Detailed review:

This is based on my own opinions.

I will try not talk about the events and details of the story in my review. I think the less you know about it before you start, the more enjoyable it’ll be!


1. Value for money

2. Gameplay

3. Story

4. Graphics and Art

5. Nice-to-haves

6. Negatives

7. Recommendation to players (+18)

8. Summary

1. Value for money

For the price I payed, I have definitely got my money worth from this game. I have 40+ hours and enjoyed most of the game. I personally think anything below $2 that provides 40+ hours of fun is worth it, for sure!

Real player with 44.3 hrs in game

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The game was nostalgic for me. The sounds of the computer, keyboard, floppy disk are sensational and the fact that the game doesn’t have music gives you a very good immersion. The story holds your attention and you want to know all the endings. I loved this game, waiting for the second one already! :D

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

Anachronism\> on Steam

The Graffiti Creator

The Graffiti Creator

In The Graffiti Creator you can make your own graffiti designs.

Choose different fonts, color schemes, backdrops and more. There’s a ton of tools to make your artwork as realistic as possible. Endless design possibilities.

When you’re happy with your design you can save it and print/publish it online and show your friends.

All artworks made by MindGem, a professional full-time graffiti artist of 25 years.

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The Graffiti Creator on Steam