Malzbie’s Pinball Collection

Malzbie’s Pinball Collection

As i made a fair but rather critical review of Malzbie’s Pinball Collection on day one of the release and as i promised in the following review thread that i would take my review up to consideration if some of the games problems was sorted out i thought it was about time to give it another go.

Previously i had issues with slowly reacting flippers, controller not working very well with the game and the pricing of the table dlcs among my main issues with the game.

Formerly posted comments in the reviews thread has been deleted as i believe they would cause more confusion keeping them up than doing any good in this new review of mine.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

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This free to play pinball game is an unexpected gem as far as I’m concerned. I was a little dubious at first. The images of the paid for DLC looked a little simple; however, after playing the free table for a while, I decided to buy the DLC that was available. All six tables at £0.79 seemed pretty cheap, compared to tables for other pinball collections. The ball physics is spot on, the flippers are reponsive and you are able with a little practice to direct your shots in the direction you wish. The ball speed is pretty fast, but I like that. The only real negative I have is the inability to adjust the plunger shots. To activate the plunger you just press the down arrow key. The ball is then shot off to the top of the table with no finesse. Apart from that I have no complaints with this collection. It’s not Zaccarina, Pinball FX or the Stern pinball tables. All those mentioned have, like Malzzbie’s, a free table to play, so technically they are all free to play. Of the four collections I think this one is the weakest, but still very enjoyable to play. In fact I’d go as far as to say, this would be a perfect game for those new to computer pinball games.

Real player with 19.7 hrs in game

Malzbie's Pinball Collection on Steam