XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter

Earth had no warning.

Out of nowhere, an army of insect-like creatures from a distant world, using technologically advanced space weapons, ambushed and devastated Earth. Perhaps more horrendous than the nearly three billion deaths was the portion of the remaining population that was used as host bodies for gestating alien offspring. The Fist of Earth world government was formed to defend humanity and repel the looming alien threat.

You’re a member of FOE’s elite fighter corps – a recruit fresh from the Academy. You’ve studied diligently, spent countless hours in simulations, and prepared yourself in every way possible for battle. But, until recently, the alien technology and firepower were far superior to Earth’s.

Now, you’ve been assigned to the XF5700 Experimental Fighter (codename: Mantis). The fate of the world rests in your hands.

  • Complete edition: Includes the Rexum missions, voiced audio, and cinematics added for the expanded version of the game.

  • High-tech fighter: Sporting a shock-proof electro-luminescent HUD, Quad-Jump drives, and a sophisticated navigational system, the Mantis is the weapon Earth desperately needs.

  • Epic sci-fi story: CGI and full-motion videos (in all their early-90s glory) present a sweeping space drama in a vibrant futuristic setting as you progress through the game’s missions.

  • Awesome firepower: the Mantis comes heavily armed with Mass Driver cannons and an impressive array of missiles.

  • Realistic ship physics: Ship flight and movement are modeled on Newtonian physics models that give the game a distinct sense of motion.

  • Fearsome enemies: The Sirian insect race can form a powerful collective group mind capable of obliterating the human race. Only you can stop them.

XF5700 Mantis Experimental Fighter on Steam

Slordax: The Unknown Enemy

Slordax: The Unknown Enemy

An ancient enemy has returned.

It has been seven centuries since the cruel race of superbeings known as the Slordax were thwarted in their attempt to conquer the galaxy. Now, the Intergalactic Defense Alliance has detected that the Slordax are gathering once again in the Slordian System. You must pilot the fastest, deadliest ship in the galaxy into the Realm of the Slordax in a dangerous first-strike mission to annihilate the alien threat before they become too strong to defeat. Strap in, pilot, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Softdisk’s classic top-down shoot ‘em up programmed by legendary developer John Carmack sends you flying deep into Slordax territory to stop an existential threat to the entire galaxy. Take out the Slordian threat and preserve galactic peace!

  • Soar through five levels of white-knuckle shoot ‘em up action through an asteroid belt, over a planet’s surface, into ancient fleet construction tunnels, and more.

  • Become an unstoppable force! Upgrade your Reddog Adaptive Strike Ship’s weaponry with power up capsules dropped by enemy ships.

  • Face off against enemy ships, vicious creatures, and formidable bosses.

  • Keep going! Take on a more challenging campaign after you’ve finished your first.

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Slordax: The Unknown Enemy on Steam

Destructivator 2

Destructivator 2

Quick Description:

-Destructivator 2 is retro throwback action platformer that is guaranteed to bring you back to gaming in the 90’s. This game is just as brutally challenging as old school games were but there are plenty of modern quality of life improvements sprinkled throughout this gem. This is a great game for those looking to bring themselves back to the good old days of arcade platform shooters.

What’s Good:

-Really easy to learn but there is a really high skill ceiling. This is a game on the surface that appears very simple and that is one of it’s strengths. Your only goal is to kill all enemies while shooting a NES contra-style gun and avoiding damage at all cost, that’s it. As you progress, you will face increasingly difficult challenges that push you to master these fundamental mechanics.

Real player with 6.7 hrs in game

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Holy cow!!! If you love retro gaming, this is the game for you! Destructivator 2 captures the very essence of what it means to be “retro”! Great pixel art, tons of action, and crazy difficulty! Unlike a lot of patty cake games today, games back in the day didn’t hold your hand, give you a trophy and a popsicle, pat you on the back, and say “good job” No sir! They kicked you in the teeth, stomped you while you were down and wouldn’t let up! All of that made you tougher and made it feel sooooooo good when you finally beat the game! If you want hours of fun and a true retro “golden age of gaming” experience, then you MUST get Destructivator 2! I’m an indie game tester, and this is one of the best I’ve played!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Destructivator 2 on Steam