Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

There’s a reason I’ve logged 200+ hours in this game in under 2 months. It’s fun as hell and offers incredible amounts of replay value and gameplay depth. There is an absolutely enormous amount of content, and everything is packed with detail.

The basic idea of the game is to pick a vehicle, a primary and secondary weapon, and then a special defensive weapon/feature, and go to town. You’re getting paid based on how much destruction you dish out by a cold, calculating megacorp, the SNC, that has only one goal: conquest of Solo Nobre, a massive walled city where the game takes place. You must secure the city district-by-district via whatever means necessary, even if that means completely leveling the entire map (which is totally doable, and even encouraged!).

Real player with 754.5 hrs in game

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Brigador is, on the surface, an isometric twin stick shooter where you choose a difficulty, vehicle, two weapons, a special ability, and a pack of levels to fight through. But what makes it so much more than just that is the flavortext. No, that’s not a joke. Every single map, Pilot, weapon, lore concept, and vehicle, including the non playable ones have a full paragraph or more written about its special quirks, how it came into service, crew oppinion, and other such things.

The setting is a genuinely interesting one. Yes the 80s synthwave meme is a bit overplayed these days, but it works out in a way that doesn’t feel forced in brigador. Cassette tapes and CRT moniters work along side crainial jacks in this dystopian North Korea meets Rio Brazil in an An-Cap universe and it just kinda works.

Real player with 138.3 hrs in game

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition on Steam

moon: Remix RPG Adventure

moon: Remix RPG Adventure

In 1997, the now legendary anti-RPG “moon” launched in Japan. Now, under the watchful eye of its original creators, it’s finally in English!

Have you ever felt it odd that the heroes of RPGs go around opening villagers' closets and stealing from them? Or that they travel the world indiscriminately killing all monsters they meet? This game looks at the RPGs we all know and love from a new perspective.


One moon-lit night, a young boy is sucked into the depths of his television set.

He falls into a place called ‘Moon World’, and thus begins a search for love in order to recover the lost moonlight.

Here, the mighty hero of Moon World murders innocent animals for experience,

but the boy’s growth comes from saving the souls of the animals and gathering the love in the world.

Yes, in this game, you level up by loving, not fighting.

The inhabitants of this world are all unique. Observe their daily lives and learn where they hide their secret love.

“Now, please, open the door!”

An RPG without battles - Save the monster’s souls -

All the monsters killed by the ‘hero’ are actually just innocent animals. As you explore the game, you will encounter the bodies of these pitiful creatures. But, if the boy can catch their souls, they can be saved.

A living, breathing world! - Peek into the secret lives of the NPCs -

Moon World’s residents go about their routine lives, depending on the time and day. The florist goes to work in the morning, and the castle guards arrive at their posts. Some folks have secret midnight hobbies, and others just spend their days fishing.

MD System - Choose your own soundtrack -

In moon, you can choose your own music. By using the special music playing Moon Disc(MD) function which appears in the game, you can walk around the map listening to the tracks you like in the order you set them.

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moon: Remix RPG Adventure on Steam



Amazing game, i have every achievement in OLDTV, and i still play it, when i found out and saw the trailer for the new game, i was freaking out. I bought the game and i don’t regret it one bit. :) Would recommend this to anyone. btw C Y A N

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

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Of course it’s beta, but i REALLY like playing this, and also I got some flashbacks from PlasmaTV

The only question is…


Real player with 11.6 hrs in game


Guns N' Runs

Guns N' Runs

Orgulhoso demais!!!!

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

Guns N' Runs é um jogo bem longo para estilo. Normalmente outros do mesmo gênero tem entre uma ou duas horas de jogo, esse aqui te presenteia com dês logo de cara, isso para jogadores de primeira viagem, claro. Sem contar a quantidade de personagens que o jogo possui, elevando facilmente esse número.

