Commie Killer 2069

Commie Killer 2069

I started playing this game, and I couldn’t stop. I killed commie after commie. Each kill brought a sense of peaceful serenity I have never known before. Once I started killing, there was nothing else I wanted to do with my life. I am afraid to open the game up again. The first time I ran it, I killed thousands of commies over a two day bloodbath. I know that I will though. There is truly nothing in this life but blood, death, and the murder of pixelated communist soldiers.

I am afraid I am losing myself, and will never exist as anything but a murderous desire for blood.

Real player with 57.6 hrs in game

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Greatest game I have ever played, this is the Cyberpunk we were promised.

The FOV is amazing, as well as the graphics, they really give me insight on living with without lenses in my eyes.

and the combat is the real champion for the handicapped, giving intense representations of having to do without any form of fine motor functions.

Real player with 5.0 hrs in game

Commie Killer 2069 on Steam

REDSIDE episode 1

REDSIDE episode 1

In the exciting technotriller REDSIDE , the player will visit the Soviet side during the Cold War.

REDSIDE is a series of games related to one plot, characters, events and the universe. I present to your attention REDSIDE episode 1 - the first game in the series.

During the operation to free Soviet citizens, the GRU special forces group receives information about the existence of an international channel for the supply of chemical weapons components. Intelligence assumes that someone is preparing a terrorist attack using a chemical warfare agent “Sarin”. Neither the targets of the terrorist attack, nor the executors, nor the customers are known, which means that the consequences of such an attack are unpredictable. In the context of a new round of the Cold War gaining momentum, such an attack could lead to the beginning of the Third World War. To prevent the worst scenario, the GRU uses all its capabilities and conducts a number of special operations around the world. Will it be in time?

  • A twisted plot will send the player to carry out missions in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The game takes place in 1996 in an alternate universe.

  • To solve a combat mission, the player has more than 20 types of weapons available, from pistols to grenade launchers and sniper rifles.

  • Where firearms are useless, ammunition and additional capabilities will cope with the task.

  • In addition to brute force, the player can use cunning - elements of tactics and stealth will help in this.

  • How long have you been hunting terrorists from a drone, riding armored vehicles, or blowing up enemy patrols? Special missions and minigames will make your adventure even more exciting.

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REDSIDE episode 1 on Steam

Tiny Combat Arena

Tiny Combat Arena

What is the experience of Tiny Combat Arena?

Tiny Combat Arena is a labor-of-love combat flight simulator that aims to strike the perfect balance between a simulator and an approachable, customizable, air combat experience. All executed in a stylized look representing a fictional Cold War-era conflict.

Sim-lite combat flight model

Tiny Combat Arena is all about the fun factor of flying, dogfighting, and close air support. Simulation elements are added to the game in service of creating engaging and deep gameplay, never just for the sake of realism. Simulation inspired mechanics, such as boosting a missile’s range by launching from above your target, create a new range of tactics for you to explore.

Quick Mission Builder

Tiny Combat Arena lets you jump in and fly by quickly assembling various types of missions. Take a placid stroll around beautiful scenery, configure a team vs team dogfight against aircraft of your choosing, or strike objectives with ground units to attack and support.

Arena Mode

Plan your moves on the strategic map; pick objectives, identify threats, choose which units to support, and where to make a difference. There is a war going on around you, and your participation will affect its outcome.

Detailed and useful database

The in-game database provides players with not only detailed statistics on vehicles, aircraft, and weapons, but also to give tactical guidance on how to approach different aircraft and respond to different threats.

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Tiny Combat Arena on Steam

Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!

Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!

I’m not familiar with Touhou games but I can see most of the stage and boss designs are reminiscent of them. Arcade difficulty gets ridiculous past stage 6.

A very charming game if and only if you’re into Touhou shooters.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! on Steam

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

The Meta:

This is a free prologue, as a feature-limited demo of the full game which expands upon the content that was made available in the demo from July. You have absolutely no reason not to try this.

I’ve played rather extensively through the beta testing, and can attest that the devs are incredibly responsive to the player community, both for bug fixing and implementing player-suggested improvements or modifications, and I fully expect that behavior to apply to the full game.

The game includes no microtransactions.

Real player with 70.7 hrs in game

Originally, I thought the prologue would end in 30 days at most, but later I found out that I was still too young and naive. On the first day of the second month, I angrily ate all my food. I have many cans which used all the money I made to buy, and with lots of blueberry milkshakes and carrot soup. It’s ridiculous that I didn’t have diarrhea after eating it all! Ok, I have to quit the game in dismay!

