Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja

Epic Co-op Caveman Adventure the best Neanderthal at the end of each level gets the Cave Babe Kiss! Rejoice, Cavemen Rejoice…

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

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I never played the original, but the style is still quite nostalgic. And who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Old school difficulty, but fortunately it doesn’t cost to feed quarters.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja on Steam



I’ve been a VERY LONG and dedicated fan to the Turok franchise since I was a child. Turok and Turok 2 were my first FPS games I have ever played, and I played them repeatedly as a child and into adulthood.

I have every N64 game, PC port, Gameboy game, Turok Evolution, and even the incredibly average Turok 2008 on PS3 and PC. I even dabbled in the comics, toys, and collectables.

You’re, most likely, coming here from the N64 version of Turok, and that’s fine. To be honest, there were few differences, even visually, from the original PC port and the N64 port of Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter. On modern systems, there were a few glitches with the PC port, such as the music randomly cutting off entirely, and some visual hiccups.

Real player with 33.7 hrs in game

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Warning, this game holds a lot of Nostalgia for me, as this was my second most played game on my N64 back in the day. (Turok 2 being my most played.) *I still own my copies and they still work.

Turok Dinosaur Hunter was, in my mind, one of the BEST FPS games on the N64. Some would argue that 007 Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were better, but Turok was basically the QUAKE/DOOM of the N64. Fast paced and total devastation to your enemies, which is why I hale this better than 007 and Perfect Dark. The quickness and speed to it and the feel of the weapons made it more fun to me than the others.

Real player with 22.0 hrs in game

Turok on Steam

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil

When i think back to my childhood, My mind instantly goes back to what i consider to be my nostalgia days.

Games like DOOM, Timesplitters Duke Nukem, basically raised me as a young lad.

But if theres a game that i have a raging hard on for other than Doom, its Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil a game that for the longest time was nearly impossible for me to get my hands on.

After legally obtaining it and totally not torrenting it, the original pc port was finally mine and it was time to experience one of the games i grew up with as an adult.

Real player with 353.1 hrs in game

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When I played Turok: Dinosaur Hunter a few years ago I was impressed with Night Dive Studios’ ability to remaster classics from the past. The remastered game inspired me to buy Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. I didn’t play either game when they were released in the 1990s, so I wanted to experience both games. When I saw screenshots and videos of Turok 2 from 1998 I thought that the graphics were too blocky, and the lighting was murky. I can say that the remastered Turok 2 significantly improves on the graphics and the gameplay is quite intense.

Real player with 86.0 hrs in game

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on Steam

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

Admittedly, I am really not one for visuals novels as a whole. Rather, I tend to be far more critical of any writing-focused media, which leads me to come across as hyper negative and critical about the works I am providing feedback on.

With that in mind, I hope this comes as a breath of fresh air because, much to my own surprise, I have been thoroughly enjoying this game.

The writing is fairly competent and many of its odd little quirks generally don’t stay too long passed their welcome. There are a couple of cringe-inducing moments, but they are either intentional or feel in line with the characters and setting involved. There is honestly not too much I could weigh in on here because I have the feeling the creators already have an adequate enough understanding of pacing given how little filler is present in the dialogue.

Real player with 34.8 hrs in game

I was drawn in by the unique art style, especially for the genre, and prospect of dating a totally radical raptor and got fully invested.

Raptor Boyfriend is a rather goofy coming of age romance that is able to organically use its premise to tell a heartwarming story that also tackles serious issues. You may play a girl aiming to kiss a stunt performing prankster raptor but her social anxieties, his personal struggles and how their feelings for each other develop are very much real.

I played all the routes and while the episodic format can make each come off a little formulaic, the main love interests still have their unique conflicts, are all interesting and sincere, and every path is well-written. Nonetheless, the titular raptor boyfriend touched me the most emotionally to the extent that I found myself playing through his route repeatedly.

