Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

A good game that captures the spirit of games like Ultima 4 / Questron / Magic Candle… if you can afford to spend the time it requires to play it.

My gripe with it is that’s It’s sometimes slow paced, with only a few keyboard commands that don’t make party management user friendly.

It would be nice to have some kind of option since it’s emulated (like a key combo to speed up things as featured in some emulators) to speed up the game when the user wishes it so. Crossing large plains or fighting weak monsters is sometimes a chore.

Real player with 151.7 hrs in game

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This game is very interesting in a lot of ways.

It is very lateral, in that you can essentially go through out the world and explore wherever and not feel completely powerless even at level 1.

The leveling curve feels somehow both extremely important and powerful but utterly unimportant.

This is a game where you have to pay attention to what you read, and everything leads to something. I still haven’t beaten it and im 74 hours in. Average play through is 110 hours.

I learn new stuff constantly, and exploring is delightful. The story is more complex than expected too, every trope you think is going to pop up.. just somehow doesn’t.

Real player with 127.9 hrs in game

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown on Steam



The 11th year of Shaoxing in Southern Song Dynasty (1141 AD)

The Song and Jurchen-led Jin Dynasties were divided by the Huai River. The north of the river belonged to Jin and the south belonged to Song.

Song ceded many of its prefectures to Jin and paid tribute annually.

With even its emperor announced by Jin, Song became a client state.

Now, ten years has passed. Despite the seemingly peaceful relations between Song and Jin, there have long been turbulent undercurrents in the world of Kung fu.

The martial arts world is full of chaos, with numerous heroes standing out. Among them, there are the Four Wonders overshadowing all the others, named ‘East Shu’, ‘West Bo’, ‘North Gu’ and ‘South Po’…

[Classic pixel-art RPG for Chinese Martial Arts]

This is an SFC/MD-styled-pixel-art game. In-game scenes were inspired by Song Dynasty’s ink painting style, this game depicts an original traditional Chinese martial arts story, which takes you back to 1990s, the golden years of classic RPG games.

[High level of freedom for exploration]

With reference to the real ancient river terrain, we designed a huge map containing Jingzhou, Xiaoxiang, Bashu, Jiangdong and the central plains. Countless sects scattered amoung the map, with ancient towns and labyrinths. There is no fixed route. Go wherever you want and explore the world at your own pace.

[Multiple story plots, routes and teammates to meet and experience]

Experience stories with over 10 thousand words in text. Meet with different people along the journey; prodigals, talents, officers or bandits. You can choose to enjoy and relax in this world with friends, or work hard to gain the ultimate power. Choices are up to you.

[Many sects for martial arts cultivation]

There will be Sects to enter and hundreds of scriptures to learn. Sword, broadsword, staff, fist, palm, finger, dagger, musical instrument… Each Sect would have its own strengths.

Different attributes may end up in forming completely different KungFu sets, withover a dozen martial arts routes for you to develop.

The free trial version is open, add to your wishlist if you like it!~ヽ(∀゜ )人( ゜∀)ノ

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大江湖之苍龙与白鸟 on Steam



Keyhero Is A Puzzle Game.

In the game, the Key is your only tool for getting through obstacles.

After your character is blocked by a wall, you can build a bridge with keys. Wherever there’s a Key, you can get through. Accordingly, you lose the ability to move in the Key direction. There are also impassable flames, and portals that help you move over long distances on the map.

The goal of the game is to collect keys in all directions.

There are 50 levels in total.

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KeyHero on Steam

Codename Nemesis

Codename Nemesis

Codename Nemesis is an indie, top down, action/stealth RPG set in a 70’s Noir themed world with story rich movie styled cinematics and retro low poly, comic book styled graphics.

Follow Sam, a goofball hitman through a dark city filled with scum as he tries to find his friend, Neil, who’s in the wind after the alleged assassination of their boss, a powerful crime lord. With every goon in the city wanting Sam and Neil dead, our hero takes off into the dead of night in search of his brother while eventually coming face to face with his ultimate nemesis.

Key Features:

  • Immersive story-line and movie styled in-game cinematics.

  • Choice of gameplay between Action & Stealth.

  • Striking, stylized comic book and retro low poly graphical extravaganza.

  • 70’s era urban themed characters and RPG environment.

Codename Nemesis on Steam

Monster Master

Monster Master

FPS heroes versus RTS horde. An asymmetric multiplayer where 1 player spawns the different monsters, and 3 class-based fps heroes try to survive it.

The game is set in to the small town of Kingsfield, where an energy research facility has given birth to a cosmic horror entity called the monster master.

Players can choose to control and mutate the monster horde or survive as a group of class based heroes with unique powers.

The hero perspective is a thrilling unscripted experience where the monsters feel very intelligent. It suddenly is very quiet and you know “It” is planning something.

Monster Master on Steam

90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO

90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO

90MF is (still) a text-based MMO Football-Manager-Sim.

1. What are you doing in this game?

You choose your team name, dress colours, emblem (easy to import) and the time of the day/night at which you wanna play. (For example Late evening Football association = LEFA = 8pm-10pm UTC) Then you should be online at this time if possible. If you miss a match you still have 24 hours to play it, if the opponent is there tho and requests to play, the match starts without you. Then you miss the chance to make substitutions and/or tactical adjustments.

Real player with 5133.4 hrs in game

[EDIT] As of Oct 2nd 2020 I’ve given the game a second chance given the “massive” overhaul that was announced by the game devs. The game is actually in a worse shape than when I left. The match engine is still not up to par and even MORE features are now locked behind the subscription paywall, like being able to upload your club’s logo or have access to the whole “manager skills” RPG nonsense.

If you want to be even remotely competitive in this “competitive” game you NEED to have an active paid subscription. This is NOT a free-to-play game by any mean. [END OF EDIT]

Real player with 5118.3 hrs in game

90 Minute Fever - Football (Soccer) Manager MMO on Steam