Search for the Titanic

Search for the Titanic

The search for the Titanic, the greatest ship to ever fall to the grip of the elements, captivated the world for decades while its wreckage lay undisturbed at the bottom of the sea. As an inexperienced oceanographer, you must build your skills, reputation, crew, and resources along your journey to mount an expedition to find the lost Titanic.

This meticulous simulation by Capstone Software was reviewed for authenticity by the staff of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the American organization that first discovered and photographed the Titanic wreck. Experience the challenges, dangers and excitement of scientific underwater exploration!

  • Navigate to over 75 underwater wrecks and 47 ports of call using more than 100 navigational maps and charts.

  • Use sophisticated sonar, magnetometers, underwater cameras, and mini-subs in your exploration of the ocean floor.

  • Battle the elements as you contend with realistic weather patterns and currents.

  • Find the Titanic and be rewarded with digitized photographs of the actual wreckage as it lays on the ocean floor today.

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Search for the Titanic on Steam

Below The Ocean

Below The Ocean

Experience an expedition to the deepest depths for legendary treasures Below the Ocean!

Below The Ocean is a fun, adorable, and atmospheric 2D Side-Scrolling Platformer! Use your oxygen supply’s tether to swing around unique level designs and solve interesting puzzles.

  • 4 action packed Chapters with unique mechanics, hand-crafted puzzles, and legendary treasure to find!

  • Find and collect shiny DIAMONDS as an optional challenges!

  • Challenge yourself and race to the bottom for your best time in a Speedrun friendly enviroment!

  • Features charming minimalistic 1-Bit style with a splash of color!

“My father used to tell me stories about the ocean’s deepest secrets. Home to treasures coveted by history’s kings. Countless explorers seeking glory and fortune, rallied to prove the legends true. Diving deeper and deeper against all instincts of safety and self preservation. This abyss is my destiny."

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Below The Ocean on Steam

Queen of Seas

Queen of Seas

I like this game. The pixelart and the premise of the game is well done. The story is neat in itself. The gameplay is simplistic but rewarding. You can feel your own evolution in this underwater adventure.

The controls are simple. Move left and right with arrows, Spacebar is to jump and down on the arrow key is a ducking motion. Avoid sharks that spawn from the right side of the screen and jellyfish that spawn underneath you. Move about 2000 clicks and find you a topless mermaid (Don’t even, low pixels and artstyle, nothing “graphic”). Give it a flower and farm coins for levels.

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

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A fun arcade platformer for a couple of hours in which we play as the son of a fisherman in order to get to the Queen of the Seas - Yemanjá.

We will begin to overcome obstacles immediately under water, in a diver’s suit. The path is always one (to the right) and the distance to the cherished goal is also (2000 meters). The meters are “counted” right on the screen, which is very convenient, you can always see how much remains to go. Only a few types of enemies will interfere with the journey: sharks and jellyfish.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Queen of Seas on Steam

Belle Boomerang

Belle Boomerang

Face off against an army of ever-changing foes and turn their own powers against them in Belle Boomerang!

Belle Boomerang is a classic action-platformer focused on unique powerups within each new environment. The aesthetics and gameplay draw inspiration from the shining stars of the 8-bit era. With authentically styled graphics and music on top of rich, fast-paced platforming, Belle Boomerang is the perfect love letter to the golden age. (But not without maintaining a unique charm of its own!)

Play as Belle, the destined heroine, and master her legendary boomerang! Through the effects of a mysterious spell, the beloved monarchs have been transformed into hostile beasts! Defeat them in battle, lift their curse, and infiltrate the corrupted tower to raise the curtain on this evil scheme! But no boomerang alone can save this kingdom… Belle Boomerang will be tossing cherries, soaring through flame-filled skies, possessing ancient statues, and more!

Key Features:

  • A vibrant and authentic artistic style that cherishes its 8-bit roots!

  • 8 unique power-ups used to enhance combat, broaden Belle’s mobility, and allow for all-new environmental interactions!

  • Detailed and full boss battles that test your pattern recognition, skill, and mastery of Belle’s many powers!

  • Adorable foes! (But I don’t want to hurt them…)

  • Fast-paced platforming that will keep players on their toes, new and old alike!

  • Diverse environments, coated in a beautiful pixel-shaped frosting.

  • An authentic OST that adjusts to the workings of a level’s aesthetics and design.

  • And more!

Belle Boomerang on Steam

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade

Great port with one glaring omission: the lack of 4:3 resolution support. Running the game in full screen on my 4:3 monitor results in letterboxed 16:9, which causes two significant issues:

  1. Darius Gaiden cannot be played in true fullscreen at its native aspect ratio. You can either play in stretched letterboxed 16:9, or in letterboxed-and-pillarboxed 4:3. No matter what, it won’t fill the screen.

  2. Multi-monitor mode for the games that support it cannot be correctly lined up and scaled, because the “seams” of the screens don’t correspond with the monitor resolutions. Stretching the game past the internal boundaries of the game resolution just results in the image being cropped, even though there is screen space there; said screen space is just black. I presume this is also an issue on multi-monitor 16:9 displays.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

EDIT: It’s been almost a week and nothing regarding possible issues is coming, kinda scared they aren’t saying anything about it, not recommending until they at least give words for the issues on the port (That is, if M2 stops reposting Senjin Aleste Fanart in their goddamn Twitter…)

The price is quite excessive if they don’t fix these issues (It’s 2021, these issues shouldn’t be there in the first place, no, “M2 is not experienced with PC, that’s why BASIC stuff happened” is not an excuse).

Not a perfect port, but it’s been less than 2 days since it was released.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Darius Cozmic Collection Arcade on Steam