Discoveries of the Deep

Discoveries of the Deep

What wonders await you in the deepest oceans?

Join an expedition to the unexplored abyss – a fascinating world of strange creatures, lost vessels, and a wealth of untold secrets. Search for ancient wrecks, underwater trenches, missing airplanes, and even the Titanic. Climb on board your mini-sub and dive as deep as you dare!

Immerse yourself in Capstone Software’s classic aquatic simulation, presented with bright and colorful graphics, atmospheric sounds, and memorable music which brings the underwater world to life. The mysteries of the sea await your discovery!

  • Perform scientific research in the Romanche Trench – 23,000 feet below the surface.

  • Accept missions to locate and document sunken wrecks, buried treasure, and marine life.

  • Use realistic instruments to navigate your way across the boundless sea.

  • Deploy your mini-sub for deep sea exploration.

  • Search for the missing “Flight 19” deep in the heart of the Bermuda triangle, team up with the U.S. Navy to clean up underwater nuclear waste, find and photograph the legendary Titanic, and much more!

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Discoveries of the Deep on Steam



Super difficult! Physics-unfriendly action!

This is an action game in which you move with your hoof.

This robot can’t walk or jump normally.

It just hangs and shifts its weight.

The Z and X keys each correspond to a grab and release motion.

If you accidentally let go and fall off, you have to start over at the checkpoint!

Let’s swing and fall our way to the goal far beyond!

You’re welcome to play and stream live!

All 9 stages


Dr. Wells has created a dream machine called MONKEY BARS ROBOT

I’m going to brag to the world about it.

But we can’t let the doctor’s stock go down.

We’ll make sure he stays in line.

How to operate

↓↓←↑Shift center of gravity & selection

X or Z Grab & Release

Space Pause Screen & Decision

Esc Exit Game

Play time

We expect a minimum of one hour.

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Little Big Adventure

Little Big Adventure

An absolute classic adventure/platformer game, not the sort that you see get made anymore.

I really loved it many years ago and still a great game to this day.

Originally it was released on steam with just the newest version but after lots of feedback the classic version was added.

Both versions are good but play out differently, The enhanced edition is a little more simplified but also easier to control (moving around and attacking).

It’s worth checking both out and playing through them.

It’s a little unfortunate that you can’t unlock achievements on the original (Dos) version, so if you want them you have to play the enhanced edition.

Real player with 82.3 hrs in game

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Edit: Thank you for listening to us DotEmu! This review has been revised due to post-release changes to alleviate some of my and others concerns.

It’s fantastic to finally see the original Little Big Adventure on Steam! The “Enhanced Edition” now available on Steam contains a port of the mobile version along with the original emulated in DosBox. I really recommend getting this version not due to the mobile port, but rather due to the original bundled herein.

If you have never heard of this games series before and do not intend on playing the mobile port there isn’t much more to say; stop reading now and get this gem! You won’t regret it.

Real player with 29.0 hrs in game

Little Big Adventure on Steam

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition

I rate Raiden Legacy 4/5. Good. Works well now.

EDIT: I’ve learned more about what these games were originally supposed to be like. Now I rate Raiden Legacy 3/5. OK. But it is still the only collection of these Raiden games available on Steam and when coupled with the frame rate fix linked below, Raiden Legacy has the potential to be a good game.

The overall negative rating of this game collection appears to no longer be justified. I encountered no issues involving stuttering. Indeed, I have encountered no major bugs of any kind.

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

Well, when it comes to Arcade, Shoot’Em Up & Shooter genre, Raiden series is surely one of the well known games. And for this one, Raiden Legacy, is a good compilation of 4 in 1 collection. It has all the memorable classic games back in the old days, only with slightly changes of here and there. So, let’s check it out!

The Gameplay

Like any other Shoot’Em Up & Shooter games, the gameplay mechanic is simple and straightforward, shooting & bombing. It’s as they say, shoot on sight! There’s no complexity of button combinations to execute certain kill shots or need any rocket science brain to figure out how to play. It’s just that easy.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition on Steam

Agent Roswell : Tactics

Agent Roswell : Tactics

Hey Gamer! You know what motivates us to keep making games? ..You do! So Please Wishlist!


In 1969, the Bureau of Alien Investigation and Termination (BAIT), led by Agent Roswell, encountered, and defeated the Martian invasion and forced their disabled Mothership back across the depths of space. But now, in the early 2000s a realization comes to BAIT.. they never left.

Agent Roswell, now head of the Bureau and commander of the new Military division - Alpha Squad must once again deal with those who try to destroy our peace on Earth.

Please Note - Game does Not contain any Loot boxes or In-game purchases with real money.

Agent Roswell: Tactics is a turn based game set in the world of the original story. Build up your team and equipment to take on your foes in numerous locations around North America.

Early Access Gameplay

  • Tactical turn based game against AI.

  • 15 Story Missions, with Day / Night and Weather.

  • Procedurally generated Skirmish mission - choose parameters and generate your own level and play.

  • Each mission has its own objective and severity, such as sweep and clear or search and retrieve.

  • Grid based board system.

  • Board piece positions procedurally generated.

  • Fog of War with Line of Sight - sneak up on enemies before they are Alerted.

  • Fight against Aliens & their machines, Terrorists (SETA - Supporters of Extra Terrestrial Arrivals), Hybrids.

  • Breach doors with explosives, or shoot out glass to create a path to your targets.

  • Rescue hostages from their captors.

  • Destroy explosive storage to deal damage to nearby enemies, and avoid their traps.

  • Shoot array of weapons (each with its own firing pattern), and throw grenades.

  • Melee nearby enemies to conserve ammo. Crouch to increase cover.

  • Action and Kill cam for closeup shots or what’s happening.

  • Mission replay ability - different experience every time, earn in game currency.

  • Upgrade your Squad - Recruit new Soldiers, Gain Rank by completing missions, Gain Mission Orders, Purchase new equipment and ammo.

  • Upgrade your Soldiers - Stats can be increased with purchases.

  • Upgrade your Equipment - New weapons, armor and abilities can be upgraded with purchases.

  • Load and Save your progress in between mission campaigns.

  • Free/Orbit and Tracking Camera.

  • Graphics settings and control options.

  • 16x9 and 21x9 Aspect Ratio Support.

The game is in Early Access so we can get feedback to improve before the full release.

The game should be out this year.

Don’t forget to Wishlist!

Agent Roswell : Tactics on Steam

Path of the Martyrs

Path of the Martyrs

Path of the Martyrs is an excellent adventure!

The time I spent as Saiyato in the world of Delma was rewarding.

While battles proved somewhat easy, they were also a lot of fun. The combat and skill systems have depth, and fun realtime arcade elements in some cases that keep you on your toes. Resources are plentiful for thorough explorers.

The real challenge is the puzzles. Kazuki Takamura is a clever designer when it comes to these. There are many types of puzzle, and the difficulty level is a nice balance between frustration and satisfaction.

Real player with 8.7 hrs in game

Playing status: finished the game, experienced both endings

Guide: Link


Path of the Martyrs is a turn-based RPG Maker game with a non-linear story. You’ll travel back and forth between past and present as you uncover the truth about what’s happening.


  • 2 endings

  • Different weapons has different elements to defeat the enemies efficiently


  • Exploration and battles feel repetitive

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Path of the Martyrs on Steam