Sky Knights

Sky Knights

Sky Knights is definitely worth the $10 and investment in time. The game has a lot of spirit to it and the maneuver/stamina system hits the sweet spot of easy to learn, but hard to master. While only controlled with a single button, the maneuver system adds a whole new dimension to the dogfighting and interacts well with other flight mechanics. A confrontation between two planes doesn’t just come down to turning speeds and a well-played A-10 can get the advantage over a Su-27. The tutorials in-game, guides, and matches against bots allow for newer players to get the hang of flying their plane, while the actual matches can get intense and competitive. I’ve witnessed many games come down to a single bombing run on a base. Your contribution to your team’s success is also very noticeable and the result of the match doesn’t feel arbitrary or random. If you’re looking for a nice multiplayer game with both strategy and skill involved or are into fighter jets, Sky Knights is a wonderful game to pick up.

Real player with 984.6 hrs in game

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Sky Knights is a very fun top down fighter game that is easy to get into, with game mechanics that add depth and reward skill and good tactics. Your goal is to take out all of the enemy bases on the map, either by going in on bombing runs yourself, or by wiping out enemy ground vehicles to create a path for yours (Hint: if you can get your ground vehicles to an enemy base they will do good damage). That being said, maintaining air superiority is still the name of the game as you will not be able to do much if enemy figthers are constantly shooting you down. Dedicated fighter planes can also influence the ground troops by means of the morale mechanic. Scoring mulitple kills will raise your team’s morale and can add more ground support on your side. It’s perfectly viable to pick a role you like playing and stick with it, or change between different planes as you see fit.

Real player with 268.1 hrs in game

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Cartels takes place during the late 1980s drug war in Colombia. Fight for the Medellín Cartel as a Sicario, or enforce the law on the Coalition as either a Colombian Search Bloc or DEA operative. Take to the streets and jungles of Colombia and engage in intense realistic firefights.


  • Authentic gunplay: Engage in realistic firefights with weapons that must be carefully aimed, but are quicker to kill. There are no crosshairs or hitmarkers.

  • Character customization: Mix and match numerous clothing options to make your favorite outfits for either the Cartel or Coalition.

  • Cooperative & offline play: Play cooperative missions against AI enemies with your friends in Outbreak and Operations, or offline in any mode.

  • Weapon unlock & variant system: Unlock new weapons and variants by completing challenges as you play. Progression is not linear, so what you unlock next is up to you.

  • Immersive gameplay: From bodies writhing on the ground to explosions all around you, become immersed in the art and sound of Cartels.

  • 16v16 Multiplayer: Battle in teams of up to 16 players in our attack-and-defense “Raid” game mode, our area control game mode “Supremacy”, or various party modes.

  • Steam Achievements: Unlock a plethora of achievements all with diverse sets of challenges to keep the game fun and interesting.

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Cartels on Steam

Wizard Of Walls

Wizard Of Walls

Great game! Wizard Of Walls faithfully captures a lot of the greatness of the original Wizard Of Wor.

Anyone looking at this game with fond memories of the original game will be happy with their purchase here. The game captures much of what made the original stand out as one of the best games of its era. The action starts slow and ramps up nicely. Sound effects and music feel fresh but also show great care in paying homage to the original. Would be great to see local coop added in the future, but from my limited playing so far, the online coop works great.

Real player with 7.8 hrs in game

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Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984. Der Heimcomputer Commodore C64 hat seinen Siegeszug in die Wohnzimmer längst begonnen. Midway Games Inc. wirft eine Portierung eines Arcade-Spiels aus dem Jahre 1980 auch für den C64 auf den Markt: Wizard of Wor. Das Spiel besticht durch seine sofort verständliche Spielstruktur, klare Ziele und eine simple Steuerung. Es gilt, Monster zu zerstören und am Ende der einzelnen Level muss ein Endgegner “Worluk” besiegt werden, um für das nächste Level die doppelte Punktzahl zu bekommen.

Real player with 6.2 hrs in game

Wizard Of Walls on Steam



Great game. Today I have remembered what it’s like to play 16x16 and it’s really really fun. Shooting mechanics feel very smooth. Love it. I guess I understand why people still play this game.

Real player with 263.4 hrs in game














Real player with 84.6 hrs in game

Counter-Strike on Steam



A match-based, competitive, VR racing game heavily inspired by 80s futurism.

