Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection

Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection

Great game. Brings back memories.

Real player with 82.9 hrs in game

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It slaps with nostalgia :D

Real player with 82.5 hrs in game

Command & Conquer™ Remastered Collection on Steam

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

My first TD was Vector Tower Defense, my second was Vector TD 2…and my third was Vector TDX. I hated all three, but I sucked at them. I liked the gameplay, I liked the idea…but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the strategy and wondered how one ever got to the higher levels– or even completed some of the maps. I loved hating those games, played the crap out of them on Candystand (RiP).

From there, I played every TD I found, even the crappy ones, just to see if they got any better. Over time, I didn’t have to play crappy ones, as good ones were being created all over…but nothing quite like Vector TD. :/

Real player with 367.2 hrs in game

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This was a close call if I push the yes or no button with the recommendation button.

This game has a plus side, which is the gameplay itself. It’s classic tower defense, no bells and whistles.

No unnecessary graphic 1upmanship, but instead back to the basics, i.e. simple outline shapes that make the towers you placed instantly recognizable.

You’ve got 16 different towers that do different things in various degrees of effectiveness, so quite the variability in terms of towers.

And that’s the positives. So now for the negatives, namely progression and R&D.

Real player with 250.2 hrs in game

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense on Steam

War Wind II: Human Onslaught

War Wind II: Human Onslaught

As a huge fan of War Wind 1, this is honestly quite disappointing. Controls are very confusing, much more so than in the 1st War Wind. Technology trees for each of the races is complicated and hard to get used to. The alien races now speak mostly English which doesn’t feel as authentic. The mechanics of hiring new units is a huge downgrade from the 1st War Wind in the sense that you can only hire from external villages that do not respawn new villagers. These villagers can be accidentally attacked. Overall, hugely disappointing and the only saving grace was the low cost to purchase this game. Perhaps players without prior experience playing the 1st War Wind would find this ok but for those like me who are expecting a game that improves on the 1st one would be terribly disappointed.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

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War Wind II: Human Onslaught on Steam

Mr. Prepper

Mr. Prepper

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t sure if I liked it the first few hours but boy did I change my mind. I was expecting to actually have to survive in the shelter I created and see the aftermath of the wasteland left after the world goes to hell and I was puzzled as to why this sort of game play wasn’t added in but it’s still a fantastic base building , survival game and I hope they’ll add DLC in the future, where you’ll actually be able to survive in the bunker or even get to experience what happens after landing the rocket .

Real player with 448.5 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper. A survival base building game that’s not about survival and not about base building but purely story-driven.

TL;DR: If you can get it cheap (10 USD/EUR), give it a shot. But if you want a survival challenge or expect another game like This War Of Mine, STAY AWAY. It has SO much unused potential. It could be so much more.


  • Interesting story. Mr. Prepper is not your average guy.

  • The typical “just one more day” game design that sucks you in.

  • 3 (4) NPCs you interact with that are all kinda likable.

Real player with 27.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper on Steam

Actraiser Renaissance

Actraiser Renaissance

First of all, this is a QUINTET remaster. The mere fact that this game exists is a tremendous blessing for a certain cult fanbase.

The obvious bias aside, is the game good?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE

It’s obvious that a lot of faithful effort was put into remastering this game. From including Yuzo Koshiro’s amazing soundtrack and accompaniment to the astounding artwork given to the many characters, menus and intro cutscene. People put their sweat and tears into this, and it shows in that regard.

Real player with 54.0 hrs in game

A great example on how to make a remake. Renaissance does an excellent job of bring the original SNES games action and town sim into a modern era with new graphics, classic and remixed soundtrack, and expanded story that makes you feel more immersed in what was a somewhat bare-bones world before.

The new artwork is great and the story telling is actually quite deep. Everything reads like a positive psalm with the writing really showing some great character development and overall storytelling. Which is good as all the new characters do little gameplay wise. The story is the only way you will interact and learn about the characters and their backstories.

Real player with 40.9 hrs in game

Actraiser Renaissance on Steam



Well, that was 30 hours of weird. This game is so…odd that it’s really hard to parse my thoughts on it. It’s fun and the achievements were actually fun to 100% (and it’s one of the only games I’ve ever bothered doing that with), so I’d have to recommend it, but it’s also a bit buggy and stupidly hard so I’ll need to add some disclaimers.

At its core this is a fun “easy to learn, hard to master” management game, where you run a drug empire starting small and snowballing your way to a roller-coaster of an ending with a final level that was not fun, but was definitely an experience. The game eases you into the mechanics over the course of several levels, and there’s a lot of midlevel twists that can screw you over, but also add a lot of depth to the characters and some challenge. It punishes inefficiency, but rewards thinking ahead. The difficulty is over the top at first, but once you understand how to play the game it all falls into place. You’re always given the tools to solve your problems, if you manage your resources and employees correctly. What RNG does exist in this game usually falls in your favor by way of lucky loot drops from defeated enemies.

Real player with 29.7 hrs in game

General Opinions about the game.

  • Opinions

The game is certainly interesting nothing like what I’ve played before. I will take a second to mention that i have played for 24 hours so i feel i know the game pretty well.

From what i have played and experience this is a snow ball of pain, along the lines it starts easy and ramps up in difficulty dramatically in a short amount of time due to there only

being 12 levels.

