Shoot Trip Die

Shoot Trip Die

The Story so far…

When our strung-out hero, Chester BoDean, quits his job at Brappy’s pizza he comes face to face with their demon of a boss named Melvin the Most Foul! whos angry at Chester’s resignation letter. Chester could care less, and simply flips him the bird! This sparks the journey of a lifetime for our beloved junkie, as Melvin opens a portal to a strange dimension and tosses Chester down into the strangeness! Chester’s only option? Kill Melvin OR die trying!

#### You got what it takes?!

Shoot Trip Die is a Disgusting, Vulgar, Tasteless, Rogue-like, Twinstick Shooter driven by Insanity, Addiction, and Rebellion!

Take control of Chester BoDean and travel through procedurally generated dimensions! Travel deeper and deeper through these realms in order to inch closer and closer to your escape!

But it won’t be easy…

you’ll need to mow down Bizzare foes with your trusty finger guns! while you collect an assortment of power-ups to aid you on your rampage to get you back to your beloved mattress (Should probably wash the sheets when you get back too…)

#### Content out the WAZOO! You’ll be itching for more! and more!! AND MORE!!!

  • -Face melting visuals!

  • -Brain exploding tunes!

  • -Addicting Rogue-like Gameplay!

  • -Unlockable Micro Games!

  • -Drugs! Sex! and Rock n' Roll!

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Neon Souls

Neon Souls

That’s where you’re wrong. These same effects are the main part of the game mechanics, which at first didn’t seem to me, but the more I progressed through the levels, the more I saw the importance of using these effects to my advantage, whether to anticipate some moves or to help me stay alive. Gameplay quite different and very attractive 100/100.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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As good as the colors of the soul. It is necessary to play with caution and explore slowly so as not to die. Very good.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Neon Souls on Steam



a game about a fox making food and going through dungeons i dunno

fine game, just real overpriced.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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Teenage Blob: Paperperson - The First Single

Teenage Blob: Paperperson - The First Single

This is the best version of “Paper boy” that i have ever played, please make this a full game, not just a mini game! The music is great but the other 5 games don’t match the quality of this one, and i feel like i’m not alone in saying so, the concept is great but i would have really loved if all the games were NES remakes like this one.

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

Well… it’s a “split release” featuring 6 songs & 6 minigames (with the demo version featuring just one song and one minigame, which is a Paperboy clone).

This immediately hit a nerve - you see I have an almost pathological obsession with playing various versions of Paperboy, ever since the Amstrad CPC home-micro version was (sadly) lacking any sort of in-game sound. (yeah, it’s an emotional scar from my teenage years, what can I say).

This particular mini game is pretty nice - but there’s just one problem: There are times when the perspective changes from the classic isometric view, to a side-view (resembling Kikstart, somewhat). However, this switch (which follows the song’s rhythm) can occur in completely inappropriate times (for example, at the moment you line up your newspaper shot) and when your view suddenly switches back, you can miss your shot or crash into an obstacle, etc.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Teenage Blob: Paperperson - The First Single on Steam

Altered Destiny

Altered Destiny

(Foreword: You may ignore my playtime; I played the crap out of this upon original release. Now I’m just having a bit of fun running around the world.)

Altered Destiny is an adventure game where the player controls the character with the arrow keys and types commands with the keyboard.

There are two specific issues I want to address with this review, which could affect your decision to purchase Altered Destiny:

1. This is the inferior MS-DOS version, and not the Amiga version, which has significantly better graphics. I realise there used to be some commercial rights issues with running Amiga games via emulators. However, Amiga Forever provides a solution for selling Amiga games on PC running through emulators. Publishers like this one should look into it.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Altered Destiny on Steam

Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw

In writing this review and reading it back, I find myself struggling to write about it enough to get across my sheer admiration without spoiling the whole thing to prospective customers. I apologise in advance. Suffice it to be known that I recommend Hypnospace Outlaw in the fullest extent my enthusiasm can avail. At the risk of sounding like a fanboy, it is perhaps one of the greatest pieces of fiction I’ve ever consumed. I hope to explain why.

Whenever I think about this game and the experiences it gave me, there’s a dull aching sensation in my chest. I experienced something truly wonderful and moving. I was immersed completely and, ironic considering the active hours of Sleeptime Computing, often burned my candle far too low, ravenously trying to see what else the game had for me.

Real player with 34.2 hrs in game

A satirical homage to 90s internet on the surface, but so much more underneath that.

