Blood of Darkness

Blood of Darkness

Initially I expected more, but considering the cost of the game - I can say for sure that this is a pretty good choice of indie games if you are a fan of this genre.

If you’re not a fan of the genre - you can’t understand the game, but you won’t be dissatisfied, that’s for sure.

Real player with 11.1 hrs in game

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Of course, there are some bugs with textures, something like this, but the game is new and I think that developers will do everything to avoid the appearance of bugs for their players. Moreover, please add multiplayer game mode - it will be much more funny to play this game with friends.

Talking about the game personally - As for 2D shooter this game is really excellent, specific atmosphere, big attention to all details, many options.

It’s a real HARDCORE, as the game is very dynamic, permanent enemies and fights.

Real player with 4.3 hrs in game

Blood of Darkness on Steam

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing

This is a simple racing/shooting hybrid based on classic games like Atari’s Badlands (arcade) and Super NES games RPM Racing (Radical Psycho Machines), Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing and, more recently, Death Rally that’s about finishing first while blowing up other racers.

There really isn’t too much content yet (only 4 tracks with some variations and 4 playable vehicles at the start) but it’s fun and-in single player mode-challenging, but it’s much more fun if you’ve got friends to play with. Not the kiddies though, as there is some NSFW language (occasional F-bombs). It looks good with a nice metal soundtrack and controls are surprisingly realistic, you can’t just go all out around corners or you might roll over, let alone go off track.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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It’s a nice game to play with friends… A lot of destruction lmao. Thumbs up!

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Rock n' Rush: Battle Racing on Steam



90’s, metropolis

You play as a giant monster whose only desire is destruction.

Confront enemy units, ravage cities and cause as much destruction as possible.

  • Control a giant monster

  • Destroy urban environment

  • Fight enemy military units (planes, tanks, rocket launchers, etc.)

  • Shoot laser beams

  • Throw objects such as buildings and airplanes

  • Collect bonuses and power ups

  • Release a cruel roar with your own voice (optional)

  • Monster vs Monster mode - take part in a city destruction in turn-based PvP mode (optional)


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Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition

There’s a reason I’ve logged 200+ hours in this game in under 2 months. It’s fun as hell and offers incredible amounts of replay value and gameplay depth. There is an absolutely enormous amount of content, and everything is packed with detail.

The basic idea of the game is to pick a vehicle, a primary and secondary weapon, and then a special defensive weapon/feature, and go to town. You’re getting paid based on how much destruction you dish out by a cold, calculating megacorp, the SNC, that has only one goal: conquest of Solo Nobre, a massive walled city where the game takes place. You must secure the city district-by-district via whatever means necessary, even if that means completely leveling the entire map (which is totally doable, and even encouraged!).

Real player with 754.5 hrs in game

Brigador is, on the surface, an isometric twin stick shooter where you choose a difficulty, vehicle, two weapons, a special ability, and a pack of levels to fight through. But what makes it so much more than just that is the flavortext. No, that’s not a joke. Every single map, Pilot, weapon, lore concept, and vehicle, including the non playable ones have a full paragraph or more written about its special quirks, how it came into service, crew oppinion, and other such things.

The setting is a genuinely interesting one. Yes the 80s synthwave meme is a bit overplayed these days, but it works out in a way that doesn’t feel forced in brigador. Cassette tapes and CRT moniters work along side crainial jacks in this dystopian North Korea meets Rio Brazil in an An-Cap universe and it just kinda works.

Real player with 138.3 hrs in game

Brigador: Up-Armored Edition on Steam

Get Packed: Fully Loaded

Get Packed: Fully Loaded

This is the definitive co-op mayhem game! If you like chaos, mayhem and laughing with friends and family this is the game for you!

I played the hell out of this on Stadia. Now that it is no longer laggy as its STEAM it is even better. The controls are easy on a controller.

My Wife and I love playing it couch Co-Op, Lots of Easter Eggs and references to pop culture through out.

There is a solo mode but note you wont be able to do all the challenges - this is defiantly a co op focused game. Fun Solo, Crazy fun together!

Real player with 19.9 hrs in game

Great party game !

  • Don’t necessarily have to play with friends - single player mode is just as fun. (especially destruction)

  • Great replayability for multiplayer, lots of ‘versus’ levels in addition to regular levels.

  • Nice soundtrack, songs are catchy.

  • Love the simlish-esque speak of the characters and cut scenes.

  • A variety of customisation options for characters (would always love to see more tho ;) )

Overall a fun game to play alone or with friends, only issues i had were due to my poor internet connection.

Real player with 9.7 hrs in game

Get Packed: Fully Loaded on Steam



[url] Please see my curator page for more games that are well worth your time[/url]

Approximate amount of time to 100%: 35h+

Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10

Minimum number of playthroughs needed: This question is hard, but I would say 9 since you have to level up 9 Giga’s to lvl 50

Is there a good guide available: I made a guide, which you can find here

Real player with 39.6 hrs in game

I really like this game! Though, there’s some minor stuff i really hope will get updated (and with this being in early access it likely will!)

