Escape the walled city and take on the militarized government of the sprawl. Fueled by the blood of your enemies and a mysterious voice in your head, make your way towards the spire to topple whatever lays within.

SPRAWL is a hardcore retro FPS set in an endless cyberpunk megapolis. Here the streets are your playground. The dark alleys and dilapidated apartments are all surfaces compatible with your “icarus” cybernetic implant. This implant allows you to perform gravity defying acrobatic wall-running maneuvers. Your enemies, the militarized police of the sprawl, stand no chance. Not only that, but their blood fuels this same implant, vastly enhancing your reaction time. On command you can enter a state in which even bullets move at a snail’s pace. A vast arsenal of weapons lie at your disposal, the armies of the corporate government are endless, but be warned…

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A beautiful retro aesthetic is all this game has to offer for modern adventurers. If you’re happy with a bland story and no character development but enjoy that bygone feel then this might interest you.

First Impressions🤔

Virtuaverse visually impresses and it is apparent that a lot of work has gone into making this game look and feel as retro as possible. Characters, environments and objects are rendered superbly and it always amazes me how beautiful a pixel world can look if it is done right.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

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VirtuaVerse is clearly a love letter to point & click adventure games of the 90’s, not only in its engine, animations, and interface, but also in some of its puzzle design. The pixel art is a masterpiece, the soundtrack is memorable, and the adventure is captivating. However, the price of fidelity brings with it some of the elements that made old games frustrating, such as lazy direction, useless inventory items, pixel hunts, and baffling riddles that are sure to prevent completion in one session. Thus, it’s difficult to accurately appraise VirtuaVerse as a yes/no recommendation, because it largely depends on your threshold for games that don’t lead you by the hand.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

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Bionic Battle Mutants

Bionic Battle Mutants

Warning: Based on single player content only.

Game runs fine under Windows 10, not a single bug apart from texture layer issue on one level (very minor thing).

Enjoyed the campaign (around 12 to 17 hours), the few problems inherent to isometric view and line of sight/visibility in this type of games are pretty well delt with here:

Wall transparency/visible line of sight/visible covers are all one icon away during battles.

The AP system, a few attack options and consumables are what you get to work with, clear and enough options for a few different layouts.

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

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BBM is an interesting take on turn-based combat with a small squad of warriors. I like the graphics style and the customization options. The game is not too deep or complicated, and is good fom some relaxed tactics for a couple of hours.

You team members can die in a fight, and reviving costs quite some resources, so it pays off to play carefully and avoid getting hit or charged, since most enemies are tough melee fighters

Good thing is you can replay missions to collect some more loot for the next upgrade.

Real player with 16.6 hrs in game

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The Killing Cloud

The Killing Cloud


San Francisco in the 21st Century. The City by the Bay’s famous fog has become and infamous lethal shroud. A permanent toxic mist that’s choked half the population, and now cloaks the sinister doings of a fanatical crime syndicate, The Black Angels. You, you’re the grittiest hard nosed cop ever to wear an SFPD uniform. Your assignment: descend into the poisonous mist in your XB500 hoverbike, capture the villainous ringleaders, and solve the mystery of the Cloud that kills. Hurry, before San Francisco gasps its last breath.


  • Unique adventure combined with exhilarating flight simulation.

  • Authentically scaled reproduction of San Francisco including major landmarks and over 240 buildings.

  • Comprehensive hoverbike simulation features flight and hover modes, forward and reverse thrust, refueling, radar detection, weaponry, and internal and multiple external views.

  • Fly ten daring assignments, tracking down crime’s kingpin and the source if the deadly cloud.

  • Use a variety of gameplay techniques including, piloting skills, mapping strategies, investigative know-how, interrogation and sleuthing.

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In the 24th century, Earth is overpopulated and humanity is forced to spread out to other plants to secure more resources. Extremely powerful corporations vie for control of new planets, hungry to exploit their resources and secure more power over other corporations.

The battle for corporate rights to planets has been organized into a fast-paced, violent battle sport where hovering combat vehicles called Zephyrs race their way to victory in the Interplanetary Battle Circuit. You are a Zephyr pilot, racing under the banner of your corporate sponsor. Now you must race, dodge and fight your way across the finish line in a battle for glory and for your life.

In Zephyr you can:

  • Choose a corporation and pilot their Zephyr, each with unique stats

  • Pilot your Zephyr in a first-person view

  • Bring down your opponents with your turret-mounted cannon

  • Collect power-ups to improve your Zephyr’s offensive and defensive capabilities

  • Race through beautiful, maze-like cyberpunk arenas

Note: Multiplayer is not supported for this release due to the age of the game, though all original multiplayer content is included.

