Neon Souls

Neon Souls

That’s where you’re wrong. These same effects are the main part of the game mechanics, which at first didn’t seem to me, but the more I progressed through the levels, the more I saw the importance of using these effects to my advantage, whether to anticipate some moves or to help me stay alive. Gameplay quite different and very attractive 100/100.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

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As good as the colors of the soul. It is necessary to play with caution and explore slowly so as not to die. Very good.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Neon Souls on Steam

Without Judgement

Without Judgement

Without Judgement combines exploration of a huge open world, gameplay and story changing choices and deeply engaging combat. You are a Sentinel, a PMC with a licence to kill. To be a great mercenary you will need the right combination of gears, skills, and friends.


Your choices affect not only how the story develops it also lets you decide how you approach each mission. Talk, fight or use skills to get past obstacles as the game adapts itself to your style of play. Every single choice can drastically change the outcome of your story. Different factions and corporations fall and rise, by YOUR choices in this crime-filled neo noire world. You can even finish the game without killing anyone!


Define your playstyle by experimenting with a wide variety of weapons, nanotech, biotech, skills and items found throughout the world. Charge into a shootout, pick off enemies one-by-one using stealth, or hire/call other mercs to help you. Many options are at your disposal as you decide how to approach exploration and combat.


The world of Without Judgement is huge both in its scale and in its size. Travel across diverse regions ranging from deserts swamps, highways and neon lit metropolisies. Set in the futuristic version Florida, you are going to be able to freely explore the countless diverse cities and settlements across the state, ranging from high tech megacities, neon lit beaches and post apocalyptic swamps.

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Without Judgement on Steam



Escape the walled city and take on the militarized government of the sprawl. Fueled by the blood of your enemies and a mysterious voice in your head, make your way towards the spire to topple whatever lays within.

SPRAWL is a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megapolis. Here the streets are your playground. The dark alleys and dilapidated apartments are all surfaces compatible with your “icarus” cybernetic implant. This implant allows you to perform gravity defying acrobatic wall-running maneuvers. Your enemies, the militarized police of the sprawl, stand no chance. Not only that, but their blood fuels this same implant, vastly enhancing your reaction time. On command you can enter a state in which even bullets move at a snail’s pace. A vast arsenal of weapons lie at your disposal, the armies of the corporate government are endless, but be warned…

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SPRAWL on Steam

TAD: That Alien Dude

TAD: That Alien Dude

Great Speedgame!!

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Fantastic experience. Great gameplay combined with awe-inspiring voice acting and minimalistic graphics clash together in this magnum opis of a game. On the outside TAD appears to be your ordinary AAA gaming experience, but upon closer inspection the game can be compared to a regular “Clockwork Orange” or “Gone with the Wind” in terms of sheer storytelling and eye candy. TAD: That Alien Dude defines what it means to be a gamer, games like this are what keep me from abandoning the gaming community entirely. The lack of tutorials give the gamer a more cut-throght experience, similar to cup-bread or dark shoals. Minimalistic graphics allow the gamer to focus more upon the machanics then the graphics

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

TAD: That Alien Dude on Steam

3x3 the immersive fiction

3x3 the immersive fiction

IVE been playing this game all day. Its very cool and addicting i wish more games was like this one. Definitley 10/10

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Loved it!! It’s been a while since i last played a game like this, quick good and oldschool. Deffinitely a good game can’t wait for its part 2!

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

3x3 the immersive fiction on Steam

HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair

HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair

Haven’t got very far into it yet. As a fan of Oleander Garden’s other games: The Pagan trilogy, and Hexcraft: Eventide Sigil, I can say with certainty that this is exactly what I expected in the best ways. It feels a bit jank, the graphics are muddy and dated, and it is very frustrating dying with very little warning over and over. It’s part of the experience, however. The game is one big immersive-sim-esque puzzle about working out how to get anything done. Leave your morals at the door, rob some people, and acquire black metal shirts to fight off the horrors lurking in dungeons hidden behind shopping malls and alleyways. It’s a lo-fi game for sure, but the experience is well worth the 13 dollars.

Real player with 17.5 hrs in game

Immersively simulate a nightmare. I instigated a gang war in Chinatown so I could plunder tarot cards from those caught in the crossfire. The victims had recited poetry to me moments before. They knew me by name.

Oleander Garden’s work is consistently haunting, enigmatic, beautiful, infuriating. It’s genuinely fun to bang my head against its walls in an attempt to uncover its secrets. I loved this game.

Given how unfairly obscure it is, you’re lucky enough to have stumbled upon this page, so don’t let the opportunity go to waste. Buy it already.

Real player with 13.1 hrs in game

HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair on Steam

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool

After playing this game for a moderate amount of time, I can say as a fact. I am now “Too Cool For Stool”.

This game is quick and easy and great for passing time.

Real player with 53.1 hrs in game

A nice way to kill time in 2 minute increments :-)

Real player with 18.6 hrs in game

Starship Turd Nugget: Too Cool For Stool on Steam

Thief Town

Thief Town

Thief Town is a perfect example of a indie concept gone right. It is one of the funnest local multiplayer games for my PC. There are not that many, but Thief Town stands out. It becomes a real blast as you franticly find and kill your mates, and the other gamemodes are creative, and don’t dum-down the experience. As a nice fresh concept, it is only local multiplayer. I am fine with that, the four-kids-cramped-in-a-basement gaming sleepovers I have settle the need for others. Grab some friends, get some drinks, and start stabbing! Soundtrack not only fits, but is 8-bit dubstep. If you like getting your friends for monaco, or even a nintendo game like smash or mario party, you will LOVE this! I heard the app doesn’t work that well, but I have controllers.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

This is godawfully bad and should be burned with fire. No, sorry. Fire is too good to deserve contact with this game, and frankly it’s done a lot for the human race.

It’s an 8-bit wanna be E.T. Atari cartridge ripoff. Except that the developer of E.T. had vision.

It’s 2016 and the developer thought it would be a good idea to try to recreate the early 1980’s level of video gaming. Realistically, nobody goes out and says, I want to do my job, but at a level that’s 36 years more terrible than the status quo. Apart from the developers of Thief Town!

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Thief Town on Steam

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG

I knew going into YIIK that it was a bad game. I’d heard all about how the developers were serial plagiarists who stooped to the level of stealing a song from Shadow of the Colossus for their previous game, Two Brothers. I’d heard about how they plagiarized Haruki Murakami and a random educational website in this game, and then put up an incredibly bitter bibliography that they hid in the corner of the “Press Start” screen. I’d heard that it was badly written and that the gameplay sucked. Then, I decided to do a screenshot Let’s Play of it.

Real player with 30.6 hrs in game



“Sarcasm and jokes were often the bottle in which clinical depressives sent out their most plangent screams for someone to care and help them.” ― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Where do I start?

I played this game, on stream ( ) on the recommendation of someone who I thought was my friend, until I actually decided to play the game. I don’t know why he would want to hurt me like that, it just doesn’t make sense. Why, Dan? Why would you make me suffer through this, DAN? There is a man in a room with a gun, but that’s a story for another day. ANYWAY. Yes, I played this game, in its entirety, on stream, which is frankly the only reason why I am able to say that I finished this game. Let’s get down to it, shall we? Anyone who has played this game is probably already having flashbacks to all of the unnecessary monologues they had to endure, without reading this stupid fucking preamble to a review that will say nothing you haven’t read or heard before, couched in more articulate terms. But let this be a warning to anyone who might still interested in buying, or playing the game. The whole game reads like this preamble. You have been warned. Now, let’s actually get into it.

Real player with 29.9 hrs in game

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG on Steam