Divided Reigns

Divided Reigns

I never review games. But I know this game is very new and I’d love to convince someone to give it a try.

Divided Reigns starts with your main character, Ailfred, who is the captain of an army who has just conquered a nation but committed atrocities in the process. But his conscience isn’t being silent about it, and his efforts to change course lead to a series of events that go far deeper then he could have ever imagined.

If you’re looking for a high quality movie style cut scenes and fifteen different ways to mash your buttons in combat, this is not your game. If you loved the classic turn-style JRPG’s (think Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger) and are looking for a fresh take on them with an impressive storyline, you’re in for some terrific hours of gaming.

Real player with 171.8 hrs in game

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This is an edited re-review

I’ll start this off with the positives:

This dev duo is incredibly responsive to their community. You never know what to expect when something comes out of an indie group, but they seem to go above and beyond trying to fix issues IMMEDIATELY after launch. My original review was a down vote because of the amount of major bugs I had ran into. I recorded them here and even emailed more to their developer-email. I can’t say if they’ve all been fixed, but I know at least one was rectified within 24 hours of reporting it.

Real player with 67.7 hrs in game

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