Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Welcome Home is a murder mystery set in two timelines in which you play both the murderer in the past and the investigator in the future.

Play as a murderer in 1922, infiltrating a family house, solving puzzles and discovering the unspoken secrets of the Moore family.

Play as a tourist in 1987 exploring the house now turned museum, investigating it, gathering clues and piecing together the events of that horrific night.

Can you uncover the decades old dark truth haunting your family?

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Game untuk anak-anak

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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It’s bad

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

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Plumber 2

Plumber 2

Stars received: 3.5/10 _ Note: v.5 [0.0 to 1] = personal impressions

[0.6] Controls & Training & Help

[0.3] Menu & Settings

[0.4] Sound & Music

[0.5] Graphics

[0.4] Game Design

[0.1] Game Story

[0.4] Game Content

[0.6] Completion time (level/game)?

[0.2] is it Enjoyable & Fun?

[0] Could it hold a spot in Favorites? (& if the Game can be repeatedly played again)

[0] BONUS point: Multi-Player related

[0] BONUS point: Review for VR

[N] - if Registration is required with providing PII

Game description key-points: simple logical puzzle to arrange pipes in a correct position

Real player with 12.0 hrs in game

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Pretty bad

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

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SkyThrone is a vertical shooter in which you have to defend the Earth from invading space invaders. You are a sexy girl commander who, from childhood, learned to achieve her goal at any cost. This skill came in handy when entering the military and subsequent promotion.

In the game, you have to fight against waves of enemy that pose a unique challenge to your space fighter piloting skills. Enjoy modern graphics, bright explosions and impressive special effects, as well as a stunning story of resistance in the style of classic action movies

The main features of the game:

3 large-scale missions that will make even experienced pilots sweat;

4 ships with the possibility of multilevel improvement to give a serious rebuff to enemies;

dizzying visuals;

unique responsive gameplay;

Accessibility: even a beginner in the genre can get things done with a little effort;

rhythmic musical accompaniment;

challenges: try to eliminate additional targets;

informative battle statistics;

rating system: earn as many points as possible.

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Come Back Home Please

Come Back Home Please

Trapped in an innocent 2D world trying to figure out what’s going on by your own decisions!

In Come Back Home Please the player learns his past and makes the future by his own decisions and choices. Play as a trapped in a fantastic 2D world character YOU and unveil the dark truth.


Test your timing skills in 50 premade levels while unveiling the mystery.

The game requires logic from YOU.


-The game contains a lot of flashing lights and images.

-This is one of the hardest and most frustrating games you will ever play.**

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