Techpack is back and he’s ready to take on a newer, slightly harder challenge. With new and familiar faces to see, the sequel to TECHPACK is bigger, faster, and more difficult than ever.

Super TECHPACK is an arcade styled platformer styled after old arcade games from the 1980s. A sequel to the game TECHPACK, this new entry features four playable characters, six persistent enemies, 10 worlds to see, and a lot of charm.

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Super TECHPACK on Steam

Artifact Adventure

Artifact Adventure

In a sentence this game is about old-school RPG gameplay. There’s power gaming, story, and lots of replayability. You control 4 schmucks

! or just 1 and a wad of dirty slaver cashon a quest to slay the Swamp King and halt the creeping poison from consuming the world. There are many quests and moral dilemmas you will face as you rise to be the heros the world deserves, but history is never silent; are your swords, fists, and guns good enough to remain pure?

I highly recommend this game if you like J/RPGS. That being said, here’s some more details and greivances:

Real player with 135.5 hrs in game

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Aesthetics: Nostalgic!

This game’s sound design and appearance, right down to the layout of the battle screen, give it an 8-bit feel, reminiscent of the early Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) games. The battle music is particularly good; it will get stuck in your head!

Narrative: Simple and Many

While the game has one overall objective of defeating the Swamp King, there’s no “main” plot line. There are many little side stories. Some of the quests present the player with moral choices; a couple of these really made me stop and think.

Real player with 80.6 hrs in game

Artifact Adventure on Steam