What I liked:

  • Amazing modding community

  • Fast paced, pick up and play with secrets for those that search

  • Gameplay that may seem simple, but offer great challenge and variety that feels badass too

What You Need to Know:

  • Like Doom, this game needs to be modded to play for anyone that is used to mouse and keyboard controls. Otherwise aiming with keyboard and no looking around will turn you off from the game.

  • With mods like project brutality,brutal doom, doom 64, brutal “insert old fps game” mods are all really great and offer tons of variety and fun, along with tons of maps and you can never run short of mods to play

Real player with 80.5 hrs in game

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Should YOU play DooM 2?

First off you’re expected to be a 90s guy.

-You’re expected to be a filthy masochist. You’re punished for things that aren’t really your fault.

-You’re expected to not have learned controls of such a game. VERY SIMPLE CONTROLS

-You’re expected to be playing your first fps game ever and be amazed by everything.

-You’re expected to like the 90s aesthetic, so American exaggerations over realism.

-You’re expected to replay this. The second play through is more fun than the first.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

DOOM II on Steam

Final DOOM

Final DOOM

Even though is old, it is so much fun!

The game was released year 1996 (According to Steam) which is a great reason to the pixelated, Psyche-3D graphics.

However, because the game is old also comes with positive sides. For example:

  • Lossless gameplay

  • Nostalgia

  • (Pretty) Simple game controls.

Lossless gameplay:

Means that the game has nothing that breaks the gameplay at any point. You press “New Game”, then you’re already in the game. Nothing in the middle at all. And that’s how the game is all the way until the end (Because then you’ve finished it).

Real player with 74.7 hrs in game

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Since Final Doom contains two separate megawads (each with 32 levels) I’ll review each separately below. Also, I’ve written this review with the assumption that the reader is an experienced DOOMer who is very skilled. If you are new to the original Doom games then you’re in the wrong place, Final Doom is not for you. Go play The Ultimate Doom and DOOM II: Hell on Earth, then once you can comfortably beat those on the Ultra-Violence difficulty you’re ready to move on to Final Doom.

The Plutonia Experiment

Real player with 34.5 hrs in game

Final DOOM on Steam

Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom

Doom the game, that like the main character, is just too angry to die, living on in a constant stream of re-releases, wrapping those age old wads in newer shinier packaging now with controller support and customization.

The original Doom team started before Id even existed working on making Super Mario Bros 3 work on a PC. The controls were impressive for the game, so mirroring them with the graphics onto a PC was quite the feat. Footage was uploaded by John Romero to celebrate Commander Keens 25th anniversary. From the description Romero says, Nintendo was impressed with the team developing the working clone for PC. Nintendo as history notes didnt want any of their proprietary games running on non Nintendo hardware. So the bad news is no Super Mario for PC and the better news is that we got Commander Keen out of it which then led to the creation of Id the creators of…. DOOM (insert dramatic explosion)

Real player with 54.6 hrs in game

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A classic fps with endless ways of playing it

Real player with 38.2 hrs in game

Ultimate Doom on Steam

Master Levels for Doom II

Master Levels for Doom II

“Master Levels” is an official expansion pack for Doom 2 that comes with twenty maps made by some of the best and well known independent mappers from the Doom community of the 90s!

They are collected into four sort of anthology arcs that tell the stories of different figures from the Doom universe.

The arcs are:


By: Jim Flynn

Consisting of two maps.

The mysterious mansion belonging to a UAC Weapons Engineer located on the “Titan” moon of Saturn has become infested with demons due to the Mars Incident. The manor was full of unfinished weapons that would be vital in helping the UAC stop the demonic invasion. It is your mission to recover these prototypes and check for survivors.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Master Levels for Doom II is a pack of fan-made levels handpicked by id Software and put together for sale as an official product. As the name would suggest, these levels are intended for those who are already familiar with Doom II. I’ve also already reviewed Doom II and its predecessor so if you want more information on those basics then go check those out. If you’re still here, let’s talk about this one, shall we? Note that this is based on the Steam version of the game which runs through the program DOSBox. And additional thing to note is that I played the game with a controller using an extrernal program to map key presses to button presses. This means I can’t speak much for the control beyond how responsive it is to key presses rather than the layout and whatnot. Alright, let’s hit it!

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Master Levels for Doom II on Steam

Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D

Note: I strongly encourage following this guide to setup the ECWolf source port, which allows for full resolution support, including widescreen, automapping, and normal strafing controls. Additional mods can be introduced at that point, if desired.

An OG FPS classic, players should be warned that playing the vanilla game without a source port in the modern era is a harrowing experience with wonky controls and increasingly labyrinthine levels which are brutal to navigate due to there being no in game map. Basically, the vanilla experience has not aged well. However, if you run this with a source port like ECWolf you can enjoy it in all its glory and fully appreciate how much of a masterpiece of the genre it truly is.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

I did not expect to love Wolfenstein 3D. I expected a game with nightmarish mazes full of hitscan enemies. And I was right. However, I was wrong when I thought that I would not like playing through it. It took me many hours of playing the game to actually understand why I enjoy it and don’t find it grossly outdated, despite its age.

Wolfenstein 3D game loop is straightforward: find the exit from a maze, find keys to access it, shoot anyone standing on your way. Manage your health and ammo to stay alive and be able to fight. After you have completed the first level, you have seen the whole game. There are six chapters, each containing nine levels and one secret level. In the end of every chapter, there is a boss.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

Wolfenstein 3D on Steam



Who is the FREEMAN?

One ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Scientist Who think can Beat Alien, Us Forces, Black Ops But

At the end He can beat all of them and Hired!

Shame on you if you haven’t played this Game yet

Buy this Quickly and Finish it Fast and be sure this is not a Waste of Time.

Real player with 31.2 hrs in game

Some guidelines

1: If you want to change the field of view, you can enter “default_fov” through the console , best between 100~120

2: Looking for MP-5 and GLOCK-17? Disable “Enable HD models of available” in Options \ Video. If you want CLOT-727 (M4A1) and BERETTA 92FS, enable this option. The game seems to have replaced the MP-5 and GLOCK-17 of HD Models in an update.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

Half-Life on Steam



A review for this game is long overdue… I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

Quake II is without a doubt one of the greatest FPS games ever created. It was ahead of its time in so many ways when it was released in 1997 and almost 20 years later it’s still a great looking game and fun as hell to play.

This game, along with duke3d, was basically my teenage years (I know, I know, biased review, eh?). Between 1998-2001 I’d say I spent 80% of my gaming time on Quake 2. I was there for the q2_test.exe release, before the deathmatch maps (Q2DM1-8) were released, before player models had viewable weapons (this was created by the modding community), and when LMCTF (the original/first CTF game mode also created by the community) was released. Quake 2 was THE game and you couldn’t escape it; it was everywhere and for good reason too!

Real player with 461.6 hrs in game

Warning: This review will contain d**k sucking and circlejerking. Proceed with caution

Quake 2 is my favorite shooter. I love (almost) everything about it. From the opening level to the final boss there is always something that I appreciate and love every time I play.

Progression is something that is important to me, a feeling of a changing world as your move through the game. Quake 2 is easily in a whole different world with this. Every “Unit” of the game is spearated into a hub world and connecting levels that you go through to complete a variety of objectives. As you continue through the hub world and complete the various objectives, the hub level changes. The best example is in the power plant Unit at the the half way point of the game. As you turn off the coolant for the reactor and turn on the pumps for the toxic waste the actual Reactor Factory you go through falls apart as you run quickly to the exit. It is honestly one of the most sastifying feelings knowing that you are literally changing the world as you go through it. The hub structure of the game does more than just provide a look into your progression, it also serves to make the world feel huge and expansive. From the mission briefing screen before you are put into the Unit until the exit button at the end of the unit it all feels like one huge level. Sure, there are loading screens throughout it but they are so small and come at predictable and understandable times that it makes everything feel seamless.

Real player with 74.4 hrs in game

QUAKE II on Steam



A very solid port and remaster. I personally prefer playing the game as it was originally meant to be played on Quakespasm, but this is the most easily accessible version of the game and it comes with a lot of awesome goodies. Machine Games & Nightdive are doing god’s work by not only maintaining this build, but adding on to it over time. Quake is one of those classics that just can’t be beat, and it’s fantastic to know it’s only getting more accessible.

Real player with 61.0 hrs in game

An excellent port and remaster of the original Quake bundled with online multiplayer and brand new expansions (Dimension of the Past is the biggest highlight). The dark fantasy setting and visceral / brooding ambiance makes Quake feel very unique from contemporary First Person Shooters even two decades after it’s release. Even at full price there’s hours upon hours of content to enjoy, couldn’t recommend this enough.

Real player with 39.8 hrs in game

QUAKE on Steam

Quake III Arena

Quake III Arena

Fucking. Hell. Yes. The Arena is a cruel, cruel Mistress - she will build you up, only to break you, & just when you think you’re rid of her, she’ll drag you back into her clutches.

In short, for those of you who are woefully unaware, Quake 3 is hands down the pinnacle of the “Old School” ’90s FPSs designed by the original id Software team, using an entirely different Gameplay model than the Modern FPSs of CoD & BF. A more common term for it is “Twitch Gaming” due to the extreme level of reaction time required to truly match up against not only other players, but also the Bots. To quote Dark Souls - “Prepare to Die”, because you will, over, & over, & over.

Real player with 111.5 hrs in game









     ++’                                        ++'                                        ‘++

Real player with 40.0 hrs in game

Quake III Arena on Steam

Five Nations

Five Nations

A nice up-to-date looking 2D RTS like AoE2: Definitive Edition or C&C Remastered,

neat homage to Base Build Space RTS like Star Trek Armada 2 or Conquest: Frontier Wars.

Despite the game was made by a team of 2 people, it does rival AAA products.

While it does lack Multiplayer, Story and Single-player Skirmish are very well done.

The game has a really good Wiki page and Demo version on steam.

Five Nations is an impressive real-time strategy game that borrows action and gameplay elements from many of the genre’s classics. The game has a very deep and complex base build alike Age of Empires, where you have to care for 4 different resources, also the unit population. The map terrain has an interesting variety of open space and white nebulas where units can hide, but not use their abilities and are slower, also there are areas that do damage units if they try to pass them like red storm clouds.

Real player with 112.0 hrs in game

I think its by sheer luck that I found this game. Someone on twitter just randomly brought it up and I got curious and looked it up. I first tried the demo and was very surprised!

For a small studio and their first game this is a REALLY impressive RTS! It does so many things well that alot of AAA RTS’s seem to struggle with. There’s a few blemishes here and there, but overall I am surprised at how polished and well designed all the mechanics are, and the factions feel very finely tuned to fit perfectly in a competitive scene.

Real player with 80.3 hrs in game

Five Nations on Steam