One of those true hidden gems on Steam, which absolutely deserves more attention.

Real player with 42.0 hrs in game

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Update: The developer has updated to game to address some of my concerns. That is very cool. ‘Easy Mode’ has been added, which is still very hard.

RE: Unapproachable Controls: Slight turns are now possible, and a fun drifting mechanic has been implemented. This is a big help.

RE: Powerups and road hazards look similar. Helpful icons have been added over power ups that help differentiate them from hazaards.

RE: Death walls. The walls of the arena electrocute you, and cause damage to your car. A front end collision with a wall is basically a death sentence. This is still a frustrating way to end a match.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game




This is shit - you take out the first target - you can’t exit down the side of the mountain where the path is? You can’t climb or get through trees, jump or scramble over rocks. The enemy can climb the slope, but you can’t climb down?? You have to go through the enemy??? Like you would in real life?? I mean how many rounds does it take to kill one person?? Even a shot to the head and they are still firing at you!!!!!!!!!! Where’s the logic???

It’s like one of those really frustrating old style games where the enemy can shoot round corners or see you long before you see them, even when you are in cover - I mean really??? Sometimes you can get stuck on an element of the jungle like behind a tree or a rock and then its like you are caught on it????? You can go half way through a rock as nothing is solid but yet you can’t shoot the heavy gunner through the trees, as the space between the trees is solid???? Good try but so far off its untrue!!!

Real player with 44.1 hrs in game

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To gamers: The game has an amazing story line tied to a challenging, I mean, really challenging mission flow. Well worth the price for a piece of action influenced by the war against terrorisms in Sri Lanka. Tips: If you are a stealth lover, use the environment to your advantage. If you go guns blazing, aim for the head. For the heavy gunner, aim for legs. Play in “Easy”, because the game is full of surprises even in easy. Play through one time on easy and then try the higher difficulties.

To developers: I can not thank you enough for the amazing, breath taking, master piece you have developed. Finally, the battles of our heroes will live on, specially thanks to the amazing challenging mission structure. I played on easy and still I was beaten countless times by the AI. Excellent work for an early access game. I could give more insights on what bugs / things I found that could use your attention. Also, the whole live gameplay can be found on Part 1 ( ) & Part 2 ( ) if it helps your QA. I played on 4K Epic settings and felt there is more room for the texture, color and resolution improvements in both cut scenes and game. Waiting for your next game to purchase :) Keep it up…!

Real player with 22.1 hrs in game

NERO on Steam

Dread Templar

Dread Templar

(Don’t Fear) The Templar

It took playing the recent Quake remaster, but now I get it.

It’s good. Nay, ace. No doubt about it. If it wasn’t up against the stiff competition that is the years upon years of high quality ‘boomer’ shooters, this would be a completely unqualified early access recommendation.

Ultrakill, Ion Fury, Post Void, Project Warlock 1 + II, Amid Evil, DUSK, HROT, Maximum Action, GTTOD, Prodeus, Cultic, etc - be they full games, early access, or just demos, the retro, ‘boomer’ shooter genre really is booming. I also cannot wait for the likes of Into the Pit, Fortune’s Run, and Forgive Me Father. In fact, there are so many that even when I say that I’d place this firmly mid-list it’s not even that damning.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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TLDR; If you like retro shooter gameplay, and would like to have fun, buy it now!

I will just start listing what comes to mind, that makes me love this game, then write some experiences from my first 8 hours of playing on the hardest difficulty so far. Smooth movement with air controll using the mouse, running feels similar to classic doom (taking a short time to reach full speed), satisfying meaty gun sounds and very good feedback with lots of gore, build variety that actually changes gameplay, bullet time, stylish awesome visuals, amazing soundtrack, atmosphere, very good enemy and level design, exploration with rewarding secrets to find, weapon swapping combos combined with positioning during combat.

Real player with 9.8 hrs in game

Dread Templar on Steam

GunFu Fighter

GunFu Fighter

GunFu is a lost ancient skill.The master of GunFu can control the surrounding time and let it flow slowly.Using the bullet time effect, the geometric distribution position of the enemy is analyzed and prejudged, and the order of planned attacks gives the opponent a fatal blow.

The bullets are limited. You must use the interactive environment to kill the most threatening enemy, and this is the key to victory.

Additional challenge tasks:

1. Use only bullets to kill all enemies.

2. Kill all enemies by any means other than bullets.

3. Don’t kill any enemy.

I hope to be able to reproduce the movie-like fight scene under the minimalist style of painting, thank you for playing my game.

GunFu Fighter on Steam

Yomi Domini

Yomi Domini

Had a lot of fun speedrunning this!

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

Really fun adventure style beat em up, I had a lot of fun with the advanced combat system and slamming people into walls as the monk, hugely recommend.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Yomi Domini on Steam

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre

I rarely leave reviews unless its something i hate and want to rake over the coals.. but i have to leave one here to give these people props.

