A mysterious group of cultists is protecting a creature from beyond who wants nothing but chaos.

  • PLAY 3 distinct episodes (each containing 10 levels) in this fast-paced action game inspired by early 90’s FPS.

  • MOVE fast like before.

  • EXPLORE an abstract labyrinthian level-design full of secrets in lovecraftian environments.

  • SWITCH between 7 weapons inspired by the XIXth century.

  • WASTE your ammos without the need of reloading.

  • CUSTOMIZE your game to suit your play style.

  • LISTEN to the badass dynamic music.

  • KILL them all!

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KARM on Steam

Red Embrace: Mezzanine

Red Embrace: Mezzanine

Red Embrace: Mezzanine is a short (~1 hour or even less) free visual novel with point-&click elements, 2 endings rewarded with 2 achs. Unfortunately, for now the game has limited features, so those achs won’t appear on steam profile((

I’m sure even if someone didn’t play Red Embrace or Red Embrace: Hollywood the game will be interesting enough. I have almost nothing to complain about: visuals are great, music is perfect to set that gloomy mood, the writing is so potent dragging you deep into that dark atmosphere. That’s really amazing how that short story, maybe not even the whole story but some kind of prologue for the future game, can awake such powerful emotions. Really impressive!

Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

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As usual, fine. As usual, there is a light sadness after passing the game. And not only because the story itself is sad, because it concerns loneliness, loss and hopelessness, but because it shows us what we dream about at some point. We all probably dreamed that on some day someone (and preferably some handsome guy) would offer us to change our lives. But this did not happen.

It’s very nice that the story echoes Red Embrace: Hollywood. I am very glad that I somehow found Argent Games.

Как обычно, прекрасно. Как обычно, после прохождения игры возникает легкая грусть. И не только потому, что сама история печальна, ведь она касается одиночества, потери и безнадежности, но и потому, что она показывает нам, о чем мы мечтаем в какой-то момент. Мы все, наверное, мечтали, что когда-нибудь кто-нибудь (и желательно какой-нибудь красавчик) предложит нам изменить нашу жизнь. Но этого не произошло.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Red Embrace: Mezzanine on Steam



Inspired by Quake, Hexen, Doom, Unreal and many other classics of the genre, ASKE brings back the fast-paced action and the feelings that you had back in the ’90s while shooting and slashing pixelated enemies in a wide collection of scenarios.

Far away, near death

Explore the unique locations of Aske, a hostile planet inhabited by a variety of bloody creatures such as the cleaver-armed Skeanners, the parasite-infected Headnails, the erratic Meatballs, among other living beings and environmental threats.

They shall pay with blood

A whole weapon loadout is at your disposal to make sure every corner is covered with the remains of your foes, turn the corpses of your enemies into gib pieces and delight yourself with a bloodbath while wielding melee weapons, firearms and even exotic tech weapons like the plasma gun.

The last echo from humanity

Get wrapped up in the industrial atmosphere of Romain Rope’s abstract compositions and feel the oppressing ambience of a long forgotten planet.

Trve retro experience

Enhance the nostalgia with retro mode, a carefully crafted optional setting that emulates the graphic limitations of game engines from the past era.

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ASKE on Steam

Hanefield Asylum

Hanefield Asylum

For a solo developed game, this played pretty well. The jump scares weren’t obvious like in a lot of games, and offered a good sense of fear throughout the game. The additional content after you complete the game was great. A lot of action in a small amount of time, and added more depth to the story of Hanesfield Asylum. Definitely a great buy for less than $10.

Real player with 12.5 hrs in game

I actually had some fun playing this - I thought it was a great premise and the spooks did work really well. However the lack of a save game is a major thumbs down. I can cope with the excessive shots enemies need to bring them down and some glitches here and there - but I’m doing a series on this game on my YouTube channel and haven’t finished the game in one go so I’ve had to go back to the start every time I want to play the next section.

Enjoyed the horror theme though, the devs nailed it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Hanefield Asylum on Steam

Campfire Tales

Campfire Tales

*Note that this is a review for version 1.0.2

Playing status: 3x playthroughs, bad endings


Campfire Tales is a GB Studio game about three people that tell their stories on a camping trip. Three stories will be told by each person to make your camping trip worthwhile.


  • Different endings on each story


  • Clues for getting a good ending are too hard to find

  • Game over by choosing certain options in dialogues

  • Your save will be wiped right before you finished the game

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Campfire Tales on Steam



So, this is one of my scariest games yet, but SCP was definetly the more challenging, besides that they are many pros and cons that i found while playing this magnificent game, each one will have a detailed explanation about why I beleive this.


