Tennis Elbow Manager

Tennis Elbow Manager

This is a great game, I’ve been playing it since 2009, The developer has made updates yearly since then for players, tournaments. I purchased the game again just so i could have it added to my steam library, money well spent for all the time i have played this game.

Real player with 75.3 hrs in game

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Really good challenging game; was finding it really easy to get to the top 10 but then a massive struggle to get to the very top and consistently win majors. All very realistic statswise and accurately reflects the tour. Totally recommend it to all tennis fans.

Real player with 55.9 hrs in game

Tennis Elbow Manager on Steam

Pets No More

Pets No More

Divertido, lo recomiendo para jugar con otras personas.

Real player with 13.3 hrs in game

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cute and fun air hockey game that can be played as singleplayer or multiplayer.

levels are pretty easy once you get used to the controls, only had a tough time with the last match.

definitely recommend pets no more!

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

Pets No More on Steam

Trivia Vault: Tennis Trivia

Trivia Vault: Tennis Trivia


Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

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You get what you paid for, 5K achievements at minimum price. If you’re an achievement hunter looking to increase the number of achievements on your profile showcase, then I highly recommend buying this. Else don’t waste your money. This is not a game, it’s just a way of distributing achievements.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Trivia Vault: Tennis Trivia on Steam

Tennis Elbow Manager 2

Tennis Elbow Manager 2

If you like sports management games, you will definitely love this game. As a long-time player of the OOTP series, MotorSports Manager, Bowl Bound and Wolverine Studios games, I was interested in finding another immersive title to whet my sports management appetite. I was a bit concerned about buying a tennis game, as I am not a die-hard tennis fan, but after spending a few minutes with this game I was hooked.

The game begins with creating your own tennis player or using a close facsimile of a real historical or current player. You then plan their training and tournament schedule. Each player has a preferred style of play and a number of attributes that you focus on improving. You can play out the matches in real-time in a well-presented arcade style of tennis, or you can simply create and adjust an overall strategy while observing your player’s matches (you can also let the game simulate results).

Real player with 674.0 hrs in game

Honestly, if you ever looked for a tennis MANAGER game, look no further !

This game is great in its fundaments and basic principles and tries to depict real life tennis as good as possible, be it animations, tactical decisions, training and most of all, the tactic and skill of the AI Players, which arent overpowered to give you a nut to crack…no, they play and behave like real players with strengths and weaknesses and great tactical awareness !

This Tennis game wants to be a simulation and achieve this goal very well ! The underlying game mechanics are well thought through, and if you take your time to dive deep into it, you can always understand why Player A is most times winning against Player B ! No randomification here

Real player with 633.0 hrs in game

Tennis Elbow Manager 2 on Steam

Radon Blast

Radon Blast

If you’re looking for a relaxing brick breaker this is a decent option.

That being said there are still some things that could be better. My biggest issue is how uninspired some of the stages are, with the priority being on making a cool or referential picture (like a floppy disk or face) instead of levels that are interesting to play. There are still some great levels here but fewer than you would expect from a game like this. Also, the settings are a bit sparse.

I did really enjoy that you bounce from screen to screen and you get a chance to save yourself, it was a fun take on the genre.

Real player with 3.7 hrs in game

Great brick breaker game that has its own unique style and twists.

When you miss hitting a ball and one gets by you, a charged up red firey ball bounces around at what seems about double the speed. If it gets by you, you’ll lose progress each time it gets by you until you either lose a ball eventually or until you finally manage to hit it.

You cannot use the keyboard at all and it’s all controlled by moving your mouse up and down.

A few things missing from this game are the typical power ups I’m used to seeing in break breaker games like this. You know the power ups that make your paddle bigger for a short time, give you the ability to shoot the bricks for a short period of time, or offers you a shield behind your paddle in case you miss the ball..

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Radon Blast on Steam