Inspired by the neon futurism of the 80s, make way for ELEC, a fast paced competitive VR game.

Start your journey into the world of the game and begin a match with computer players or real players in peer to peer style.

Take your cycle by the grips and delete your opponents as you race around the arena.

Be the last man standing, win for your team, or play in endless roam against bots and take your time to hone your skills.

Not enough?

Each round you can earn “quanta,” the games currency, to buy new cycle colors and helmets to kit out your rider and show off your winnings against the other players.

Are you ready to take the planes of ELEC?

I’d like to see you try.

In Other Words:

For a long time, we’ve had this idea about a game of this nature.

Something fast, but simple, that still required elements of strategy and skill.

While there’s plenty of games on the market that fit these requirements, none of them felt like what we wanted.

So, what do you do when you’re a couple of programmers, wishing there were a game that felt like an idea of yours?

You make one.

So we did.

Taking inspiration for the games in a certain movie from 1982 that shall not be named, the mechanics were there, all we had to do was implement them in a way better suited for modern gaming, specifically, for VR.

Work started on design and prototyping April 13th, 2021, and here we stand, proud of our work and ready to share.

But that’s not all, oh no. We have plenty of big ideas for the future of ELEC.

So stay tuned, and enjoy!


Native Pimax support, full wide fov, no parallel projection required

ELEC on Steam



Something Evil has arrived in the video store…

Abominations once confined to video store cassettes have escaped the tape and transformed into deadly reality. Experience pulse-pounding 4v1 combat amidst neon-soaked cinematic labyrinths where power shifts unpredictably between Good and Evil, but always ends in a fight-to-the-death climax fit for the silver screen.

Monsters follow a script that calls not only for death, but total domination. Be you the Werewolf– brutal and swift, or the Dollmaster– creeping and conniving, you are designed to feast on fear, terrorizing your teenage prey relentlessly.

Teens scramble to flip the script with weapons fueled by ancient Stigma– Burn, Shock, Curse, and Purify– that extinguish Evil. Blast monsters with a faceful of Flame and Fury, dish out a killer jolt from your Raygun or RC Flyer, swing Cursed Swords and cast curses, and harness the glory of a Holy Slingshot or Cross.

VHS bleeds 80s horror, and if you’re not careful, you will too.

Fight Back or Die

The monsters of VHS are a tribute to over the top 80s horror where anything goes. From a classic Werewolf to the sinister Dollmaster, fight as a growing roster of grotesque, ferocious, and lethal creatures. As a Teen, craft and master a variety of single use and limited fuel weaponry for a shot at turning the tables on the monster. There is no escape, so you must fight to survive.

Movie Magic

Each level is hand-crafted and designed for the ultimate cinematic showdown. Explore classic and fantastical cinematic locales, from decrepit hotels to top-secret research facilities.

Hero’s Journey

Each character has a skill tree full of unique perks and custom cosmetics along their personal path to becoming the ultimate hero or villain.

Celebrate Creativity

Showcase your own style from head to toe in colorful costumes and vivid variants that celebrate the freedom of the 80’s video era. Become the ultimate Video Horror Society fan as you collect an entire shelf of movies full of challenges that reveal hidden lore and reward themed cosmetics.

Free to Play

VHS is already yours to enjoy, so hop in!

VHS on Steam



I think , the game is very interesting and fun

Real player with 4.9 hrs in game

A simple, fun, addicting game. The music really stands outs! I would recommend for those who are looking for something to play in between other games, or with your friends locally.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Pingers on Steam

Brutal Dinosaur

Brutal Dinosaur

Another victim of the early access global disease.

The game has very good intentions. The graphics and visual elements, although it looks a bit unfinished/empty in some rooms, are looking very nice and original if you like hand-drawn 2D. If that’s the case, you will love the game’s visual identity! Although animations could be slightly more fluid, the game gets a point for this.

Two characters to choose from is a minimum and there’s few changes of gameplay between them but that makes a bit of diversity, plus the fanservice is pretty high regarding the girl’s outfit, and a third character should appear sometime in the future.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

EA Side scrolling beat em up + dino mounts - fairly buggy = Has some promise of being the next Final Fight, TMNT, Simpsons beat em up, but has a number of bugs and pacing issues that need to be fixed. *neutral review

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Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Brutal Dinosaur on Steam