Pamir Saga

Pamir Saga

“Pamir Saga : Part I - Cursed Legacy” is a game where you can feel the nostalgia of the 1990’s classic JRPG.


Pamir opened his eyes at an unknown sanctuary somewhere. He has no choice because he has lost even his memory.


  • In the traditional JRPG style of the 1990s, you can enjoy Pamir’s adventure for about 10 hours.

  • Find 5 unique colleagues to overcome difficult dungeons and face powerful enemies.

  • Perform requests from various NPCs that visit the sanctuary and earn unique rewards


The launch date of Pamir Saga has been changed to February 19. We’ve been delayed for another week to provide a better quality game. We are very sorry about your inconvenience.

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Pamir Saga on Steam

The Tower of Wowers

The Tower of Wowers

Oh boy where do I start? Yes, there is plenty of crude humor to laugh at all throughout the tower. But that says nothing about the actual gameplay. And it plays like proper good RPG. There’s secrets hidden in not-so-obvious places and those are always a treat to come across. If you want gear, you’re going to have to fight for it. There are loot chests, but don’t expect to find weapons in them. Admittedly, I am not the best person to ask about turn-based games in general, but in the words of Todd Howard, “It just works.” Other than the odd bug I came across, which is fixed, the fights are balanced and the controls are easy. And if you like the feel of a buttons and joysticks, controllers should work just fine. I would say the soundtrack is a major selling point (The desert type theme is my favorite, funny how it is in many games), it’s just the whole thing is awesome. The enemies are the most creative and diverse selection I’ve ever seen, probably because they have little to do with each other. And that also brings up a point, there isn’t a huge amount of lore and storytelling. That’s not a bad thing, just something you should know. So, I definitely would recommend this game.

Real player with 35.4 hrs in game

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I fully expected to go into this game and rip it to shreds, but its such a shitpost meme game that it quickly grabbed my heart. The crayon drawn enemies are amazing, several variants are around with more xp and currency, and its extremely well done. For the companies first game, the price tag is perfect and it fully deserves to be played by as many as possible. I interviewed Barry during my gameplay review and play through on my twitch channel, and the game is just a work of love for the absurd. 10/10 Buy it and have a great time for a stupid low price!

Real player with 23.3 hrs in game

The Tower of Wowers on Steam

Legacy of Vane

Legacy of Vane

If you like this type of rpg then better get this game.

Music- always fit the situation, haunting, beautiful, etc.

Story- interesting and well thought out. with a great ending and room for a sequel.

Dialogue- good but could have been wittier.

Options- I love options and here are more than usual. Battles can be real time or turn based.

Customization of character- Yes to some extent and many images to choose from.

Price- Developer is practically giving it away. Certainly worth much more than being asked.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

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Legacy of Vane is an addictve, well designed, challenging, and fun rpg. Graphics are terrific, story fantastic, game play top-notch, with so many innovative features such as jewels (which any character can equip which adds various powerful magic and powerups), and each character has a special ability which is used and needed throughout the game. There is a wide variety of monsters, battles are quick, with a good number of towns, castles, caves, etc. Most weapons/armor/rings give additional skills. And the best of all is a developer(Landy) who is super quick to answer questions and give immediate help (including adding fixes and updates). This is a highly recommended and enjoyable rpg as Landy has once again produced a must play rpg.

Real player with 18.2 hrs in game

Legacy of Vane on Steam

Soul for two

Soul for two

It’s bad

Real player with 11.8 hrs in game

I wish liked it more than i actually did. I like rpg maker games and i dont mind grinding that much. Though i still have to say this game is not really good. Especially with ending that shows ya big “To be continued” in the middle of the story. I wont dwell into plot too much.

Game starts with you and your mighty party fighting a dragon. I’ve fought it over 10 minutes until i’ve died only to realize that ya should die to progress with story. Later you’ll be fighting swarm of enemies in groups of 5 that will deal ya 0 dmg after ya level two or three times and they only take your time away. Also npcs will not really react to almost anything ya do in the world. Visiting the other dimension was simply boring. Especially “video game” ya had to endure there. Eh. I cant say it’s all bad but in the end it fell short. Unpolished and unfinished. (Unless there is more than one ending and i took some wrong path). Yes.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Soul for two on Steam

Divided Reigns

Divided Reigns

I never review games. But I know this game is very new and I’d love to convince someone to give it a try.

Divided Reigns starts with your main character, Ailfred, who is the captain of an army who has just conquered a nation but committed atrocities in the process. But his conscience isn’t being silent about it, and his efforts to change course lead to a series of events that go far deeper then he could have ever imagined.