Os controles são precisos e responsivos, a quantidade de estágios é bem alta se você considerar todas salas cada level possui, a variedade de armas e personagens é um ponto a se considerar e a musica sem duvidas é um dos pontos fortes do jogo.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Guns N' Runs on Steam

Tales of the Elements

Tales of the Elements

I have beaten chapter 1. I have chapter 2 on my system however after the finale of chapter 1 I spawn out of bounds and am unable to do anything. how can i start chapter 2???

Real player with 162.5 hrs in game

How much of this game I’ve played: 12 Hours, 35 minutes

How I’ve played so much: I had a pre-ordered non-steam copy.

Completed Main story, not the super secret boss area.

Here’s why you’d be interested in this game: Good rhymes, good story, old school gameplay.

Good rhymes: If you haven’t heard of BeNeVoLeNcE, you might have heard of Mega Ran - he’s known for clean nerdcore rhymes over chiptune beats and melodies. Hip Hop by both is featured in the game, and it’s not an “afterthought” like it might be in some games - the music is interwoven in with the story - it’s actually rewarding to gain access to the rhymes that go along with the instrumentals in different parts of the game.

Real player with 78.7 hrs in game

Tales of the Elements on Steam

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

Great port with one glaring omission: the lack of 4:3 resolution support. Running the game in full screen on my 4:3 monitor results in letterboxed 16:9, which causes two significant issues:

  1. Darius Gaiden cannot be played in true fullscreen at its native aspect ratio. You can either play in stretched letterboxed 16:9, or in letterboxed-and-pillarboxed 4:3. No matter what, it won’t fill the screen.

  2. Multi-monitor mode for the games that support it cannot be correctly lined up and scaled, because the “seams” of the screens don’t correspond with the monitor resolutions. Stretching the game past the internal boundaries of the game resolution just results in the image being cropped, even though there is screen space there; said screen space is just black. I presume this is also an issue on multi-monitor 16:9 displays.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

EDIT: It’s been almost a week and nothing regarding possible issues is coming, kinda scared they aren’t saying anything about it, not recommending until they at least give words for the issues on the port (That is, if M2 stops reposting Senjin Aleste Fanart in their goddamn Twitter…)

The price is quite excessive if they don’t fix these issues (It’s 2021, these issues shouldn’t be there in the first place, no, “M2 is not experienced with PC, that’s why BASIC stuff happened” is not an excuse).

Not a perfect port, but it’s been less than 2 days since it was released.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade on Steam

Omikron: The Nomad Soul

Omikron: The Nomad Soul

Omikron: The Nomad Soul has a very in-depth plot and constantly tries to break the fourth wall (whether it works or not) in order to convince you that your soul has been trapped inside the world of Omikron and that your soul and very existence outside the game is at stake in regards to the antagonist, the demon known as Astaroth. The characters you interact with in the main story are fleshed out in their own rights, some more than others. The player is able to interact with certain people at certain parts of the game and depending on what you say will determine what the character will reply with.

Real player with 71.5 hrs in game

English Version

(Sorry, nie będzie polskiej wersji, nie mieści się. Chciałem umieścić w komentarzach ale jest limit 1000 znaków)

Omikron: The Nomad Soul is the first game of the Quantic Dream studio. It might as well be considered three games in one. For the major part of the gameplay it remains a TPP adventure game relying on the usual stuff: talking with NPCs and using items. Occasionally it switches to FPP shooter or hand to hand 1 on 1 brawler kind of similar to early instalments of the Tekken or Virtua Fighter series. It is worth mentioning that all of these are made pretty solid and none of them feels like it was forced into the gameplay without a reason (well, maybe with the exception of swimming, but it occurs 2 or 3 times in the entire game, which is acceptable).

Real player with 21.4 hrs in game

Omikron: The Nomad Soul on Steam

Growing Up

Growing Up

Interesting spin on the “visual novel” genre that is lovingly crafted, but has its issues and is not quite as expansive as the store page makes it out to be. Still, considering the price, it is worth it, and given the casual nature and the topic, also suitable for people just interested in trying out this kind of games, or for those who would be turned off by weeb stuff.