The atmosphere was simply fantastic, it kept me on my seat, something most horror games just couldnt coprehend, the sounds and spooky sounds always kept the feeling eerie and creepy, which should always be a Pro for Games like these

The mechanics are also fairly decent and amazing, took me 2 hours to figure it out but in the end, it turned to an easy yet challenging experience that i personally find enjoyable and Reasonable for these type of horror survival games

Real player with 36.1 hrs in game

Tattletail follows an unknown but presumably young main protagonist during the week of Christmas engaging various questionable activities with their newly mysterious toy Tattletail. Although they’re aware opening this present prior to Christmas is risky, it becomes unexpectedly encouraged once strange supernatural events occur after the toy is removed from its packaging. Tattletail is seemingly a good toy made for the whole family until it’s later revealed something more threatening is prepared to reign over the protagonist’s household.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

Tattletail on Steam

Operation Body Count

Operation Body Count

This game:

-Have real weapons

-Have a contemporary topic: Terrorist Attack

-You could shoot bullet holes in the wall

-You had Coop teammates

-You could give orders to teammates

-Has Booby traps!

-Glass physics which you could shatter or just make holes in it

-Has destructible Walls

-You can set objects on fire

-Blood / Gunk splat on the screen

-Have a friggin FLAMETHROWER!

And no! It’s not CoD! It’s a game from 1994!

Some features you would only see it in other games almost half decade later!

Real player with 47.5 hrs in game

a really sweet gem from capstone like corridor 7 alien invation this is a game you really want =) if you love cool retro fps games

Real player with 5.7 hrs in game

Operation Body Count on Steam

Blair Witch VR

Blair Witch VR

My who family use the VR set but its easy for me, my brother and dad to find games, whoever, that’s not the case for my mum who prefers mystery and puzzle games but she liked the look of this and wanted to leave her comfort zone and to say the least we were all pleasantly surprised, the story is good and there’s plenty of times were were laughing at whoever was playing as they froze in place from being too scared.

You can for sure zoom past through the game but we take turn and take time to uncover everything we can, 13/17 chapters done with nearly 10 hours which was a nice surprise lengthwise.

Real player with 14.6 hrs in game

Do you like taking long walks in the woods with your dog and occasionally wetting your pants in sheer terror? Well then, have I got the game for you! Ok, so this is kind of a mixed bag but it’s a pretty good horror game for VR. Let’s talk pros and cons:

The Good:

It’s a pretty well-made game with great atmosphere. The first ~4 hours, in the woods, are about a 4/10 on the spookiness scale, atmospheric but nothing really scary, but the last ~2 hours, in the house, the spookiness gets cranked up to about 8/10 with bursts of 11/10. It was pretty intense in VR and I had to change my pants a few times… I also liked how the documents had a pop-out window for text that made them very easy to read. Reading text in VR is not always fun but this was a good and intuitive solution.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

Blair Witch VR on Steam



I haven’t played much and I’m not sure if I intend to play much more but I think I can recommend this game all the same from what I’ve experienced so far. The writing is competent which is important because this Is a visual novel. That said, it is not necessarily presented in a way which is comfortable or easily digested (a majority of the time, you have to click through action menus consisting of “thinking”, “investigation”, and “move” to determine your next action within a linear set of actions that all must be taken to progress the game. This can fluctuate from frustrating to engaging depending on the scene and how much dialogue there is. I can’t help but think this system needs to be refined a bit. That said, for me, this game’s visuals where a treat. I adore the pre-rendered low poly look and their dedication to that style even in the character art. In an era of graphic obsessed pc gaming, this a bold and unique move which came to me as a fresh change of pace. I absolutely recommend this game to anyone seeking a new type of visual novel with a bold approach to its presentation.

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

Keizudo on Steam



Game Key provided by the Dev for review!

ODIA got my attention simply from it’s graphics. Invoking the old school aesthetic, I knew this was a game I had to get a hold of and give it a go, and boy was I not disappointed! I don’t think I’ve quite played anything like it. ODIA focuses more on a slower combat and movement to force you to plan out your attacks and pay attention to enemy projectiles. Using your shield to try and block some shots, or using a short dash to get out of the way or behind cover. Inching your way forward through enemy lines to reach the next checkpoint.

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Odia is a game about purple demons descending from a spiky sky starfish to murder a bunch of World-War-One-ish steampunk knights…

OK, I’m going to recommend this game, but that comes with one big caveat, as I feel it needs to be pointed out that this game doesn’t feel like the “early first-person shooter games” which Odia’s store description evokes. Yes, it’s got minimalistic, maybe even downright crude graphics - but old-school shooters used to be fast-paced, offered many different weapons for any given combat situation and typically had a more thrilling or tongue-in-cheek tone.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

ODIA on Steam