If I was to sum Noctropolis up in two words, I would say it’s “beautifully one-dimensional”.

Initially I planned to give somewhat of a tentative recommendation based almost entirely on the game’s gorgeous environments and striking atmosphere, but as I went on playing I found that beyond that there was nothing there for it. The writing is abysmal, and even if I tried to look at it through a more tongue-in-cheek lens so much of it is just empty. It’s not an amusing kind of bad either (like “Rise of the Dragon”, which is another point-and-click game that puts style over substance). There’s no sense of weight to this world that ironically enough fleshes itself out only visually, but has absolutely no other substance to it. It’s completely hollow of personality, of characters, of emotion or of any real world. It’s a beautiful backdrop of nothing.

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

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FMV game that has been Enhanced properly.

Whenever we tend to visit our nostalgic old adventure games to reply them , we fear going back to fmv games (full motion video) because they are a pain to get it to run properly in the modern os and you can always expect them to have bad elements of adventure games aka lack of humor, death , miss a item and you get stuck forever, horrible acting in fmv etc.

So i came across this game Noctropolis Enhanced edition and had the same fears starting to play it but then , it set itself apart.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Noctropolis on Steam

Dread Templar

Dread Templar

(Don’t Fear) The Templar

It took playing the recent Quake remaster, but now I get it.

It’s good. Nay, ace. No doubt about it. If it wasn’t up against the stiff competition that is the years upon years of high quality ‘boomer’ shooters, this would be a completely unqualified early access recommendation.

Ultrakill, Ion Fury, Post Void, Project Warlock 1 + II, Amid Evil, DUSK, HROT, Maximum Action, GTTOD, Prodeus, Cultic, etc - be they full games, early access, or just demos, the retro, ‘boomer’ shooter genre really is booming. I also cannot wait for the likes of Into the Pit, Fortune’s Run, and Forgive Me Father. In fact, there are so many that even when I say that I’d place this firmly mid-list it’s not even that damning.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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TLDR; If you like retro shooter gameplay, and would like to have fun, buy it now!

I will just start listing what comes to mind, that makes me love this game, then write some experiences from my first 8 hours of playing on the hardest difficulty so far. Smooth movement with air controll using the mouse, running feels similar to classic doom (taking a short time to reach full speed), satisfying meaty gun sounds and very good feedback with lots of gore, build variety that actually changes gameplay, bullet time, stylish awesome visuals, amazing soundtrack, atmosphere, very good enemy and level design, exploration with rewarding secrets to find, weapon swapping combos combined with positioning during combat.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Dread Templar on Steam



Inferno is a game about revealing the truth. It is a 2D platform adventure game heavily inspired by 16-bit platformers. Gameplay focuses on action and some light exploration. In this militaristic adventure, play as Blake; a sergeant in the Ragnarok Army, tasked with eliminating threats.

Dive into the planet of Veden VI, full of dangerous creatures in its different caverns and environments. Collect upgrades through the journey to strengthen Blake against the biggest threat of them all, the Ragnarok Army.

Growing up in the SNES era, I wanted to capture the charm I felt playing games as a kid. 16-bit 2D platformers are my main inspiration and I wanted to make a game that my 8-year-old self would be excited to play.

*** Challenging gameplay and boss battles

  • Explore many different dangerous areas

  • Tight and responsive controls

  • Engaging platforming**

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Inferno on Steam

Super ComboMan: Smash Edition

Super ComboMan: Smash Edition

Even while I have to merit the improvements of the Smash Edition of Super Comboman, I can sadly only verdict it be be less worse than the original release due to non-changing flaws and issues:

The pseudo-cellshading look looks exceptionally dodgy and low budget and is incapable of hitting the “comic sticker vibe” it is aiming for. Character design is very unique, but in this particular case “unique” in a devastatingly bad way. The entire game is full of cliche characters which don’t feel comical or satirical at all and which I could imagine many people potentially being able to take offense with.

Real player with 24.3 hrs in game

Meh I tried to keep interested but it’s tedious and kind of obnoxious how much button mashing there is. Otherwise seemed kind of low budget and lack luster.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Super ComboMan: Smash Edition on Steam