Rating: 7/10

As is obvious, the game revolves around growing up and going through all of the early stages of life, and it does a remarkably good job at it too, at times at least. The characters, although in some regards laden with cliches, are fairly well written and I am not ashamed to admit, objectively looking at how I behaved and what I thought as a teenager especially, and what I remember of my friends, this is pretty spot on, lol. Unfortunately, the earlier stages of the game are quite rushed, and they are more of a short tutorial than anything, which is a bit of a wasted oportunity - the game really starts when you reach teen years.

Real player with 38.2 hrs in game


Growing Up is a life simulation that fairly-accurately simulates the experience of growing up in a relatively affluent family in a reasonably well-to-do area of the United States in the mid-to-late 1990s.

I’m a fan of this game for a lot of reasons. The writing is pretty good, and the resource management gameplay is challenging enough to be fun while never feeling unfair or too difficult. The music ranges from unobtrusive to fantastic, and the interface is intuitive; simple without being too stupid (more on this below). If you’re a fan of resource management games, or if you like visual novels and don’t mind some casual gameplay mixed in, this is one to pick up even at full price.

Real player with 31.1 hrs in game

Growing Up on Steam

Neon Depth

Neon Depth

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Neon is a great game with some challenging maps. However, it is very short. It took me only 50 minutes to finish the game. The level menu could be improved. Some might enjoy it. Score: 7/10.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Really cool game, felt more challenged every level that I passed. Great learning curve and also loved the puzzles and inspiring phrases.

Totally worth it and the fact that you don’t have to worry about price makes it even better.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Neon Depth on Steam

Demons Ate My Neighbors!

Demons Ate My Neighbors!

1991 — it seems like any other sweltering July in the sleepy suburbs of Fairweather Valley…until a cursed VHS unleashes untold horrors upon the neighborhood, turns the residents evil, and generally makes April & Joey’s summer a total bummer. Our heroes must exorcise their neighbors from hell, fight their way back to the haunted High School and rewind their summer to save the world!

Evoking moody ‘80s / ‘90s teen-horror with Saturday morning cartoons and a manic, humorous tone, Demons Ate My Neighbors! honors ‘90s co-op classics as only an unofficial SPIRITual sequel could.


  • Two heads are better than dead - Team up in local co-op, then pump, refill, and spill ‘em all with Splasha squirt guns, loaded with an infinite supply of holy water. Don’t worry about death - with infinite timelines, another April & Joey are ready to DAMN! or DELIVER all over again.

  • Customizable and Upgradeable Splashas - Pump past the limit with Overpump and unleash holy hydro hell. Swap & pop Nozzles to drench demons with different shots, effects, and Overblasts - then upgrade the Splasha’s stats with Nitro Splashtanks found throughout the ‘burbs of Fairweather.

  • Interactive, Procedural Environments - Knock over mailboxes, trashcans, and more to find household weapons that exploit monster weaknesses. Freeze Zombos, zap Zaplings and vaporize Vampunks with Garlic Pizza.

  • Collect VHS tokens from Boss Demons- Unlock new permanent meta upgrades in The Hideout

  • **Getting lost finding possessed citizens in procedurally-generated levels? **Not with the radical Radar Radio called the RadWatch. Level it up by slaying monsters to boost its range and ability to find survivors.


  • Citizens can Tune-Out! - and transform to climactic combat challenges where one of three choices must be made: DAMN, DELIVER, or DIE. Be kind and rewind by draining their recharging stamina with a Holy Hi-Fi arsenal to DELIVER them from evil, or blast through with Lethal Lo-Fi weaponry to let them stay DAMNED.

  • Yo! 16-bit characters feel right at home in this ever-changing top-down 3D world of nightmare nostalgia featuring a funky, thrilling dynamic soundtrack by Sonic Mania veteran Tee Lopes, Varien, Nice Legs, and Papoose!

Demons Ate My Neighbors! on Steam