for the enemies, they suddenly teleported to different areas and their flight patterns were in broken loops. But these issues seemed to be exclusive to Retro mode because thats the mode I played the most, and I didn’t find any bad glitches in the other modes.

Real player with 7.4 hrs in game

I like this game for the old school feel to it. And i’m a daul booter I really like games on Linux vs. Window (A.K.A. winTrash)

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

Duel Jousting on Steam

Neon Bricks

Neon Bricks

A classic breaking blocks game with a good stylized neon art and explosive screen shake

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

I like arcade games. Fun and good to spend the time.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Neon Bricks on Steam



well… its not bad as an early concept,

definitely needs some polish and a clear objective story.

also more than blue shirt guy and stick ninja man as enemies.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Almost better than brutal doom.

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Retroninjacyberassassin on Steam

Troy: The Malware Fight

Troy: The Malware Fight


Meet Troy: a young boy who is a computer enthusiast, loves all about information technology and computer gadgets. One day Troy unexpectedly detects a malware on his computer. This is where the great fight against the malware starts. After cleaning his computer Troy realizes that malware has spread all over his computer gadgets.

Troy has done this before: just get the antivirus software and get rid of the malware but not this time. The malware resists: getting the antivirus software is not that easy, software is encrypted and Troy also has to find the license key and malware keeps making it harder. Troy jumps right into binary world and gets things done by himself.

Join and help him to fight against the computer malware by destroying it from all Troy’s computers and gadgets. Explore the binary world through different levels where malware will try to stop you.

Main task

  • Get the antivirus file.

    Fight a way through enemies and obstacles to get to the antivirus installation file.

  • Decrypt the installation file.

    After getting installation file you have to decrypt the file by resolving puzzle that contains 9 parts of symbols.

  • Install the antivirus.

    Next comes installation of the antivirus. Enemies will try to disrupt the installation by attacking you and the computer.

  • Get the license key.

    License key contains four parts of cards that are hidden and you have to find them all to complete the level.

  • Update the antivirus.

    Updating starts with launching router but it is disrupted. You have to find 10 switches all over the level and launch them to fix the network.

  • Scan computer.

    When scanning starts enemies may jump out and try to stop you.

  • Fight the boss.

    After completing all previous tasks you have to fight with boss.

All these tasks are only for one device. Troy realizes that he has to do this with all his devices (computer, smartphone, smartwatch, tablet and laptop).


  • 2d platformer

  • Enemy fight

  • Puzzle resolve

  • Find-and-collect license key parts

  • Multiple boss fights

  • Original gameplay music

Troy: The Malware Fight on Steam

In Flames

In Flames

In Flames is a 2D adventure with lots of puzzles and an immersive storyline. It is set in the 80s rural America with all the features you’d expect – a spooky town, characters with well-developed back stories, and a great mystery to solve. Finn Clayton finds himself chained to a tree in the middle of a crisis, and is about to find out what is going on.

In Flames on Steam