Talk about the advantages and shortcomings of this game. This game is still very creative, painting style is good, it is said that the official version has more content. In terms of content, the game is undoubtedly a success. But the game also has some shortcomings:

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper: Prologue on Steam

Market Dominion

Market Dominion

It’s a pretty fun game overall, not the type to endlessly keep drilling game mechanics into your head, as Paradox would like you to have it, but still not overly simple. The core mechanics are solid, and these days that seems like something not even major game studios are able to accomplish, so the game gets a major thumbs up from me. The graphics are simple, which is not to say they’re bad. They’re easy on the eyes, very clean and they look very indie-esque, which is something I absolutely adore. The only thing I find it lacking is an officially licensed Sabaton music pack, but it probably wouldn’t be very fitting in this game, so I’ll let it slide just this once. The UI is a bit clunky, but as far as UI flaws go that’s about it, it displays information effectively and it’s pretty simple to understand. The selling point for me is how frequent and well documented the updates are, these days even a minuscule amount of commitment has fallen completely out of our scopes of expectations from game devs, only further driving the point of how great the game is. Suffice it to say that I do solemnly recommend this game.

Real player with 10.4 hrs in game


Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Market Dominion on Steam

Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first few hours but boy did I change my mind. I was expecting to actually have to survive in the shelter I created and see the aftermath of the wasteland left after the world goes to hell and I was puzzled as to why this sort of game play wasn’t added in but it’s still a fantastic base building , survival game and I hope they’ll add DLC in the future, where you’ll actually be able to survive in the bunker or even get to experience what happens after landing the rocket .

Real player with 448.5 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper. A survival base building game that’s not about survival and not about base building but purely story-driven.

TL;DR: If you can get it cheap (10 USD/EUR), give it a shot. But if you want a survival challenge or expect another game like This War Of Mine, STAY AWAY. It has SO much unused potential. It could be so much more.


  • Interesting story. Mr. Prepper is not your average guy.

  • The typical “just one more day” game design that sucks you in.

  • 3 (4) NPCs you interact with that are all kinda likable.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper on Steam

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark

This game is probably the best game from the Wolf3d engine which you never heard of in the 90s. When this first hit steam and I came aware of it, I looked and instantly recognised the engine. I knew it was going straight to my wishlist and soon got it.

I didn’t play it at first for a few reasons. The screenshots show a hell of a lot of brown to rival Quake. Partly the religious side of things and you need to be in the right mood for an old game in the days when you have lots of other things you can play.

Real player with 139.5 hrs in game

This is actually a really fun game. I’m having more fun with it than I originally thought I would be.

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark is a labyrinth FPS from the DOS era which used and upgraded Wolfenstein 3D’s engine. It added a few cool things like MIDI support and texture-mapped floors and ceilings. This version on Steam has been repolished and ported over to modern operating systems, so now there’s no need to use DOSBoX to emulate it!

The quality of this port is really good. The sound quality has been bumped up significantly, it can play in 1080p with true 16:9 aspect ratio (no stretching), the mouselook feels natural and it supports mods. This release also has achievements and trading cards, which is more than what most re-releases or remakes get.

Real player with 12.8 hrs in game

Super 3-D Noah's Ark on Steam



Worshipping its inspirations, yet being a unique game

What to expect?

If you are at the age of about 30+, »UnMetal« might have gotten your attention due to its graphical similarities with the top-down »Metal Gear« games (MSX2, NES, GameBoy), and »UnMetal« plays very much like those: While escaping from your prison cell, which you were thrown into for »a crime you didn’t commit«, you explore your surroundings and stumble upon files about an imminent terrorist action you then try to prevent. Sneak around your opponents, distract them, knock them out with your bare hands or even shoot them (but with a catch), use mine detectors and nightvision goggles, disable surveillance devices and so on. In contrast to the aforementioned »Metal Gear« games, »UnMetal« follows a rather humorous approach while referencing iconic scenes from its inspirations. To get a first impression, I recommend playing the free demo.

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

I first heard about this game a couple months ago and was interested when I saw the retro NES Metal Gear style game play. I played the demo and loved the humor in it. I was excited to give it a go when the game came out and it did not disappoint. The gameplay is great. My only complaint about it is that at times, it’s hard to get right up behind somebody to punch them if you’re approaching them vertically without alerting them. It’s probably more to do with the 2D design than anything else but I had to knock a slight point off for that. Fortunately, after the first few chapters, you get chloroform which you can hold from a greatest distance so you won’t run into that issue again.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

UnMetal on Steam