If I was to sum Noctropolis up in two words, I would say it’s “beautifully one-dimensional”.

Initially I planned to give somewhat of a tentative recommendation based almost entirely on the game’s gorgeous environments and striking atmosphere, but as I went on playing I found that beyond that there was nothing there for it. The writing is abysmal, and even if I tried to look at it through a more tongue-in-cheek lens so much of it is just empty. It’s not an amusing kind of bad either (like “Rise of the Dragon”, which is another point-and-click game that puts style over substance). There’s no sense of weight to this world that ironically enough fleshes itself out only visually, but has absolutely no other substance to it. It’s completely hollow of personality, of characters, of emotion or of any real world. It’s a beautiful backdrop of nothing.

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

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FMV game that has been Enhanced properly.

Whenever we tend to visit our nostalgic old adventure games to reply them , we fear going back to fmv games (full motion video) because they are a pain to get it to run properly in the modern os and you can always expect them to have bad elements of adventure games aka lack of humor, death , miss a item and you get stuck forever, horrible acting in fmv etc.

So i came across this game Noctropolis Enhanced edition and had the same fears starting to play it but then , it set itself apart.

Real player with 8.8 hrs in game

Noctropolis on Steam

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh

My friend and I have recently gone down the rabbit hole of these fmv games. I’ve learned a lot on the way, and we’ve both lost even more. With this unique experience however, comes the perfect tool set to judge these games.

We started with harvester and there couldn’t have been a better game to get our toes wet. 5 hours later we became the kidders we need to be to take on phantasmagoria 1. Harvester’s story direction (or lack thereof) really made phantasmagoria 2’s story shine through. The acting was mostly good or at least good enough to not take us out of it and the characters were well written. Trevor please email me. Phantasmagoria 2 is nothing like it’s predecessor. It starts you as a white dude named curtis but the real main character, blob, is introduced quickly. A story filled with weird physics and entertaining emails, this game will take you on an mindboggling journey. Walkthrough is highly recommended especially at the end where the game crashes if you don’t do the puzzle right..

Real player with 48.8 hrs in game

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I see a lot of reviews that try to compare Phantasmagoria (1) with Phantasmagoria 2. And then the reviewer draws a conclusion that one is better than the other. My take - they share the title and they are both point-n-click adventures. That’s about where the similarities end. I think this is why so many critics loved the first and disliked the second. They weren’t letting both games stand apart.

Phantasmagoria 2’s horror is more focused on the cerebral… an analysis of insanity. Although there are a few bloody moments, the story focuses on Curtis' psyche and how it affects his relationships. Because of this, there is a distinct focus on interpersonal exchanges between Curtis and his friends/co-workers. You come to know each character fairly well and it’s easy to love some and hate others.

Real player with 22.6 hrs in game

Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh on Steam

The Benza RPG

The Benza RPG

For fans of the television show, The Benza RPG is a dream come true. Literally every character in The Benza and Benza English can be found in the game.

The battle system reminds me of Final Fantasy 10 as you can switch characters in and out of combat if you have more than four. Each weapon has different skills attached to it which allows you to customize your team a bit. Party members each have their own set role in combat. Each character is really useful, and there is no character that I just left on the bench. My favorite part about this is that even characters not in combat gain experience. It was really fun that the main cast of the television show voiced their characters, but I wished they had subtitles. Maybe a future update?

Real player with 67.2 hrs in game

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A bit of backstory. The Benza is a Japanese web tv show about a couple guys wanting to replace their broken toilet seat and end up getting dragged into a crazy supernatural quest to save the world. The Benza RPG is a nice companion to the show, trapping the whole cast of characters in a video game universe. If you’re familiar with the show, the humor sticks, so I recommend watching a few episodes first. Otherwise, I don’t know if anything would make sense.


-surprisingly deep story

-witty dialogue

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

The Benza RPG on Steam

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid

Tonight is the night! Next door at the spooky mansion, the hottest girls in Blueball Falls are throwing the hottest and sexiest party in history!

Enter Jerry Wanker or at least he’d like to enter. Considered the dillweed of town, Jerry didn’t get invited. Now he’s far from a badass, but his theoretical knowledge about sex is as broad as his cunning. He’ll need that, his wits, a sense of humor and the outside-the-box thinking to outsmart the lugheads and scrubs keeping him from his goal. A hot date with at least one of the lovely gals at the party!

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid! is a nostalgic successor to some of the best when it comes to naughty Point and Click Adventures! Unlock the hidden path to get with the fairer sex in the newest game made by the creators of Perky Little Things! Beyond an amazing handcrafted 2D world, you’ll find familiar characters, fun banter and plenty of lusty times in this fresh and saucy tale.

But never forget. Only with your help does Jerry stand a chance to achieve his goal. Don’t leave him hanging!

Jerry Wanker and the Quest to get Laid on Steam

The Director’s Cut

The Director’s Cut

Redefine your meaning of horror

The Director’s Cut is a story-driven psychological horror game set in a 1984, USA. Adam entering a reality show for a chance to be the next horror movie star. All he has to do is survive until dawn in a mansion full of traps and horror’s. it’s going to be a long night.

