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Approximate amount of time to 100%: 35h+

Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: This question is hard, but I would say 9 since you have to level up 9 Giga’s to lvl 50

Is there a good guide available: I made a guide, which you can find here

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

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I really like this game! Though, there’s some minor stuff i really hope will get updated (and with this being in early access it likely will!)

At the time pf this review there are 3 gigas and 4 worlds

What I like

This game reminds me a lot of how some old classic flash games used to play, but with more polish and gameplay. When rampaging the attacks feel responsive and good, especially as you upgrade them more. It feels great to upgrade your giga and I personally don’t mind the quick bits of taking care of it as a baby for bonus mutation points. I love the pets system too, and how adding decorations to your giga’s home gives bonus stats. Also, despite the game being in such early access it feels like it has enough content to be worth the price even though it doesn’t even have half of the planned amount of content!

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Gigapocalypse on Steam



I Regret Nothing

POSTAL is one of those games, even after all these years, you can still pick it up and truly appreciate for what it is and how it affected the view of video games back in 1997. Unlike it’s sequel POSTAL 2, this game is extremely dark, (in which HATRED tried to do and then some, but personally found it to try too hard.) Postal is an isometric top-down shooter where your goal is to kill all enemies (or 90% of them) in the map and move onto the next area. Due to what a lot of people believed, you don’t actually have to kill innocent people! Though what’s the fun in that? … It’s not, it’s painful trying to complete the game without killing any innocent people.

Real player with 51.1 hrs in game

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Having played this games series to completion (well, almost: what, you mean to tell me that you actually got all the way through Postal 3?!), I feel that reviewing them all is necessary. This game, however, is going to be difficult to review. It’s not that it’s a badly made game or that I hate it (on the contrary). The problem is that it’s such a disturbing game that I may end up on a watchlist for recommending it. Whatever! Here it goes.

The first installment of the Postal series is of humble origins, provided that your definition of “humble origins” involves being banned in 14 countries, being blacklisted by most major retailers and being mentioned by Senator Joe Lieberman to the Senate as one of the “three worst things in American society” (the other two being Marilyn Manson and Calvin Klein underwear ads). Postal is a game about a guy (the Postal Dude) being bombarded with demonic mental images and voices convincing him to murder society as a whole. Each level is a neighborhood, truckstop, air force base, shopping mart, etc. of innocent people and hostile people (“hostile” being cops, government agents, well-armed vigilantes and other people who are merely trying to stop a madman with weapons from murdering everybody). You are instructed to kill at least 80-90% of the hostile people before progressing to the next level. Unlike the succeeding two games, the only morality choice you’re really given is whether you want to kill only the people trying to kill you or kill everybody.

Real player with 29.7 hrs in game

POSTAL on Steam

Goblin and Coins

Goblin and Coins

If you grew up playing classic platformers, you’ll feel right at home in Goblins and Coins. Don’t be fooled by its ‘cute’ aesthetic, it’s actually really quite challenging. I definitely recommend playing with a controller for this. On a great note though, the controls feel really tight. You’ll need that precision since the game amps up in difficulty over the course of its 5 worlds. I consider myself pretty decent at platformers and honestly I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete this one on Old School difficulty, where if you die, you restart over from the very beginning. Luckily there’s a casual difficulty where you only have to restart that level if you lose all your health. Even on casual, some levels you may find yourself repeating multiple times just to get through. Each world ends with a boss fight, usually centered around a new mechanic introduced during that world. There’s a lot of content here for only 2 dollars.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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It’s a nice little platformer, but sadly it felt like an average game to me. I mean, it works, it doesn’t crash, it has unconventional story, it has smooth controls. But it’s missing the feature which could make it a gem or excellent game. The camera could be a bit smoother, the speed of game could be a bit slower (though you quickly get used to it). Some sounds are funny and most of them feel appropriate. Music is ok. At the moment of writing this review, I didn’t finish the whole game yet (stopped just at the end of world 4, world 5 is the last one). I might update this review after I finish the game, but I doubt it will change much.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Goblin and Coins on Steam