Rise: Race The Future

Rise: Race The Future

HELLO! I have been waiting what feels my entire life to write this review and i cannot wait.

So about a year ago i found this game and i fell in love. It has so many things i like about it. For starters its a racing game that just feels really good. I dont like games that make me feel like im driving in a straight line all the time. This game has excellent level design. And the way the cars feel is unheard of. The steering feels so touchy when u first play it but once u get the hang of it its perfect. I really enjoy all the play i get with my controller while driving. I can get fancy with my stick movement, my gas and brake, and the handbrake is amazing. Some games the handbrake dosent feel right but here it has alot of respect from me.

Real player with 34.7 hrs in game

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System and Setup:

Windows 10 64bit

Intel Core i9 10900K


LG 27inch 1440p 144hz monitor 27GN850-B

Oculus Quest 1

The game ran with max settings at 1440p, 144fps on the monitor without any notable issues. No complaints about VR either.


  • The near-future car designs are nice.

  • VR mode works well, even if there’s no proper cockpit view. A hood cam is the best you’ll get.

  • Despite the store page not pointing it out, it does support cloud saves.

  • No Achievements/Trophies

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

Rise: Race The Future on Steam



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DarkHouse on Steam