A modern take on classic survival-horror formula

• Fixed camera angles

• Cinematic cutscenes

• Inventory managment

• Dynamic QTE sequences

• Thrilling stealth gameplay

DREAMu | Remember something you never knew

This game using dreamulator or DREAMu. DREAMu is a built in system that imitate work of 5th-6th generation gaming consoles.

It’s has custom BIOS, in-game overlay, flexible graphics settings and many more features.

The Director's Cut on Steam

virtual beepis

virtual beepis

You should play Beepis. I am superior enough to unlock everything. You should get on my level.

Real player with 43.5 hrs in game

I loved feeding and raising virtual beepis and unlocked everything. As i’ve been playing i wonder: are the meat legs we feed beepis other dead beepis? Also what does pulling the pin out of the beepis machine do? So many questions, so many poo pills, and so little answers.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

virtual beepis on Steam

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour

This port of Duke Nukem 3D is like rereleasing a classic movie like Casablanca on a 240p resolution. It ruins the smooth, crisp movement of Duke, makes a 25-year old game lag from vsync and ambient occlusion, and replaces the expansion packs from the Megaton Edition with a fourth episode. The best way to play this port is not to, but to install eDuke or BuildGDX and play Duke Nukem 3D that way. While you install them, be sure to install the expansion packs and play them on said ports.

Bring back the Megaton Edition.

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

Protozoid fear is a real thing

Real player with 14.7 hrs in game

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour on Steam



pretty cool game, especially cause 2 of my favorite games are earthbound and LSD dream emulator

One thing I can say is please fix the issue with the tracks looping when you can. it’s very noticeable on the shorter, early tracks or tracks that are short by nature, like cutscene tracks or the title track. When it loops, its really noticeable and choppy and kind of irritating. I like almost everything else about the game though. I hope you will add a lot more and finish it someday.

EDIT: Also, I got softlocked. Its after the floor where the green faced “ryan” guy chases you, i fought ebikaron and the purple room i was poisened for a few floors, idk why if it was the demon sticker or what, but pls make it obvious how to get rid of poison. Because now I’m softlocked in the room(s) where I have 1 HP and its a forced Brock Lee fight where he says “cement? no thats concrete baby!” I went through the door to the dojo but theres nothing there besides crows, a ryan who just talks about lsd, and then the door back. you can walk through the sprite to the door back and see some sprites from sun tzu eastern mind but they dont work when you press space on them

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

a funny yet dissociation-inducing journey of quirky internet humor, horrifying eye imagery laced with morse code, droning tunes chopped with decades-old vocal samples, and bizarre visuals that shine like old internet and LSD dream emulator. followed by one of the nine muses, climb your way up a tower where each floor becomes more deconstructed than the last.

the story is vague, something something nirvana, something something samsara. the importance and potential philosophy of it can become lost in the witty comments about the bone zone and the vague images of a man-fish wearing a “women want me fish fear me” hat. but it’s supposed to be bizarre. you’re climbing, because everyone climbs the tower.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Disillusion on Steam

Hell Pages

Hell Pages

For an old school shooter this game gets it right. The animations are spot on and the music is super metal to go with the theme of hell. It takes a bit to get used to the controls and being able to see the projectiles. There are 3 modes easy normal and hard. I just played normal so far and it is hard. I am at the 2nd boss and just like old arcade games you have to learn their patterns to dodge their attacks. The art work and backgrounds are awesome. The bosses are really well made. Back when I was a kid in the 80’s this game would have made a ton of money in quarters at the arcade. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys video games. Every gamer should experience games like this. Well done dev well done!

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Hell Pages on Steam

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow warrior came out in 1997 and this is a remake-ish game with improved graphics and is easier to run on modern systems. You play as wang which is either a homage to old kung-fu movies or a walking stereo-type. The story isn’t too important but the gameplay is an FPS and a really good one. You can also interact with the enviorment (a.k.a Duke Nukem) to find hidden refrences and one-liners. I love the weapons, the(very corny) jokes, the set pieces, this game is a blast. All your weapons are varied and have alternate fire modes giving you plenty of ideas to approach combat with enemies. Just simply put, this is a polished, well made game.

Real player with 42.3 hrs in game

VERDICT: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is the complete old-skool first-person shooter. Forget the story. Forget the graphics. These were the sorts of games where it was all about the gameplay. Theres lots of short fast-paced levels to explore. Discover obvious and not so obvious secrets. Massive amounts of relentless combat to enjoy. Including a large arsenal of weapons with which to gib an assortment of enemies with. Periodically tough bosses stand in your way to be defeated.

Its clunky graphics may be outdated and the game speed a little too fast unless you’re too young not to have played this the first time around but, the un-PC nature of the voiceover is hilarious and will make you laugh-out-loud. Those of you who dont enjoy single-player need to push aside their PvP addiction and just try it. If you feel the need for some old-skool Lo-Wan style kickassery then you cant do worse than start with this. Sure there is a modern day version but this game still reeks of fun.

Real player with 35.6 hrs in game

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux on Steam