Brick People

Brick People

《Brick People》Is an action shooting game, the setting of the game is set in a wonderful building blocks world, here, all the enemies are made of building blocks, you have to defeat them, and finally save the little girl who created you.

Challenging levels

Different level styles will have different enemies, different terrain, and a tense atmosphere through the level.

Interesting enemies

Each enemy has its own form and attack style, so watch out for them or you’ll suddenly be defeated by them.

The final BOSS

The final BOSS is hidden in a huge scene, which is open to exploration, and you need to find him and defeat him in a fierce battle.

Beautiful picture and real physical collision

Using their own research and development of the engine, to bring beautiful graphics and real physical collision, the game every model using high resolution maps, each object is added real physical collision.

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Brick People on Steam

Tomb Keeper Mansion Deluxe Pinball

Tomb Keeper Mansion Deluxe Pinball

this game is amazing, love it. maps are super fun and exciting. has everything you would want.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

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This is a good little collection of pinball games made by Pinblend Studios. Right now there are three pinball tables that they made and are all included in this game. I actually won this game in a tournament they had so I got this game for free! Two thumbs up.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Tomb Keeper Mansion Deluxe Pinball on Steam



Not a help screen in sight. I couldn’t get it to recognize my controller. And honestly, in my opinion, just slamming on a DosBox was not the way to drag this into the modern day. I’m having it refunded and I suggest you steer clear as well.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Zyconix on Steam

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

this was fun with beer and weed,

reasonabaly short but reasonably priced, it goes good with any

sort of cannabis or alcoholic beverage.

then it just ends cause a well, its only 1.99


wish i could pay 40 dollars and get 20 times the content and have a full on

casino arcade thing in my house

p.s. my light saber is not weird looking its deady

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

This game takes me back to being a little kid visiting the Atlantic City boardwalk. At the time they had “casinos” like these with fun games to play for tickets or tokens that could be cashed in for prizes. It probably cost my parents a small fortune to win items that would be dollar store quality today, but I loved the experience.

So step off the boardwalk into a tiny casino arcade. The coin pusher was my absolute favorite, and realistic to what I remember. I really like the overall feel and physics of that one. It feels the most authentic. Things like the stacker machine would have been after my time, but that was also realistic, at least compared to the ones I’ve played in VR.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Game Machines: Arcade Casino on Steam

Get Packed: Fully Loaded

Get Packed: Fully Loaded

This is the definitive co-op mayhem game! If you like chaos, mayhem and laughing with friends and family this is the game for you!

I played the hell out of this on Stadia. Now that it is no longer laggy as its STEAM it is even better. The controls are easy on a controller.

My Wife and I love playing it couch Co-Op, Lots of Easter Eggs and references to pop culture through out.

There is a solo mode but note you wont be able to do all the challenges - this is defiantly a co op focused game. Fun Solo, Crazy fun together!

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Great party game !

  • Don’t necessarily have to play with friends - single player mode is just as fun. (especially destruction)

  • Great replayability for multiplayer, lots of ‘versus’ levels in addition to regular levels.

  • Nice soundtrack, songs are catchy.

  • Love the simlish-esque speak of the characters and cut scenes.

  • A variety of customisation options for characters (would always love to see more tho ;) )

Overall a fun game to play alone or with friends, only issues i had were due to my poor internet connection.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Get Packed: Fully Loaded on Steam

Super Agent: Drunk Kent

Super Agent: Drunk Kent

Super Agent: Drunk Kent is a take on the classic platformer elements of old, with a physics based twist. Our hero (the greatest Agent on the side of good) does his best work…..plastered! Enamored by the intoxication of alcohol! Sloshed! However, in this state he can; Jump, dodge, hone his reflexes and slow time, and survive all the devious traps one could find being a Secret Agent!

  • Physics based Platforming..

  • Drunken Slo-mo..

  • Over twenty custom made music tracks..

  • Classic platforming elements..

  • Physics puzzles..

  • Cunning retro A.I..

  • Totally physics based movement..