Hypnospace Outlaw is a game that connected with me on a deeper level than I ever would have anticipated. While it may seem like a fairly lighthearted comedy at first (and it IS a comedy; there are several moments where I laughed out loud at the absurdity), it is so much deeper than that. Where Hypnospace Outlaw excels, in my opinion, is the world that it creates while you explore the depths of this alternate-reality version of the web.

Real player with 27.8 hrs in game

Hypnospace Outlaw on Steam

Super Star Shooter 16

Super Star Shooter 16

Super Star Shooter is a psychedelic shooter that somehow feels calming to play. It’s in early access so there are some improvements to be had but my time with it has been somewhat of a neat experience. I love the soundtrack and the voice that talks throughout the levels. In a way I feel like I’m playing a combination of star fox and tempest 4000. One thing I wish is maybe for score hunters possibly have an endless mode? That’s just a minor thing I was thinking about. I honestly can’t wait for it to be finished because the progress of this game is good!

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

This is a seriously good retro 3D shooter with great visuals, sound effects, speech, music and playability. If you like blasting things, you will not be disappointed.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Super Star Shooter 16 on Steam



pretty cool game, especially cause 2 of my favorite games are earthbound and LSD dream emulator

One thing I can say is please fix the issue with the tracks looping when you can. it’s very noticeable on the shorter, early tracks or tracks that are short by nature, like cutscene tracks or the title track. When it loops, its really noticeable and choppy and kind of irritating. I like almost everything else about the game though. I hope you will add a lot more and finish it someday.

EDIT: Also, I got softlocked. Its after the floor where the green faced “ryan” guy chases you, i fought ebikaron and the purple room i was poisened for a few floors, idk why if it was the demon sticker or what, but pls make it obvious how to get rid of poison. Because now I’m softlocked in the room(s) where I have 1 HP and its a forced Brock Lee fight where he says “cement? no thats concrete baby!” I went through the door to the dojo but theres nothing there besides crows, a ryan who just talks about lsd, and then the door back. you can walk through the sprite to the door back and see some sprites from sun tzu eastern mind but they dont work when you press space on them

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

a funny yet dissociation-inducing journey of quirky internet humor, horrifying eye imagery laced with morse code, droning tunes chopped with decades-old vocal samples, and bizarre visuals that shine like old internet and LSD dream emulator. followed by one of the nine muses, climb your way up a tower where each floor becomes more deconstructed than the last.

the story is vague, something something nirvana, something something samsara. the importance and potential philosophy of it can become lost in the witty comments about the bone zone and the vague images of a man-fish wearing a “women want me fish fear me” hat. but it’s supposed to be bizarre. you’re climbing, because everyone climbs the tower.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Disillusion on Steam

Space Moth: Lunar Edition

Space Moth: Lunar Edition

This game has a complex scoring system with lots of different ways to score and a focus on risk versus reward. The bullet patterns are interesting and the gameplay is good! It also works with my Saturn USB pad without issue.

However, this is NOT a beginner’s game. I’ve played a lot of shmups, and this one is quite difficult. There is only one difficulty level, and the the only way to make the game easier is to ignore the scoring system altogether.

Star Hunter DX, by the same developer, is another good game with an interesting scoring system, but it’s a little easier for beginners (but still pretty hard).

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

I’ve just started playing the Lunar Edition of Space Moth and it is a top tier indie shmup in my opinion. The scoring system is super simple and engaging for beginners and the skill ceiling seems high enough for most die hard fans of the genre. It also has a tate mode for us vertical monitor users (I do wish the game supported portrait resolutions, but thats only a slight inconvenience).

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Space Moth: Lunar Edition on Steam

Sinless Night

Sinless Night

A normal part-time job can turn into terrible events

The main character of the game is a certain guy who decided to earn some money in a small eatery on the outskirts of the city. Arriving just before closing, the main character meets with the bartender, who gives a list of things to do. Who would have thought that it would not be possible to complete all the cases?


This is a small cinematic story, stylized as old VHS. The main character will have to face his fears, which have been haunting him for several years. Perform simple assistant work, communicate with clients, and also try to deal with paranormal phenomena that occur at night. Several endings make the game replayable and allow players to look at what is happening from a different angle.


  • The atmosphere of old videos - the effect of an old VHS film adds more realism to what is happening.

  • Creepy soundtrack - sound effects will not let you relax for a second.

  • Multiple endings depending on the player’s actions - take a look at what is happening from different angles.

  • A fascinating story - a plot that keeps you in suspense until the very end.

Sinless Night on Steam