At the time pf this review there are 3 gigas and 4 worlds

What I like

This game reminds me a lot of how some old classic flash games used to play, but with more polish and gameplay. When rampaging the attacks feel responsive and good, especially as you upgrade them more. It feels great to upgrade your giga and I personally don’t mind the quick bits of taking care of it as a baby for bonus mutation points. I love the pets system too, and how adding decorations to your giga’s home gives bonus stats. Also, despite the game being in such early access it feels like it has enough content to be worth the price even though it doesn’t even have half of the planned amount of content!

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

Gigapocalypse on Steam

Chains of Fury

Chains of Fury

Experience the sick pleasure of painting rooms with alien slimeballs. Feel the bliss of nostalgia coming through you. You’re in for a hell of a ride but: always respect the Duke.

Become the meanest hero motherF&@*#@ on the planet, whose testosterone can only be measured in the amounts of bullets you share with those standing in your way. Shooting, smashing, destroying = music for your ears. Make alien bastards pay for what they’ve done.


Destructible walls - you don’t need keys as almost everything is destructible.

Hidden Secrets - loads of eastereggs & secrets wait to be found.

Retro inspired - Duke, Quake, UT, Doom. We took inspirations from the best.

Dark Humor - you’ll recall times where FPS games could make you smile.

Split screen multiplayer - play with your friend or foe.

You are a hired gun. Your former clients put you in prison instead of paying you. That was their last mistake. You will find them and you will get your money back. No world-saving, no zero to hero bullshit, no mercy. It’s nothing personal - it’s just business.

There is no turning back. If something is slowing you down, just shoot it and destroy it. Nearly all walls are destroyable here.

This is gonna be bloody. Even punches and kicks get to be quite lethal here.

Use your environment to your advantage. Abysses, force fields, vortexes, spikes on the walls, and more. Make those kills MEMorable.

Shoot first, ask questions later. You are here “just” for pure mayhem. Choose from the guns that everyone knows and loves: minigun, shotgun, railgun and more. Rejoice in the real thrill of slaughtering scumbugs standing in your way.

There is no time for thinking here. Lots of enemy types including bosses are waiting to be slain.

Chains of Fury on Steam

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition

I rate Raiden Legacy 4/5. Good. Works well now.

EDIT: I’ve learned more about what these games were originally supposed to be like. Now I rate Raiden Legacy 3/5. OK. But it is still the only collection of these Raiden games available on Steam and when coupled with the frame rate fix linked below, Raiden Legacy has the potential to be a good game.

The overall negative rating of this game collection appears to no longer be justified. I encountered no issues involving stuttering. Indeed, I have encountered no major bugs of any kind.

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

Well, when it comes to Arcade, Shoot’Em Up & Shooter genre, Raiden series is surely one of the well known games. And for this one, Raiden Legacy, is a good compilation of 4 in 1 collection. It has all the memorable classic games back in the old days, only with slightly changes of here and there. So, let’s check it out!

The Gameplay

Like any other Shoot’Em Up & Shooter games, the gameplay mechanic is simple and straightforward, shooting & bombing. It’s as they say, shoot on sight! There’s no complexity of button combinations to execute certain kill shots or need any rocket science brain to figure out how to play. It’s just that easy.

Real player with 20.8 hrs in game

Raiden Legacy - Steam Edition on Steam

GB Rober

GB Rober

A love letter to Mega Man except much shorter and much, MUCH more forgiving. Unless you’re playing with modifiers to make the game harder for you, you get infinite lives and a fair amount of checkpoints each stage. The game takes 1-2 hours to complete depending on your skill level. (I’m average so I died quite a bit, but not to the point of getting frustrated.)

Since this is a fast-paced platformer, the game “feel” is probably the most important thing here, and GB Rober nails it. The controls feel really good, and the gameplay mechanics, while simple, provide enough variety to keep you entertained.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

I really like this game!

I haven’t put a lot of time into it, but so far the enemies and level design feel very fair.

The fact that unlimited lives are on by default really encourages experimenting with your special moves and new weapons, as dying doesn’t really have any consequences: the levels are short so it doesn’t take long to get back to where you were and weapon energy refills on its own.

The roll mechanic is amazing and it feels incredibly rewarding to get a bunch of speed and airtime by jumping off platforms at the right time, skipping huge chunks of the level. This along with the dash makes the game really fun to speedrun (and on that note i do wish there was some sort of timer to keep track of your performance, but it’s not a big deal).

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

GB Rober on Steam

Breakneck City

Breakneck City

One of the reasons I love Steam is I keep finding games I didn’t know I need. I feel that developers loved the Dynamite Deka series and wanted to create a similar game but in a Double Dragon mold. The gameplay handles well with a controller and the boss fights have real character. One sword wielding foe tosses one of his blades in air to free up his hand and spit a fireball across the screen. Small touches like this indicate a love for the genre.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

A fantastic throwback to 3D beat ‘em ups, a genre that is woefully undeserved given that we mainly throwbacks to 2D beat ‘ems ups that are inspired by the likes of Final Fight or Streets of Rage rather than games following the Dynamite Deka or Spikeout lineage.

Combat is pretty simple, there’s no Devil May Cry style move list, but the fundamentally solid basic attacks and a great feeling dash combine with top notch level design, clever environmental interactions, dynamic enemy types make for a really fun time.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

Breakneck City on Steam