  • Distinct worlds to explore and survive..

  • Full Controller Support..

  • Hand Drawn Pixel Art..

  • Environment Based Traps..

Super Agent: Drunk Kent on Steam

Castle Break

Castle Break

Its a great hardcore oldschool arcaniod-style game with no mercy to slowpoke players.

Did not expected i’ve spend all the evening, kicking virtual bombs around the screen :D

Controlling your own robot, you have to break through the enemy walls, protecting your troops from being destroyed by the enemy. Each new level brings new powerfull enemies on the battlefield, opens new tools and weapons to upgrade your robot.


  • funny pixel-style graphics

  • hardcore gameplay

  • levels variety

  • different gamestyles by using different tools

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

Very nice game, I caught nostalgia when I was a child playing this game on the football field, instead of bombs we had a ball, and instead of a castle and minions, a grid/wall

Convenient one-mouse operation that allows you to take a breath while working.

I liked the idea, with construction, in this game you can even shoot))

A simple game that I figured out in the first minutes of the game.

Retro-style graphics are very suitable for it, it feels like you moved to the 90’s, and you play this game on a slot machine, and there are a lot of spectators behind you

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Castle Break on Steam

Hanefield Asylum

Hanefield Asylum

For a solo developed game, this played pretty well. The jump scares weren’t obvious like in a lot of games, and offered a good sense of fear throughout the game. The additional content after you complete the game was great. A lot of action in a small amount of time, and added more depth to the story of Hanesfield Asylum. Definitely a great buy for less than $10.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

I actually had some fun playing this - I thought it was a great premise and the spooks did work really well. However the lack of a save game is a major thumbs down. I can cope with the excessive shots enemies need to bring them down and some glitches here and there - but I’m doing a series on this game on my YouTube channel and haven’t finished the game in one go so I’ve had to go back to the start every time I want to play the next section.

Enjoyed the horror theme though, the devs nailed it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Hanefield Asylum on Steam



EDIT: After playing nearly one hour, and making almost zero progress, I have to say I would not recommend this game in its current form, except to elite players. This is very disappointing, and I hope my review shows how much I wanted to like this game. But when it’s often not possible to see both the ball off the flipper and the target at the same time, it’s quite difficult to gauge shots. And gauging shots is critical in jetPIN, due to the time element involved. (An option to zoom in and out might help greatly.) The great probability to lose all progress in an instant makes this the most frustrating PC pinball I’ve yet played, and I say this as an original moderator of one of Steam’s more popular pinball titles. (Somewhat the feeling of climbing a mountain in a bucket using only a hammer, if you know what I mean.)

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

this is like a pinball game made by someone who has played very little pinball themselves. i really really don’t recommend this one.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

jetPIN on Steam

Arcane Golf

Arcane Golf

‘\ . .

\ . ' .

O . ‘o

\ .

/\ .

/ / .’


The one thing it needs to make it perfect is a replay shortcut button because it’s tedious to go to the top left corner every time. Also the yellow replay button is unintuitively placed in between the exit and “next” button. I think those should have been placed vertically instead of horizontally but nvm.

Real player with 21.5 hrs in game

Arcane golf is, well a golf game, kind of. You are expected to put the ball in a hole, but going through 2d levels it’s closer to a platformer with golf controls than to other minigolf type games.

The visuals of the game are very pleasing, and the game actually has some story behind it, with a character talking you through as you progress with the levels, nothing special but adds some to the world.

The gameplay for the most part is also fun, but there are a few exceptions, most levels are designed with a specific way of beating them in mind, but during some I just couldn’t figure out what that way could be, since they were really open, with no real indicators what the devs had in mind, some lightly tinted wall bricks as to indicate a first hit, or a place to aim at would be a nice touch, as it was admittedly a bit frustrating to just be stuck and try to find a valiable strategy, while messing with angles, places to shoot from or speeds of the hit. It was rare (only a few levels like that) but as there are no guides for the game it was bothersome.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Arcane Golf on Steam