Retro Classix: Super BurgerTime

Retro Classix: Super BurgerTime

I love being able to play classic games from the past with all the unconstrained ability to feed coins in without loosing all my pocket money. Ladder mazes and angry food never saw it coming!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

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I’m a big fan of many of the 80’s era classics and I’ve sunk hours of my life playing the original Burger Time at this point, but I always wanted more stages to play. Now, this one was in the arcades and I never had the chance to try it, but honestly, it’s not really Burger Time, but something that uses the general aesthetics.

SBT is… it’s chaos. Ruthless, distracting, quarter munching chaos. Gone is the methodical charm of the original and planning out your paths. SBT just throws overwhelming numbers of very random enemies that don’t necessarily even follow the food theme (hammers, vultures, lighters… huh?) alongside a metric ton of annoying opponents that are food, but have a way of cheesing you to death, instead of punishing you for planning a path badly. They respawn rapidly, tend to out pace you easily, and they can even make it borderline impossible to get out of your spawning position. Some stages remind me more of zombie swarms than anything else.

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Super BurgerTime on Steam



a game about a fox making food and going through dungeons i dunno

fine game, just real overpriced.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

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You just woke up after a midday nap in your country house surrounded by the swishing sound of turntable. You are 8 years old. It’s Summer is an indie video game which genres are “sandbox”, “babushka”, and “midday nap”. The game has neither goal nor sense. There are only you, cheap tea bags with russian tears and the endless yellow field.

The game itself is integral part of the Digital-opera “ШХД: ЛЕТО”. This project also contains a book, LP record, series of digital-art collaborations and something more. ШХД: ЛЕТО is the second and final part of the project ШХД: ЗИМА (It’s Winter).

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