Game breaking bug at the very first part of the game. Bug was acknowledged, but never fixed.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game

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Amusemos on Steam

Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1

Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1


You have fallen into a surreal and haunted underground neighborhood. Discover its origins and escape with your life - and sanity - intact.


Remember that hallway you found at your workplace or school? The one you didn’t realize was there before. Nobody ever goes there, it has no windows, and it seemingly has no purpose. The lights might be on, the floor is usually clean, but it exists for nobody.

This transitional place is the lifeblood of Anemoiapolis: a world with no sunlight and no humanity, buzzing with fluorescent apathy. It does not care about you, yet it watches intently.


Experience the dungeon-like malls, pools, hallways, and basements of Anemoiapolis in first person. Utilize platforming and puzzle solving to navigate the barren commercial catacombs. If you start to feel complacent, you might not be ready for what’s around the corner.


Anemoiapolis reflects the experiences of a developer who grew up among empty buildings in Midwest USA, and who is currently processing our world of empty buildings brought on by COVID-19.

Expect critiques on mindless consumerism, feelings of impending doom, and eerie “mallcore” aesthetics.

Soundtrack by JORDANN and 4REST

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Anemoiapolis: Chapter 1 on Steam

no more surffer

no more surffer

enjoy this obscure 2d platform game with two paths the top as the truth and the bottom as the lie being told in the cutscenes the path you choose

You are Toni a renowned psychologist with several important awards that made everyone’s dream of having her apartment married having a very intelligent child but for sins you lose them and after all because you are in this bar drinking two in the morning the only thing you What you can do now is tell the truth or lie and maybe you will find a way to bring your family back.

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no more surffer on Steam

Stand ‘em Up

Stand ‘em Up

Pretty straight forward type of game if you’re into Beat ‘em up games. It gets a little frustrating at first, but you’ll get the picture of the game. Can’t take screenshots though. No big deal.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

Fun platformer about a famous Russian blogger who lived an ordinary life, shooting videos and gaining subscribers, but suddenly a strange thing happens, the audience of the channel decreases and everyone says that he has a double who pretends to his success. So our protagonist takes to the streets of his town to restore justice and get rid of crime. All we have to do is fight our enemies, get money for it and spend it on new skills or super-strikes.

The game will be remembered for its visual style, synthesized soundtrack and funny voice acting.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

Stand 'em Up on Steam



SUPER 3-D CRUNK BROS. is an action-adventure platformer. Join Crunk and Paco on their quest to thwart the plans of Dr. N. Dows, C.E.O. of the Lufa Corporation. Their latest business venture, the release of the TurboChin, will be their most impactful; striking consumers in such a way the company has never before seen. Will LufaCorp follow through with their plans? Or can this greasy gang save the day? Find out in SUPER 3-D CRUNK BROS.!


  • Graphics and gameplay elements inspired by games and media from the past

  • 8 worlds each containing intricate and interesting level designs, and boss fights

  • A large cast of eccentric characters

  • Time trial / speed run mode

  • Change the way you play with power-ups like the skateboard and balloons!

  • Original score composed by Sigmuuu


Brutality club

Brutality club

Good for a quick laugh, maybe a giggle, and if it were a $1 or so game i’d say its alright but not for the $8 price range. You have very little control over your actual dude so you just flail your character around and hope to hit your opponent. Chances are that you’ll play it for maybe half an hour and be bored of it.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

I thought i’d give it a go because its hard to find a decent fighting/mma game on steam, i knew it was physics rag-doll based but i wasn’t expecting it to be just random flailing with little to no control over your character.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Brutality club on Steam



pretty cool game, especially cause 2 of my favorite games are earthbound and LSD dream emulator

One thing I can say is please fix the issue with the tracks looping when you can. it’s very noticeable on the shorter, early tracks or tracks that are short by nature, like cutscene tracks or the title track. When it loops, its really noticeable and choppy and kind of irritating. I like almost everything else about the game though. I hope you will add a lot more and finish it someday.