Real player with 17.7 hrs in game

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance on Steam

Delivery Company Clicker

Delivery Company Clicker

In short:

A nice, minimalistic clicker that doesn’t require much thought)))

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game

Delivery Company Clicker on Steam



[url] Please see my curator page for more games that are well worth your time[/url]

Approximate amount of time to 100%: 35h+

Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: This question is hard, but I would say 9 since you have to level up 9 Giga’s to lvl 50

Is there a good guide available: I made a guide, which you can find here

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

I really like this game! Though, there’s some minor stuff i really hope will get updated (and with this being in early access it likely will!)

At the time pf this review there are 3 gigas and 4 worlds

What I like

This game reminds me a lot of how some old classic flash games used to play, but with more polish and gameplay. When rampaging the attacks feel responsive and good, especially as you upgrade them more. It feels great to upgrade your giga and I personally don’t mind the quick bits of taking care of it as a baby for bonus mutation points. I love the pets system too, and how adding decorations to your giga’s home gives bonus stats. Also, despite the game being in such early access it feels like it has enough content to be worth the price even though it doesn’t even have half of the planned amount of content!

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Gigapocalypse on Steam

YRek Lost In Portals

YRek Lost In Portals

YRek is quite the oddity, it’s heavily inspired by Turok, at least during the first chapter. At moments it really shines, and the price change makes it vastly more appealing. There are some really cool guns here too, and I love the environment design - i.e. Mayan Temples, Snowy castles. I think YRek is a game full of potential - it just falls a little short due to a couple of things - instant death-traps, an a checkpoint system that prohibits you from save-scumming your way past said instant death-traps. I recommend the first chapter to those of you looking for a slightly janky take on Turok - but beyond that the game has a few too many pitfalls to really make it worth investing your time into. The developer is fantastic, and is listening (and acting on) feedback from the players - so if you can think of ways to better the experience, make your voice heard.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

YRek is a game based on the turok vibe like the nintendo 64 games.

The combat is the name of the game here; you are always looking for ammo and health to get thru the world.

The variety of the weapons of the game is really good.

There are some really good moments with mini bosses and some big boss fights.

The Katana is one of my favorite weapons since you can slice every enemy on the game.

If you want to kill some dudes and dinosaurs I would recommend this game.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

YRek Lost In Portals on Steam

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack

A point-and-click adventure about time traveling, love, and scary-looking robots

  • Multiple playable characters

  • Puzzles based in logic with a wacky edge

  • Sleek animations and voice acting

  • Built-in hint system

  • Ron Gilbert himself backed the Kickstarter :O

Is it true that the dinosaurs are actually eating cave folk after nightfall?

Do you accept responsibility for Kloot’s education in today’s world?

If you really want to cure that cat allergy, you’re gonna have to do some serious traveling…

Should you get stuck, you can always ask Daela for a hint. It’s OK, she won’t tell.

Justin Wack and the Big Time Hack on Steam

Survival RPG 3: Lost in Time

Survival RPG 3: Lost in Time

As its two predeseccors, it is a nice simplistic adventure and survival game. It is a little bit more complex. I enjoyed it very much and hope for more in the future!

Real player with 14.8 hrs in game

Fun casual crafting adventure

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Survival RPG 3: Lost in Time on Steam

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns

I feel like a lot could be done for this game, on a more presentable approach.

Joe and Mac plays a lot like Bubble Bobble, except with a prehistoric theme, which is fantastic on it’s own. You play as either Joe or Mac, two cavemen that rescue cave women from the threats of cutesy enemies. It’s simple enough. I really do dig this game from it’s gameplay to it’s visuals, with it’s nice charming, colorful arcade graphics. Very easy to get into, even though sometimes there’ll be frustrating BS moments in the game like expecting you to be quicker than the hitscan or so.

Real player with 1.5 hrs in game

Easy Single Screen Fun !

Platformers back in the 1980’s and the early 1990’s were often difficult (especially compared to games being released these days). Sometimes we just needed to relax and play something easy and fun in order to mix things up.

Enter ‘Joe & Mac Returns’, released in the year 1994.

This game has the classic 1980’s single screen gameplay, but with all the bells and whistles of the 1990’s.

Expect at least an hour of fun, a few bosses and some good old fashioned “cheeky” humor.

Real player with 1.1 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Joe & Mac Returns on Steam