It has been an enjoyable experience but a grindy one, it should be said the later levels become stupidly hard to the point we’re you might be trying to beat levels over and over again slowly building frustration.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Basement on Steam

GhostControl Inc.

GhostControl Inc.

This review need updating. The game has been updated and polished even further. Will update when I get around to playing it again.

In short:

Ghostcontrol Inc. is a solid and fun turn-based strategy ghost hunting simulator with very good humor.

Ghostcontrol Inc. style and feel is that of a casual and fun game (but not easy :) ). The graphical style, sounds and music are similar to Theme Hospital. Gameplay is sufficiently deep for a turn based game and incorporates a simple 2 AP system which makes the game flow nicely. Menus and action are understandable and there is enough amount of micromanaging to have variety. The story of the game is humorous and well written.

Real player with 40.5 hrs in game

Ghost Control Inc seemingly has everything going for it. It’s a game where you essentially play team manager for Ghosbusters! And it has a nearly-perfect blend of tactics and management gameplay! What could possibly be more fun?

Unfortunately, the game is marred by several issues.

Firstly, the art direction is uneven at best. Most of the ghosts have very uninspired designs that won’t stick in your mind like those of other franchises involving catching ghosts. Several of the ghosts are just recolors or slight redesigns of the lower level ghosts you fight early in the game, so they’re both boring to look at and repetitive. This also makes it slightly harder to tell what you’re figthing at times.

Real player with 39.5 hrs in game

GhostControl Inc. on Steam

SunAge: Battle for Elysium

SunAge: Battle for Elysium

I saw SunAge the first time way back before it was even released and I already knew I would like it. However this game isn’t without its flaws.



  • Beautiful old skool grafics, a throw back to the 90’s RTS genre. Most critic reviews I’ve read all say that the GFX are outdated, even ancient. Anyone that says this is, I’m sorry, but they’re idiots. RTS just don’t really translate that well in 3D. Believe me, it used to be my favorite genre yet there are only about 3 maybe 4 3D RTS games that I like. I don’t need a rotating camera to enjoy a game.

Real player with 98.3 hrs in game

First off, I just want to give a big shoutout to the people involved in the making of this game, it’s quite amazing for such a small team, the graphics, the sound, the units, it all feels professional and like a high quality indie game. However there are a lot of small bugs.

A bit of a detailed explanation of the specificities of the game compared to other RTS I know:

+All units have 2 modes that can be switched without cooldowns (for example heavy infantry can switch between rocket launchers or mortars) it can also switch between anti-air to support heals and so on, however the alternate mode must be researched first in the research lab

Real player with 38.7 hrs in game

SunAge: Battle for Elysium on Steam

Relentless: Ranger

Relentless: Ranger

Relentless: Ranger is a fantasy side scrolling rogue-lite RPG. Slash, shoot, sneak, die, and repeat as the next strider to brave the impossible mission. Each ranger lives once. Once he dies, you must select another to attempt the quest.

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Bows, swords, and spells. Use a variety of weapons and magic to overcome your opposition in tough but fair combat. Beware that brainless button mashing will get you nowhere fast. You must also utilize dodges, jumps, and impeccable timing if you hope to survive.


In a land where evil reigns, not only are the odds stacked heavily against you, you must complete the quest in a limited time. With each passing day a ranger spends, the Dark becomes more powerful until the challenge becomes inevitably insurmountable. Will you spend extra time to heal in town? Or will you trudge on to save time and hope you get lucky?


Nine disciplines to train from Archery to Beastmastery to Acrobatics. Combined with inherent talents and flaws, each ranger will play differently. Perhaps you will pick a Legolas-like archer of death who can plow through levels through sheer arrow power? Or select one who relies more on stealth and magic? Or another who relies on the aid of forest animals?


Rescue villagers, find artifacts, or just invest money in the town. You will be rewarded with better weapons, more potions, and beds with less fleas. Help make the town a better place and the mission less unreasonable, if not for you, at least for your successors.


Choices matter in addition to the procedural generation of fate. Each ranger will encounter different people and situations during his quest. Depending on your choices, his subsequent path will be altered, taking him to new locations, dangers, and treasures. Although all seek the Seed, no ranger will travel the same path.

Relentless: Ranger on Steam

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

Mr. Prepper: Prologue

The Meta:

This is a free prologue, as a feature-limited demo of the full game which expands upon the content that was made available in the demo from July. You have absolutely no reason not to try this.

I’ve played rather extensively through the beta testing, and can attest that the devs are incredibly responsive to the player community, both for bug fixing and implementing player-suggested improvements or modifications, and I fully expect that behavior to apply to the full game.

The game includes no microtransactions.

Real player with 70.7 hrs in game

Originally, I thought the prologue would end in 30 days at most, but later I found out that I was still too young and naive. On the first day of the second month, I angrily ate all my food. I have many cans which used all the money I made to buy, and with lots of blueberry milkshakes and carrot soup. It’s ridiculous that I didn’t have diarrhea after eating it all! Ok, I have to quit the game in dismay!

Talk about the advantages and shortcomings of this game. This game is still very creative, painting style is good, it is said that the official version has more content. In terms of content, the game is undoubtedly a success. But the game also has some shortcomings:

Real player with 7.6 hrs in game

Mr. Prepper: Prologue on Steam