Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today

I really enjoyed playing this game. Definately recommended.


  • No bugs/glitches encountered

  • Intuitive, easy yet functional game mechanics

- Very special story: interesting characters, good narrative (!)

  • Nice visuals / graphic design

  • Decent voice acting*

  • Getting stuck (not knowing what to do) is very rare

*I just read a thread in the forums about the “terrible” voice acting of this game. I can definately not confirm that. Its maybe not the very best or special but absoluteley ok (both, the german and also the english voice acting, I played both).

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

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While Dead Synchroncity is not a bad game, it’s just not as intriguing as I was expecting. There is nothing to pull you into the game. While not incredibly difficult, and fairly well done, the game lacks a deep story or inventive puzzles. Score: 4.5/10.


  • hitting the spacebar prevents pixel hunting

  • nice art style

  • main character is a good voice actor

  • some nice soliloquies


  • not an engaging story

  • puzzles are weak

  • annoying flashbacks

Real player with 13.8 hrs in game

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today on Steam

Chains of Fury

Chains of Fury

Experience the sick pleasure of painting rooms with alien slimeballs. Feel the bliss of nostalgia coming through you. You’re in for a hell of a ride but: always respect the Duke.

Become the meanest hero motherF&@*#@ on the planet, whose testosterone can only be measured in the amounts of bullets you share with those standing in your way. Shooting, smashing, destroying = music for your ears. Make alien bastards pay for what they’ve done.


Destructible walls - you don’t need keys as almost everything is destructible.

Hidden Secrets - loads of eastereggs & secrets wait to be found.

Retro inspired - Duke, Quake, UT, Doom. We took inspirations from the best.

Dark Humor - you’ll recall times where FPS games could make you smile.

Split screen multiplayer - play with your friend or foe.

You are a hired gun. Your former clients put you in prison instead of paying you. That was their last mistake. You will find them and you will get your money back. No world-saving, no zero to hero bullshit, no mercy. It’s nothing personal - it’s just business.

There is no turning back. If something is slowing you down, just shoot it and destroy it. Nearly all walls are destroyable here.

This is gonna be bloody. Even punches and kicks get to be quite lethal here.

Use your environment to your advantage. Abysses, force fields, vortexes, spikes on the walls, and more. Make those kills MEMorable.

Shoot first, ask questions later. You are here “just” for pure mayhem. Choose from the guns that everyone knows and loves: minigun, shotgun, railgun and more. Rejoice in the real thrill of slaughtering scumbugs standing in your way.

There is no time for thinking here. Lots of enemy types including bosses are waiting to be slain.

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Chains of Fury on Steam