King’s Quest

King’s Quest

I absolutely love the original King’s Quest series. I remember playing the originals as a child when they were the cutting edge of computer gaming and was the flagship series of Sierra Games. I even continued to replay the entire series once every couple years. When I found out that they were finally going to make a new King’s Quest, I was both excited and concerned.

The original minds, writers, artists, etc… who had created one of the most treasured computer game series of all time were not going to be involved in the game. On one hand I wanted to love it because it meant new life for this beloved series. On the other hand, I wanted to hate it because I feared it would also fall short of the original series. After playing it, I still have some conflicted feelings about it.

Real player with 54.7 hrs in game

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A downward spiral

Episode 1 = Great

Episode 2 = Good

Episode 3 = OK

Episode 4 = Bad

Episode 5 = Awful

First off, let me say that Episode 1 is currently free, so I highly recommend everyone plays that. It’s smart, interesting, and pretty long. I wouldn’t, however, recommend anyone then purchase the following episodes. They’re simply shadows of the first chapter, and it’s simply not worth supporting developers like this.

Allow me to elaborate by breaking all the chapters down.

Chapter 1

Full of different characters, interesting puzzles, and wonderful humour. Although you’re not held by the hand, the game allows you to go off in any direction and either come across any of the 3 above mentioned gems of this game. You may stumble upon a sneaky trader, or perhaps dance with a giant troll. Perhaps you’ll accidentally ruin a romantic meal, or even fight a dragon.

Real player with 47.0 hrs in game

King's Quest on Steam

Butterfly 2

Butterfly 2

The second part of the platformer-puzzle game Butterfly!

Enjoy 40 new challenging levels, with pixel graphics and new enemies!.

Game Features

  • The caterpillar can’t jump on its own.

  • Bounce off the enemies to your advantage!

  • Use tubes to travel around the level.

  • Wide variety of levels: both platformer skills and logic are required.

  • Choose the right route to collect all the flowers.

Would you like to continue? New adventures of funny twin caterpillars are already waiting for you!

And don’t miss the first part! :)

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Butterfly 2 on Steam