EDIT: Also, I got softlocked. Its after the floor where the green faced “ryan” guy chases you, i fought ebikaron and the purple room i was poisened for a few floors, idk why if it was the demon sticker or what, but pls make it obvious how to get rid of poison. Because now I’m softlocked in the room(s) where I have 1 HP and its a forced Brock Lee fight where he says “cement? no thats concrete baby!” I went through the door to the dojo but theres nothing there besides crows, a ryan who just talks about lsd, and then the door back. you can walk through the sprite to the door back and see some sprites from sun tzu eastern mind but they dont work when you press space on them

Real player with 15.5 hrs in game

a funny yet dissociation-inducing journey of quirky internet humor, horrifying eye imagery laced with morse code, droning tunes chopped with decades-old vocal samples, and bizarre visuals that shine like old internet and LSD dream emulator. followed by one of the nine muses, climb your way up a tower where each floor becomes more deconstructed than the last.

the story is vague, something something nirvana, something something samsara. the importance and potential philosophy of it can become lost in the witty comments about the bone zone and the vague images of a man-fish wearing a “women want me fish fear me” hat. but it’s supposed to be bizarre. you’re climbing, because everyone climbs the tower.

Real player with 9.2 hrs in game

Disillusion on Steam

Red Falcon

Red Falcon


You are the Red Falcon, Earth’s last hope. Your mission is to save the planet from a sectarian heresy that is invading Earth in a huge armada. Who they are and why they arrived is unknown, but one thing is certain: these sectarians are the most dangerous beings in the galaxy. By controlling a unique Soviet development, the flying Volga class “Earth-Cosmos”, you will have to hold out on the battlefield as long as you can.

And remember: in your hands the future that never was.


You have technology at your disposal: the Orbital Research Institute “Lenin-407”, which allows you to study enemy weapons and then use them, and the Orbital Laser Launcher “ZHEK-1505”, which shoots a huge laser that pierces through all enemies.

Collect debris from enemy ships that serves as fuel for the laser machine, research material for the Research Institute, and building material for the majestic paneled house you’ll erect.

Use all these technologies wisely to destroy as many sectarian rats as possible.

That’s not all!

  • An interesting and entertaining synergy of two classic genres: Invaders and Tetris

  • 7 different types of enemies with their own behavior and weapons

  • Soviet style that borders on absurdity

  • Dump enemy debris into the orbiting ORI “Lenin-407” to fire enemy weapons

  • Infinite arcade – last as long as possible in the game

  • Leaderboard showing the best players in the world

  • Simple and intuitive controls

Red Falcon on Steam

Interstate Drifter 1999

Interstate Drifter 1999

A great upgrade to an already charming little game, and doesn’t cost a cent!

I still found a few glitches, but they’re easy to overlook thanks to the addition of medals and all the new content they unlock. This is a simple but addictive game that wonderfully captures the feeling of playing on an old school 8-bit computer. All accompanied by some 80s funk chiptunes.

But you may want to throw on some Initial D for the full experience.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Ultimo boiled this little chicken down to a fine broth. It’s challenging as hell with really unique gameplay. Lots of fun things to find and explore, hidden secrets and little jokes in the gameplay and artwork.It’s free, so stop reading the reviews and start playing the game!

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Interstate Drifter 1999 on Steam



I liked unlocking new operating systems, and overall, any game with a skin of Windows 95 on it, I like it.

That being said, I did notice some awkward wording that was carried over into the PC port.

“Select a right button to continue.” should read “Select the right button to continue.”

For Progress Defender with the Antivirus, it says “Database need to be updated.” Not only is this not a complete sentence, it has the plural form of need. You could put something along the lines of either, “The database needs to be updated” if you’re looking to complete the sentence, or “The malware database needs to be updated.”

Real player with 621.9 hrs in game

It’s a nice, fun game if you like casual arcade-like action and nostalgia for graphical user interfaces. The goal is easy, but the game introduces enough obstacles and game modes to shake things up, allowing for a fun and challenging experience.

I will say, though, that it’s still transitioning from mobile to desktop. Some elements, such as the pinball, are still confined to a horizontal play area. Dragging the progress bar over a movable desktop item can immediately cause the cursor to drag the desktop item instead, even if the player doesn’t let go of the mouse. On a related note, the right mouse button doesn’t do anything in-game.

Real player with 81.8 hrs in game

Progressbar95 on Steam