Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid is a BMX-powered pixel-art Metroidvania gore-fest based on the film of the same name.

This is the future, the world as we know it is gone. You are The Kid, a lone warrior on a journey to cross the Wasteland in search of hope. What you will find on your way however is a land riddled with scoundrels and creeps which you’ll have to go through - sometimes quite literally - in order to survive.

Turbo Kid’s choc-full-of-mayhem Turbo Glove™ will help make your quest smoother and much, much bloodier! Turbo Blast, Electric Shocks, your trusty machete, and then some; use the array of weapons at your disposal to slash, rip apart, or explode enemies into hysterical and over-the-top splashes of gore!

Run, crawl, jump, hang, and, for the very first time in a Metroidvania (don’t research this), bike your way through the levels! Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the height of human-powered transport technology: the BMX Bike!

Move around the map faster, access new areas, and practice your bike tricks in preparation for the 1998 Wasteland Olympics Freestyle BMX Event. No need to find an unrusted fence to lock your bike in this game! It’ll be there at the touch of a button whenever you need it.

Our story begins immediately after the events of the movie, as the Kid, you must cross the Wasteland after losing a friend in a tragic bloody battle. On your way, you will meet an array of colorful characters, some friends, some foes, and some in-between, who will offer advice, quests, fights, and jokes (lots of jokes).

We’re really proud of the story we’ve created for the game and we think you’ll enjoy it too. That being said, if you’re only in it for the gameplay and the story isn’t for you, you won’t even need to skip the cutscenes, you can basically just ignore and walk past them.

Like the Metroidvanias of old, TURBO KID allows you to explore the different zones and defeat bosses in the order you see fit, favoring exploration and discovery over a linear narrative. Over the course of the game, you will also be asked to make personal and moral choices that will affect the process of the game allowing for multiple playthroughs with different paths and outcomes.

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Your sister has vanished and rumors swirl that Gaoh has been resurrected with an evil army at his command. Explore for cybernetic upgrades until you are powerful enough to defeat the diabolic Gaoh and his cybergentic army once and for all in this futuristic, action platformer!


  • 7 levels to explore plus a prologue area!

  • Survive epic boss fights to unlock new traversal and combat abilities!

  • Unique “crowd control” combat system gives the player powerful options for dispatching hordes of foes!

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Bushiden on Steam



Rodina.doc tells the history of modern Russia in catastrophes, protests, and criminal cases.

The gameplay is inspired by classic adventure games. It shows everyday life and tells the stories of ordinary people against a backdrop of historical catastrophes. Many artefacts from the epoch, research texts, and historical eyewitness accounts can be discovered over the course of the game. The documentary is combined with elements of fantastical realism, quotes with fantasy, adventure with classic arcades.

Rodina.doc is a documentary game from the Department of Pain, a group of critically minded documentary artists. This is a journey through the history of modern Russia, from 1991 to the present. Each episode is a catastrophe – the coup, the shelling of the Russian White House, the First Chechen War, terrorist attacks, politically-motivated trials, protests – everything that makes up our contemporary reality, the place we all came from. Our uncomfortable past, our invisible Russia. History is us, and “coming to terms with the truth is a recipe for civic solidarity”.

Game features:

  • Point-and-click quests with historical backdrops. Try to live in 1991, stand up against the totalitarian coup, and shop for wallpaper.

  • Varieties of mini-games, inspired by classics from the ’80s and ’90s.

  • Historic documentary evidence: books, video, radio.

  • Music from 1991.

  • Invented characters and real historical figures.

  • Authentic Soviet newspapers.

  • Deficits of toilet paper.

Episode 1. “The Start: 1991-93”.

Late-USSR, 19 August 1991. Typist and translator Nina Alesina wakes up at 7 a.m. in her Moscow apartment. Today Nina is only interested in her renovation work. For some time now, she has dreamed of new wallpaper. At the same time, a fraction of the Soviet government has for a while dreamed of stopping perestroika and returning to late Stalinism. Throughout the country, there are deficits, unemployment, strikes, and glasnost. Starting with the attempted coup in 1991, our story will continue with the constitutional crisis of 1993.

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rodina.doc on Steam



My opportunity to play CARNAL has come after hearing about it in the E1M1 Magazine blog. It sure does look and feel retro, but here are my ups and downs


-Neat and effective weaponry

-Diverse enemy lineup from your usual soldiers with weapons to T-Rexes with rocket launchers and self-operated lawn mowers, PLUS shopping carts with minds of their own

-Nice level visuals, giving the atmosphere of a pretty desolate environment overrun by the Sons of Anak clan

-Retro soundtrack, ranging from Quake levels of ambience to intensely amazing bangers

Real player with 28.3 hrs in game

I like this game’s graphical style and level design (at least it’s not another ‘abstract sci-fi levels’ style retro-FPS) and there are many enemy types, but the whole game desperatly needs some polish.

