Sanae Toumaden X

Sanae Toumaden X

Is fun

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

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Sanae Toumaden X on Steam

YuuYuu Jiteki no Yuukarin

YuuYuu Jiteki no Yuukarin

With its beautiful aesthetics, fluid controls, fun designs, and amazing movement, YuuYuu Jiteki no Yuukarin has become my favourite platformer. The learning curve starts gently and introduces its mechanics well, but make no mistake, the end game offers enough challenge to give a real sense of accomplishment for beating it. The challenges ramp up, but never feel tedious or arbitrarily difficult like “gotchas.” I do strongly recommend against starting your first run on Expert, because it scales up the damage, and it will cause many many enemies to 1-shot you.

Real player with 192.9 hrs in game

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Warning: Do not attempt Expert mode until you finished Adventure mode first, do not underestimate it even if you think you are good at games.

This game is great in almost every regard but it’s problems only become really apparent in Expert mode.

I will explain where the difficulty comes from and what kind of game this is:

If you are in Expert mode keep in mind this, almost anything will kill you in one hit and send you back way back, if you lose all of your lives you will get send back to the beginning of the level and healing items will become irrelevant, Levels are pretty long so it will require you to play perfectly but for that you will have to know how the levels look like first, so there will be a lot of trial and error.

Real player with 27.4 hrs in game

YuuYuu Jiteki no Yuukarin on Steam



Don’t judge a game by it’s cover: Kamiko is simple in it’s graphic and concept, yet it’s very challenging and entertaining. Four levels with increasing difficulty, three different maidens to beat them and purge the evil from the sacred lands:

Yamato: Blue haired girl from a family of water maidens, with her Blade of Kusanagi at hand, moves really fast. She has a little less power than the other two, but she can restlessly swing her sword, slaying enemies like no others can.

Uzume: A pink haired girl in deep connection with the forest is bestowed the Magatama of Yasakani, a powerful yumi. She can’t move during an attack, but her long ranged arrows make up for that, keeping her safe from any evil.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

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First of all, you might like this game if you also like The Legend of Zelda or Touhou.

With that out of the way, don’t be fooled by the game’s short length. There are three playable characters, and they play so differently it’s well worth your while to play through the entire game as all three and doing so even once makes the game more than worth its asking price. Here, let me analyze them:


Weapon: Blade of Kusanagi (short-range, sweeping sword)

Difficulty curve: Shallow

Difficulty of stages: Moderate

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

KAMIKO on Steam

Somewhere: Sect of Relic

Somewhere: Sect of Relic

I feel obligated to say I would recommend this because I did get scared, but the scares were just loud noises.

I was really thinking of things to say about this game(good or bad) so here is my too detailed review:

The game is CRAZY dark, the first couple of minutes before I got the flashlight I had to increase the brightness on the video. The description was correct as in there aren’t any jump scares OR any pictures that show up in your face with a scream. (left click shoots the gun BUT also left Ctrl shoots the gun which scared me……twice)

Real player with 10.7 hrs in game


After tending to some personal life stuff, the Dev has returned with a large patch that cleans up a lot of the graphics and added quite a few things. I’m really happy to change my review to a positive one.

Combat is working fine and now I just need to play through the story to see what it’s all about. It looks pretty good so far. Fingers crossed that I don’t get too scared!

Original Review:

This was a neat little indie game that was seeing regular development which suddenly halted in the middle of June. I tried reaching out to the Dev a few times, but they are unresponsive. The game was marked as released before it was really finished and now it feels incomplete.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

Somewhere: Sect of Relic on Steam

DANMAKAI: Red Forbidden Fruit

DANMAKAI: Red Forbidden Fruit

Cute little STG that feels like a nice and huge love letter to Touhou (especially PC-98’s vibes). I will write my pros and cons with the expectation that the reader is at least somewhat fond of Touhou.


  • 4 difficulties, 6 stages with an extra stage. Very Touhou-style

  • Mechanic is simple enough to understand. The tutorial video helps.

  • The difficulty is generally digestible. You can go ham on resources once you master the mechanic, but isn’t that true of most STGs and Touhou games anyway…

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

A hilariously unbalanced game with a bomb mechanic that can be spammed to hell and back. Once the player has figured out how, where, and when to bomb graze, its difficulty becomes trivial, and the game becomes a fun novelty. A veteran shmup player should be able to clear Lunatic in under 10 credits.

While there is little challenge to be found in the main game, there’s plenty of extra content to keep yourself busy with. There also seems to be a hidden condition for what I think is a TLB or something equivalent, but I’m too lazy to confirm it.

Real player with 16.8 hrs in game

DANMAKAI: Red Forbidden Fruit on Steam

GunFu Fighter

GunFu Fighter

GunFu is a lost ancient skill.The master of GunFu can control the surrounding time and let it flow slowly.Using the bullet time effect, the geometric distribution position of the enemy is analyzed and prejudged, and the order of planned attacks gives the opponent a fatal blow.

The bullets are limited. You must use the interactive environment to kill the most threatening enemy, and this is the key to victory.

Additional challenge tasks:

1. Use only bullets to kill all enemies.

2. Kill all enemies by any means other than bullets.

3. Don’t kill any enemy.

I hope to be able to reproduce the movie-like fight scene under the minimalist style of painting, thank you for playing my game.

GunFu Fighter on Steam