Demon Blast

Demon Blast


As I absolutely adore the DOOM series and similar titles, Demon Blast naturally caught my eye on Steam’s Store Page immediately. Its colourful, cartoonish art style, along with the promise of killing hordes of demons, was enough for me to give it a try, despite it being in the Early Access. The harsh reality is that this game is unfinished and clunky to play, as you would expect from the Early Access. However, the promised updates are still not released, which is why I finally decided to write a review, as the game’s current content does not offer enough to justify its price for me.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

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Written By Hidden Gems Review :

The idea of a roguelike with a touch of doom is reaaaally great, in fact was pretty fun until…

There are 2 bugs are killling me (literally)

1st one the enemy range atack pass the doors and hits you

2nd one the have a issue with the mouse like if you change of dpi for talking with npcs of hitting stuff with your hands.

I know it’s an early acess and you expect bugs but this make the game nearly unplayable and really hard

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Demon Blast on Steam



What I liked:

  • Amazing modding community

  • Fast paced, pick up and play with secrets for those that search

  • Gameplay that may seem simple, but offer great challenge and variety that feels badass too

What You Need to Know:

  • Like Doom, this game needs to be modded to play for anyone that is used to mouse and keyboard controls. Otherwise aiming with keyboard and no looking around will turn you off from the game.

  • With mods like project brutality,brutal doom, doom 64, brutal “insert old fps game” mods are all really great and offer tons of variety and fun, along with tons of maps and you can never run short of mods to play

Real player with 80.5 hrs in game

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Should YOU play DooM 2?

First off you’re expected to be a 90s guy.

-You’re expected to be a filthy masochist. You’re punished for things that aren’t really your fault.

-You’re expected to not have learned controls of such a game. VERY SIMPLE CONTROLS

-You’re expected to be playing your first fps game ever and be amazed by everything.

-You’re expected to like the 90s aesthetic, so American exaggerations over realism.

-You’re expected to replay this. The second play through is more fun than the first.

Real player with 32.1 hrs in game

DOOM II on Steam

Ultimate Doom

Ultimate Doom

Doom the game, that like the main character, is just too angry to die, living on in a constant stream of re-releases, wrapping those age old wads in newer shinier packaging now with controller support and customization.

The original Doom team started before Id even existed working on making Super Mario Bros 3 work on a PC. The controls were impressive for the game, so mirroring them with the graphics onto a PC was quite the feat. Footage was uploaded by John Romero to celebrate Commander Keens 25th anniversary. From the description Romero says, Nintendo was impressed with the team developing the working clone for PC. Nintendo as history notes didnt want any of their proprietary games running on non Nintendo hardware. So the bad news is no Super Mario for PC and the better news is that we got Commander Keen out of it which then led to the creation of Id the creators of…. DOOM (insert dramatic explosion)

Real player with 54.6 hrs in game

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A classic fps with endless ways of playing it

Real player with 38.2 hrs in game

Ultimate Doom on Steam

Hanefield Asylum

Hanefield Asylum

For a solo developed game, this played pretty well. The jump scares weren’t obvious like in a lot of games, and offered a good sense of fear throughout the game. The additional content after you complete the game was great. A lot of action in a small amount of time, and added more depth to the story of Hanesfield Asylum. Definitely a great buy for less than $10.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

I actually had some fun playing this - I thought it was a great premise and the spooks did work really well. However the lack of a save game is a major thumbs down. I can cope with the excessive shots enemies need to bring them down and some glitches here and there - but I’m doing a series on this game on my YouTube channel and haven’t finished the game in one go so I’ve had to go back to the start every time I want to play the next section.

Enjoyed the horror theme though, the devs nailed it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Hanefield Asylum on Steam

Master Levels for Doom II

Master Levels for Doom II

“Master Levels” is an official expansion pack for Doom 2 that comes with twenty maps made by some of the best and well known independent mappers from the Doom community of the 90s!

They are collected into four sort of anthology arcs that tell the stories of different figures from the Doom universe.

The arcs are:


By: Jim Flynn

Consisting of two maps.

The mysterious mansion belonging to a UAC Weapons Engineer located on the “Titan” moon of Saturn has become infested with demons due to the Mars Incident. The manor was full of unfinished weapons that would be vital in helping the UAC stop the demonic invasion. It is your mission to recover these prototypes and check for survivors.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Master Levels for Doom II is a pack of fan-made levels handpicked by id Software and put together for sale as an official product. As the name would suggest, these levels are intended for those who are already familiar with Doom II. I’ve also already reviewed Doom II and its predecessor so if you want more information on those basics then go check those out. If you’re still here, let’s talk about this one, shall we? Note that this is based on the Steam version of the game which runs through the program DOSBox. And additional thing to note is that I played the game with a controller using an extrernal program to map key presses to button presses. This means I can’t speak much for the control beyond how responsive it is to key presses rather than the layout and whatnot. Alright, let’s hit it!

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Master Levels for Doom II on Steam

Total Dark

Total Dark

Stars received: 1.5/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

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Game description key-points: bouncing ball

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Ball doesnt bounce like it should. For instance, it will hit a wall and just turn 90 degrees for no reason whatsoever. It hits a gargoyle and you have predict where its going to go because there is no proper path it follows. It also speeds up too fast so you cant catch it.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Total Dark on Steam

Cathedral 3-D

Cathedral 3-D

“I like the aesthetics and bold discount tactics” - My friend Berry

I’ve got to say that this game is really great. I don’t know if there is anything else like it or if it’s emulating a style but that does not matter. Cathedral 3D’s movement, speed, style, and mechanics combine for an awesome time.