The protagonist’s ‘pain sound’ is atrocious and the controls are sometimes very bad, you have to press jump to go up on a staircase, etc.

The enemies are too small and too silent (and too dumb) and technically they aren’t hitscan, but almost.

I understand that the creator of this game wants a life system instead of saving, but the game is way too hard in this way.

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

CARNAL on Steam

Delta Zero

Delta Zero

Main Features:

  • Fast-paced side-scrolling action combat!

  • Non-linear metroidvania level design!

  • Two playable characters to choose from!

  • Local Co-Op!

  • 3 Difficulty Modes!

  • Fully rebindable Controller support!

  • Smooth 60 fps gameplay!

  • Steam Achievements!


  • Obtain many different special weapons, unique to each playable character.

  • Search for permanent powerups hidden through out the world.

  • Local Co-op can join in at any time.

  • Unique enemies for every area of the game.

  • Special obstacles that can only be destroyed by specific weapons reveal hidden paths and secret items.

  • Auto-saving checkpoints and infinite lives on all difficulty modes.

  • Central hub area connects to many areas, making navigation more streamlined.

  • Dashing, ducking and wall-jumping allows for fast fluid motion.

Unique Gameplay Elements:

The core design of this game features a unique twist on world progression and game difficulty. The player can choose to take on any area of the game at any time in any order. Defeating bosses will grant the player a new weapon and increase the player’s maximum weapon energy. However, the player is not the only one to get more powerful with each boss defeated. All enemies will increase in power level, this effects their health and damage but also their behavior. Enemies become smarter as the game progresses!

Not only do enemies become more difficult but the stage hazards do as well. Hazards will deal more damage, have altered behavior and generally are faster and tougher to deal with. So tackling different areas of the game at different points of progression can yield a very different experience for the player. On top of all that, bosses also power up similarly to enemies. So the order in which you fight the bosses will matter a lot in terms of difficulty. With this system, the game won’t get easier as you progress like a lot of similarly non-linear action games do.

These features also allow for great replayability!

Delta Zero on Steam

Lost Caves

Lost Caves

The “Master Mind-Numbing” Achievement is one of the worst things I’ve ever had to do in a video game. True to its name, it is excruciatingly tedious and actively wastes the player’s time as much as it possibly can. Why would you even include something like this in your game if you know it’s terrible?

Besides that one Achievement, Lost Caves is a competent and (mostly) enjoyable little platformer that reminds me of “The Great Cave Offensive” from Kirby Super Star mixed with the aesthetics of an Amiga-era platformer. If this sounds up your alley then definitely pick it up as it’s worth its meager price and a normal playthrough doesn’t take very long.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Surprisingly good for a simple $1 platformer. Responsive controls (although you can’t rebind them, at least on keyboard, which is a downside), solid exploration and treasure hunting, nice music, and a cool final boss. It’s a short game - maybe 2 hours or so, but it also has a postgame so you can spend more hours 100%ing it.

Edit: It’s now $7. For such a short game, it might be worth waiting til there’s more content added honestly, or if it goes on sale.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Lost Caves on Steam

Sub Terra Draconis

Sub Terra Draconis

Just an excellent game! Love variety of puzzles and level design!

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Sub Terra Draconis on Steam

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island

Super Sunny Island is a steam videogame featuring knowing blown cover details with shrouded mysteries alone in calculated risks…some pebble confidence areas..in shocking guilt…as a harsh exterior develops crazy tightened level design…i give this game a 10/10 a bundle of clashing potatoes on a grill delivered at the right smoking top time love the burrito master!!!

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Very fun game. I got way more into it than I expected at first.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Super Sunny Island on Steam

Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard

Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard

It’s a Classic Survival Horror game with modern vibes,

I’ve mixed the best of classic Resident Evil and DinoCrisis games and put in on a modern trails like the Remakes does.


  • Take a deep breath of a thick survival horror atmosphere!

  • Smash nasty zombie’s heads off!

  • Solve the puzzles!

  • Read the notes!

  • Collect the Collectables!

  • Escape the town by three ways!


WASD - Movement

Mouse - Look

RMB - Aim

LMB - Fire/Kick

Shift - Sprint

Mouse Scroll Wheel - Change Weapons

R - Reload

E - Interaction

Q - Use the First aid kit

M - Map

Tab - Inventory

ESC - Main Menu

Bio Crisis: Evil Hazard on Steam



I cannot quit from settings, i have to force quit from the game. You should fix this situation. You can add music on game. After that it should be perfect game!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game