If you’re looking for a high quality movie style cut scenes and fifteen different ways to mash your buttons in combat, this is not your game. If you loved the classic turn-style JRPG’s (think Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger) and are looking for a fresh take on them with an impressive storyline, you’re in for some terrific hours of gaming.

Real player with 171.8 hrs in game

This is an edited re-review

I’ll start this off with the positives:

This dev duo is incredibly responsive to their community. You never know what to expect when something comes out of an indie group, but they seem to go above and beyond trying to fix issues IMMEDIATELY after launch. My original review was a down vote because of the amount of major bugs I had ran into. I recorded them here and even emailed more to their developer-email. I can’t say if they’ve all been fixed, but I know at least one was rectified within 24 hours of reporting it.

Real player with 67.7 hrs in game

Divided Reigns on Steam

Superstar Hero

Superstar Hero

I enjoy the game but at some points, things can be not overly clear on what to do next. Overall i like the game

Real player with 7.3 hrs in game


Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Superstar Hero on Steam

The Benza RPG

The Benza RPG

For fans of the television show, The Benza RPG is a dream come true. Literally every character in The Benza and Benza English can be found in the game.

The battle system reminds me of Final Fantasy 10 as you can switch characters in and out of combat if you have more than four. Each weapon has different skills attached to it which allows you to customize your team a bit. Party members each have their own set role in combat. Each character is really useful, and there is no character that I just left on the bench. My favorite part about this is that even characters not in combat gain experience. It was really fun that the main cast of the television show voiced their characters, but I wished they had subtitles. Maybe a future update?

Real player with 67.2 hrs in game

A bit of backstory. The Benza is a Japanese web tv show about a couple guys wanting to replace their broken toilet seat and end up getting dragged into a crazy supernatural quest to save the world. The Benza RPG is a nice companion to the show, trapping the whole cast of characters in a video game universe. If you’re familiar with the show, the humor sticks, so I recommend watching a few episodes first. Otherwise, I don’t know if anything would make sense.


-surprisingly deep story

-witty dialogue

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

The Benza RPG on Steam

Strawberry Chocolate: Miner 8AD 4SS

Strawberry Chocolate: Miner 8AD 4SS

Lost in an uncharted area of the Asteroid Belt, Alicia Crash, Miner number 8ad-4ss, is stuck on an Asteroid flagged as offlimits. But she’s not alone. With her, a helpful yet mildly snazzy personal AI helper, and a whole ecosystem of hostile predatory slugs. For many, this would prove a dire situation. However, not for Ms. Crash. Follow her on her journey to milk the gold mine and survive the hostile environment!

Strawberry Chocolate: Miner 8AD 4SS on Steam

Kingdom of Nyabur Chapter 1

Kingdom of Nyabur Chapter 1

Kingdom of Nyabur is a Japanese style turn-based RPG that takes place in a fantasy world where different races live.

The goal of this project is to find the immersion and emotion of the RPGs of the 90s with pixel art design.

The chapter 1 takes place in the kingdom of Nyabur and Azmar.

While Prince Arvin, future heir to the throne, fled his responsibilities to embark on the adventure more than a year ago.

He was found by Edouard, commander-in-chief of the armies, and by his friend and fencing master Jeanna.

Both had been commissioned by the king to find his son.

The prince then had to return to the country urgently, because the king had a mysterious message to deliver to him.

Arvin didn’t know it yet, but his fate was about to change…

  • Battle System

  • A dynamic turn-based combat system , with strategies to defeat monsters or bosses.

  • Defeat your enemies using unique attacks specific to each party member.

  • Day \ Night System

  • You will find different NPCs with exclusive quests, depending on whether it is day or night .
  • Skills Learning System

  • System A learning system, skills unique to each character, through a point system to be distributed according to your will .
  • Mini-games

  • Play mini-games to earn unique items or equipment.
  • Fishing System

  • Fish With A Unique Fishing System.
  • Engage In Various Secondary Quests

  • Explore the world to unlock hidden locations , characters, items, and more.
Kingdom of Nyabur Chapter 1 on Steam

The Last Islands of Man

The Last Islands of Man

I wanted to like this game, but I can’t recommend it in its current state.

I played this game after watching a critique of it and liking the idea of a game which is brutally difficult, time-bound, and allowed for different classes for your own experience. The game is brutally difficult, but not in a fair way, its just blatantly unbalanced at quite a few points. The initial premise is that the world is being overrun in water, and people and monsters are fighting for the last few scraps of land that remain, you as the hero, are trying to find a solution. That said let’s go over the individual points.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

The Last Islands of Man on Steam