I’ve been following this game since i stumbled over it on Facebook for many many years ago when all there was were just gifs of tech demos. I loved the style and the potential that was shown and i was hooked at the idea.

It is inevitable that reviews will bring up Hotline Miami but that is not a negative. The games look similar but they operate in a different way. There is no score here, take that as a positive or negative but the only thing that influence your score at the end is the challenges and if you completed them or not as well as a your time being logged.

Real player with 171.6 hrs in game

“The Hong Kong massacre” is the indie tribute to the 80’s-90’s John Woo movies like “Hard-Boiled” or “Bullet in the Head”, made in the form of a top-down shooter.

To those who are TLTR in their heads: It’s a cheap-made indie game. Not bad visually, but very limited by the chosen topic and production costs. Buy it if you really love top-down shooters and 80’s Hong Kong-style action movies. In all other cases, there are good chances that you’ll turn it down after only a little while.

Real player with 33.6 hrs in game

The Hong Kong Massacre on Steam

District Steel

District Steel

Developer’s Note: If you are new to VR, we suggest playing a few other VR games first, before playing this one!

Check out the free demo!

Sent from an alternate dimension, SenTRI corporation robots are occupying various locations on Earth and are preparing for an all out AI takeover. There is only one person left to put an end to this…

Half human, half machine, you are equipped with a mechanical arm that gives special time bending powers, while in the other hand wielding a selection of deadly weapons. Blast your way through the underground facility, smashing robot skulls and going in guns blazing. Can you reach the Central AI Core? Can Earth still be saved?

District Steel is a full locomotion VR action game, inspired by the FPS classics. Brought to you by two long time gamers, first time developers, we hope you enjoy our game!

District Steel on Steam

Agent 64: Spies Never Die

Agent 64: Spies Never Die

A retro FPS inspired by classic 90s console shooters. Explore new locales, accomplish varied objectives and fight against state-of-the-art 1997 enemy AI. A work of love by a dedicated fan.

The Agency is sending you on missions all around the world, in order to save it!

Each story mission is a self contained environment where you have to accomplish varied objectives, such as hacking terminals, steal secret plans, free civilian hostages and much more. All the while fighting armed guards in epic shootouts.

Be Agent number 64, the most elite operative the world has ever seen!

Agent 64: Spies Never Die on Steam

Paradiso Guardian

Paradiso Guardian

Paradiso Guardian is an ARPG in Metroidvania style.

Play as Lenga Valentine, a battle angel from the Paradiso Army,

you are going to reclain a floating castle invaded by unknown forces.

Friendly or hostile, Lenga will encounter a few of interesting guys during his journey.

Once defeated, they will lend a hand to Lenga, helping him reaching the top of the castle,

where the truth shall be revealed.

PG is an ARPG in Metroidvania style heavily influenced by castlevania series.

Players will explore different areas of the whole map and unlock new abilities in order to gain access to new areas.

Main Features

  • Explore a Semi-Linear castle with various enemies.

  • Satisfying battle with tight and fluid control.

  • Handcrafted 2D pixel art aiming at 16-bit era.

  • Persuade your friends and enemies and make bond with them.

  • A bunch of food/equipment/relics to collect.

  • Discover the world of Paradiso.

Paradiso Guardian on Steam

Rule No. 1

Rule No. 1

Real fun game, appropriately price, with a cool OST that you can change on the fly, loads of guns, and a fun main character with many awesome (and some really silly) one liners. Rule No. 1 is still in Early Access but haven’t really run into any bugs myself. The pixel art is a nice throwback to classical games, with many nods to games like Blood and Shadow Warrior in the one liners, and many movie quips. The first game mode is wave based, and you begin fighting explodey shapes that get progressively harder, and more enemy variants appear the further you get, until it turns into an absolute cluster of stuff flying all over the place. The devs are also great, as they seem to keep working hard on it, and are very responsive to the communities feedback to make the best possible game out of their concept. They recently added another game-mode for shooting some hoops xD, which I didn’t expect but it works really well, and is a quick way to grind some exp. I can’t wait to see what other game modes they’ll be adding to this, and hope to see some kind of campaign someday even if it’s in a different game altogether hint hint. The character is fun enough that I’d like to see her in some kind of campaign of sorts in a similar vein to some of the games she gives nods to. I’m really glad I bought Rule No. 1 on a whim because it’s definitely been worth a shot, and it’s only going to get better!

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

For $2.99, you get:

  • The chance to take out your frustrations on innocent geometric shapes and pixel enemies;

  • An inventory full of guns to explode said enemies (pistols, shotguns, rifles, LMGs, musical grenade launchers, and more);

  • Twitchy controls, double-jumping, and air-dashing;

  • Slow-motion on killing sprees;

  • Runs that descend into high-octane bullet hells;

  • A bopping soundtrack to blow things up to (you can toggle between genres with a hotkey);

  • Multiple game modes, like actual basketball!

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

Rule No. 1 on Steam