The game has a simple tutorial, some would argue to simple. Just get in there and play, figure out routes, learn what attacks work best, and stack combo orbs which give you invincibility, shield, or invincibility for your chest. To reload your health and ammo, you must be holding the chest as you run over the grails. Additionally, your point modifier depletes if you stray to far from the chest.

Real player with 17.9 hrs in game

I’d say this game is well worth your time if youre a fan of arena shooters with a unique spin. Fans of Devil Daggers and the like will feel at home with this fast paced First Person Demon-er.

While the game doesn’t do much in terms of hand holding, there’s a bit to take in mechanic wise at first. But after a few play-throughs and learning the ins and outs on your own its an easy beast to tame. Flying around as a demon in this massive gorgeous cathedral feels so satisfying and blasting away and taking out your foes its a lot of fun.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Cathedral 3-D on Steam



Like most people, I passed on Doom 64 back in 1997 and assumed it was yet another port of the PC version.

Nope! This is a totally different game, and it’s now considered to be the canonical sequel to Doom 2 and the prequel to Doom 2016.

Doom 64 goes for a more unsettling style of horror, with creepy ambient music and a colorful gothic atmosphere. It does a good job of putting you on edge and creating a sense of dread.

The level designs are elaborate and labyrinthian, and very much in the spirit of the original Doom games. They’re a joy to explore, but some people will be put off by the game’s ample use of switches and trigger events, which are sometimes unclear and can slow down gameplay.

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

Never played the original on N64 and was worried it would feel like a cheap knockoff, but it feels like a real followup to Doom 2. Feels just like old-school DOOM with the graphics and sound polished up.

Real player with 11.5 hrs in game

DOOM 64 on Steam

Project Warlock II

Project Warlock II

Palmer - a dedicated disciple of Warlock wakes up in his castle’s bedroom. His master nowhere to be found, castle overrun by demons, and only his trusted arsenal as means to stop them and make sense of it all - the young warlock must now collect himself, his guns, recharge the staff and make his way to a nearby stronghold spewing hordes of the hideous monsters.

Project Warlock II picks up right after the events of the first game, shifting the perspective to that of three disciples of the first game’s Warlock. Each perfecting their own discipline, with his or hers reasons to confront the old master. Utilising everything their mentor taught them, and harnessing the powers of combat magic, pyromancy and dark arts - Palmer, Urd and Kirsten must now put their hard earned skills to the test.

Get ready for three explosive episodes - each revolving around a different Warlock with their own skills, perks and arsenal, and featuring a distinct setting, menagerie of deadly monsters, requisite boss hulking in the darkness and more secrets, weapon upgrades, pickups and jumping, strafing, and spraying trigger happy action that you can shake a lightning staff at.

  • Each of the Warlocks carries a different arsenal based around their personas and playstyles

  • Tools of destruction can be upgraded through special stations resulting in 20+ weapons for each Warlock

  • Shotguns, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, quad barrelled harvesters, swords, staffs, cannons - and that’s just Palmer’s toys

  • In Project Warlock magic is only supplementing weapons, or - as some put it - totally useless

  • In Project Warlock II each of the Warlocks has his or hers three cooldown-able skills to use and support gun- or magic-play

  • Project Warlock’s monsters defining trait was their relentlessness. That same applies to describe their strategy, Tactics. And - probably - problem solving approach. As the saying goes - when you’re a hammer everything looks like a Warlock trying to pump you full of hot magical lead

  • Project Warlock II’s monsters jump, run, hold back when needed, hop, whirl and use each of the different attacks on their disposal to make your life as miserable as only a pigdemon with welded-shut cestuses and spiked back can

  • Each world consists of six huge, sprawling levels - size of each roughly 5-10 times bigger than any individual level of Project Warlock

  • Expect to spend up to one hour on each of the PWII’s levels, or more to find all the secrets, easter eggs, perks and achievements

  • Experience multi-floored structures, platforms and buildings that literally elevate the gameplay from that of the original Project Warlock

  • Let’s keep this one short. Project Warlock has no saving whatsoever.

  • Project Warlock II has all the saving. Quicksave (F6), Manual Save (choose your slot) and Autosave. There is literally no other save that we could push in there.

Project Warlock II on Steam

Super Urban Wizard

Super Urban Wizard

Super Urban Wizard is a 2D side scrolling arcade shooter where you control a wizard with guns and shoot your way through various 2D urban scenes.

The game was written in Flash. Much like you can drive a car using only your feet, video game developers can make video games using Flash. But just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should, especially if it’s a terrible idea. There’s no working fullscreen mode, and the game is clunky as all hell, because it was written in Flash, so it’s garbage.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

It’s OK if you like this sort of game, it’s just a left and right, shoot game, too simple, reminds me of the old Sega games, they become real boring real quick, for 79p meh maybe if you like this sort of thing, personally it’s like digging ear wax out… can only do it for so long before it hurts!

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Super Urban Wizard on Steam