Zephyr on Steam

Red Man

Red Man

This is a pretty fun game, I’m surprised it has no reviews. It is extremely hard though and pretty confusing. The game constantly punishes you and it’s hard to tell if you’re playing it the way it’s meant to be played. Definitely worth checking out for people who are up to a challenge.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Fantastic experience for the price from what I played so far. Clever themes and evocative of old-school games beyond just the graphics and controls. I can’t even say this game being confusing and difficult is a bad thing since it becomes part of the game’s themes and overall feel.

If you hate games where the fact that they’re unfair is “part of the point,” maybe skip this one, but for those that like to feel their games as well as play it, for the price, this game is very high quality. And be glad there’s no walkthroughs for the game - working your way through it on your own terms is one of the most fun and satisfying parts of the game.

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

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Tex Murphy: Overseer

Tex Murphy: Overseer

First thing first: You need the K-Lite codec and FFDSHOW to be able to play this without issues. That being said, Tex Murphy: Overseer is the 5th Tex Murphy game and probably one of the best FMV games ever released, featuring actual gameplay with lots and lots of dialogues.

Overseer is basically a remake of Mean Streets without the ridiculous flight simulator and it ends with a cliffhanger which was resolved 15 years later with Tesla Effect.

A sci-fi noir adventure of old at its best.

Real player with 37.2 hrs in game

I think i reached my limit in this game. I keep getting error messages as i am at Gideons house using the poles to try and get across the pressure sensitive floor. As a kid i played this game and would get stuck all the time because we didnt have a strategy guide online to follow like i do now. Makes it a lot easier but it is also a clear MUST if your going to play this game. Anyone thats says its cheating and they never used it is a liar OR they spent YEARS trying to beat this game. If they can fix the game i will finish it. As of now i am S.O.L. !

Real player with 34.4 hrs in game

Tex Murphy: Overseer on Steam

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum

The second game of the Tex Muphy series did less genre crossover and had a great strength with its LucasArts-era classic adventure design. Graphically it’s a solid retro adventure FMV mix, the only downside being missing hotspots: even when hovering the mouse over interactible objects there is no cursor feedback whatsoever which made and still makes the game terribly hasslesome on a first playthrough due to easily missing out on interacting with key items on the quite blurry screen. A walkthrough or a frustration tolerance made out of steel might be required for new players. Truth be told, the entire gamedesign is extremely oldschool due to the inherent actual age of the game and it might prove too much of a bother altogether to newer gamers.

Real player with 78.7 hrs in game

Loveable nostalgic experience! Game runs on DOSBOX and is like 27MB in size. Classic point-and-click adventure set in a dystopian post-WW3 era. You play as Tex Murphy, private detective. It absolutely feels like a mixture between Blade Runner and Total Recall and I love it! It borrowed heavily from these two movies but offers enough unique content to stand on it’s own.

Martian Memorandum features a very simple interface with big buttons on the bottom of the screen. Just click on either “LOOK”, “OPEN”, “USE” etc. and then on the object to interact. Unique for it’s time is the usage of some FMV sequences starring real actors. Dialogue sequences play a big role in this game. Chosing the wrong dialogue option leads to uncooperative behaviour. There are also a few “action sequences” like using a hoverboard to pass through a security area with pressure plates and lasers or traversing a ventilation shaft in full 3D!

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

Tex Murphy: Martian Memorandum on Steam

GunFu Fighter

GunFu Fighter

GunFu is a lost ancient skill.The master of GunFu can control the surrounding time and let it flow slowly.Using the bullet time effect, the geometric distribution position of the enemy is analyzed and prejudged, and the order of planned attacks gives the opponent a fatal blow.

The bullets are limited. You must use the interactive environment to kill the most threatening enemy, and this is the key to victory.

Additional challenge tasks:

1. Use only bullets to kill all enemies.

2. Kill all enemies by any means other than bullets.

3. Don’t kill any enemy.

I hope to be able to reproduce the movie-like fight scene under the minimalist style of painting, thank you for playing my game.

GunFu Fighter on Steam



When I saw this game appear on Steam, a long forgotten memory came back to me! This is actually my very fist video game! I remember when my parents bought me my first PC, this “new game” was delivered with the PC. I didn’t like it because it was too difficult (for a 9 year old). The cutscenes are excellent, beautiful cartoony style, but the gameplay itself is a very bland railshooter … which is fine, I guess … but if you don’t care to play this game (which is a challenge if approached without nostalgia glasses), then just watch the cutscenes on YouTube. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2536351711

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

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