Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent’s Curse

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent’s Curse

As a die hard fan of original Broken Sword: Shadow of Templars, I really dislike this game. However, if I’m about to be fair, it’s slightly above average. Adventure games aren’t that common these days, and if you’ve never heard about Broken Sword series, for the price, it’s not that bad.


But if you’re a Broken Sword fan like me, I would either not recommend the purchase, or buy it, thinking of it as kind of spin off game that has little to do with what made original great. For me particularly, it’s the writing, acting and music.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game

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The nostalgia

Broken sword is back! Finally they dropped that ugly looking 3D graphics and annoying controls and got back to the roots.

The game looks amazing and it feels like old good Broken Sword.

From the very beginning you can feel that broken swordish atmosphere and hear the great music, nostalgia conquers you and finally you start your adventure with George and Nico.

The story is good as always and it’s very broken swordish too. Religious symbols, some legend, people who want to destroy the world, you know all the usual things.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse on Steam

Ctrl Alt Ego

Ctrl Alt Ego

You are ego, a disembodied consciousness.

You’ve been downloaded to an evacuated retro-tech space dock where a mind-altering virus has infected the consciousness ctrl stream.

Take ctrl of robots and devices to get around; some are friendly, others not so much.

Explore, grow your ego, find and exploit bugs, install and hack disk programs to upgrade your bug, evade or defeat hostiles.

Adopt a strategic, stealthy approach, or don’t.

Solve puzzles to reach locations of interest, or don’t.

Dig deeper into who you are and why you exist, or don’t.

  • 15 substantial handcrafted immersive environments

  • Sneak, cause mayhem, be a ctrl freak or an egomaniac

  • Darkly farcical tale about the future of consciousness

Distinct Features

  • There is no ‘player death’ in Ctrl Alt Ego. Your invincible, disembodied ego always lives on. If your current host is toast, pick another and carry on:

    (Note: there is a traditional save/load facility too, in case you refuse to accept who you are).

  • Once you’ve ctrl’d a robot, it is yours to keep. Amass an army and bring it with you:

  • Use robots to get around the old fashioned way, or ‘hop’ from one side of an area to another in a near-instant:

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Ctrl Alt Ego on Steam

Thief™ Gold

Thief™ Gold

I can’t believe I played this game 20 years ago and it’s still a blast. Well, it’s my number one game, just look at my avatar.


The way this game is meant to be played is with TFix + HDMod. I repeat !!!TFix!!! (not TGTool). I can safely say that now the game looks better than ever, even compared to its original release back in 98. The reason why is pretty simple - the hardware limitations at that time were quite significant. TFix patches the game with the unofficial New Dark Engine lifting the limitations imposed by the original Dark Engine. There are many improvements: support for higher resolution, the in-game objects have significantly more polygons, bugfixes, HD textures.

Real player with 71.2 hrs in game

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It is amazing how as computing technology improves and new tools such as VR are introduced that consumers continue to pine for ‘better’ and ‘more immersive’ games, as though immersion is some ideal we may hope to one day achieve once the graphics are good enough and the gadgets we attach to our forehead become more effective. However, one need only look back to the late 90’s, when a developer known as Looking Glass studios was already forging the path for immersive simulators decades ahead of time.

Real player with 61.2 hrs in game

Thief™ Gold on Steam