Just finished this amazing little game. My total playthrough was just under 4 hours, but that’s just the time you need to play through the game to completion. To ace the minigames and get all the achievements, you’d need to put in double or triple that. I’m not a massive achievement hunter, so I’ll take my 4 hours and bow out gracefully.

Without spoiling this game too much, it’s a story that many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s know all too well. We were kids at a point where the technology curve was a sheer cliff. Only the minds of kids could comprehend the changes, and the adults were left standing. Those of us who yearned for sci-fi worlds of AI and Robots, space travel, dungeon delving were utterly misunderstood by our parents and told to stop daydreaming… And then came computers.. Suddenly you didn’t just read about it in the comics or (if you were lucky) books… Now you could actually go there! Just a 5 minute tape load, or a 10p inserted into an arcade machine was all that separated you from the mundane world of impending nuclear war, urban decay, hyperinflation and riots. Suddenly you were in another world, escapism at the time when we needed escapism the most. And this game tells that story, through the eyes of someone living through it, experiencing the loneliness of constantly looking out at the horizon and thinking “This can’t be all there is! There must be more!”. A chance walk, a turn, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by portals into other worlds, and you have a handful of keys to the portals in your pocket.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

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198X takes an arcade game time capsule from the 1980s and brings it to life through superb pixel art, awesome music, and amazing story-telling. Sure, it might be short overall, with completion time anywhere around 1.5-2 hours estimated, but the experience is quite a blast.

Take a trip down memory lane with very (and I mean very) forgiving retro-style (look, feel, the whole deal) arcade games recreated with so much love and attention found within this title. The game recreates five different styles of games with a really unique and fun gameplay element in each one, so no wonder this game claims to not just be this or that, in its really enticing trailer.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

198X on Steam

Rampage Miami

Rampage Miami

Remember when shooter games where gleefully unrealistic, uncomplicated, unpretentious, and thus fun? That’s what this little retro gem is all about. Well, that and fluorescent pink tanks and attack helicopters.

You get to blow up bad guys, cars, even buildings, you can ride vehicles and fly fighter jets, you can buy upgrades and become obscenely overpowered, and all while enjoying unabashedly 80s graphics and soundtrack. The game even has pretty decent replayability value.

I doubt you could find anything more entertaining at this price.

Real player with 15.1 hrs in game

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In a nutshell: RewindApp stole a free online game named Hammer 2 and upgraded it with synthwave aesthetics. It surely raises concern whether it’s acceptable for paying such a scam, but I hadn’t known it before my purchase, and for the sale price of 0,39 €, I had quite a good time with this game.

The game itself is a cheap GTA knockoff, the graphics are nice, the music is excellent. Quests are easy and repetitive (kill/destroy N things), vehicle control is a bit poor (except for drifting, which was cool), physics is irreal. Upgrades are not necessary, and if you want some challenge, avoid buying too much of it (especially Golden Gun, starter weapons, infinite ammo, god mode and jetpack), otherwise it will be child’s play and no fun at all. All 30 quests can be finished in merely 2 hours, the 100% completion (time limit, trophy score, secret package) requires about 2-3x more time, depending on the player.

Real player with 11.4 hrs in game

Rampage Miami on Steam

Abtos Covert

Abtos Covert

“Abtos Covert man, I’m tellin' you. Easiest post there is, just a few nights and you’re off the hook. Only the outpost, a small shrine and the rest of the forest can be seen…

What did you say? Strange shadows? Weird sounds? Paranormal activities? Those are just legends, bedtime stories man! There’s no way there is stuff like that out there!”

About Abtos

Abtos Covert is a survival horror game in which you play the role of a soldier keeping guard on a remote outpost out in the woods. You must keep your wits while searching for the truth. Fend off the mysterious entities attacking the outpost, find clues from previous soldiers that had the same shift and survive every night. Things will only get harder as you progress, so stay vigilant. Can you survive every night and discover the truth behind the stories, or will you become part of the legend?


  • A realistic scenery, deep in the woods.

  • Make use of the unique equipment of the Abtos Covert outpost.

  • Alarm system with movement sensors will warn you of any outside threats.

  • Defend yourself using the spotlights or hide inside the lockers.

  • Listen carefully for any sounds. Danger may already be inside the outpost.

  • Each enemy is unique. Learn how to confront each one of them.

  • Survive the night shifts while you search for clues.

  • Something happened in the outpost before. A story is to be uncovered.

  • Don’t relax, ever! Each night will feel harder and harder.


Well soldier, seems like you’re that guy. You drew the short straw and now you are to be stationed in the Abtos Covert outpost, a place commonly known for being quiet. But the moment it actually happens, the rest of the platoon is whispering: “Haven’t you heard the stories?”, “…heard someone disappeared there…".The stories about that place are innumerable. Human sacrifices, shadows running in the trees and souls still lost that sing a dreary song. When you ask your superior, he just laughs it off…

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Abtos Covert on Steam

Building 847

Building 847

A short but thoroughly enjoyable indie storytelling experience!

I wasn’t sure I’d get through it in one sitting, but I found the ambiance very compelling and surprisingly tasteful in all its lighting and sound effects, so I couldn’t stop until the end. Overall, the writing does a great job at introducing what ended up being a rather intriguing story, so it was easy to follow along even without any voice acting.

Very promising. Looking forward for future titles from these devs!

Real player with 1.8 hrs in game

The ambience of this game is through the roof!

Sound quality is good, it really sells you the mystery and the thriller inducing chills imo.

Now i will be describing some of the good and some of the problems and i don’t want to spoil things so play the game 1st then read the next part.

! Some pros:

! * I already told this but the ambience this game delivers is really good from the sound quality and overall gloomy and dark atmosphere really gives this game a boost.* I love detective/mystery games and if there’s a slight thriller/horror vibe to it i love it even more (e.g of games i love detective wise (sam and max, monkey island, the sinking city, wolf among us, the long reach, the last door series, disco elisium etc)).

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Building 847 on Steam

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon’s Lair

The 1980s. Ronald Reagan, Rubik’s Cube, MTV, and in the arcades, games like Pac-Man, Centipede, Space Invaders, Defender and others are eating up the quarters of America. Jump ahead in time a little and a new technology, the laser disc player, is brought into the arcade in the form of a game/animated movie called ‘Dragon’s Lair’. In this game, the player ‘plays’ the movie, that is, at certain points in the game the player is given the option to choose how the character moves. Choose the right option and the story continues, choose wrong, and the character faces a gruesome demise.

Real player with 19.0 hrs in game

Back in ‘83 when this game first came out, we had a single arcade in our small city (that’s not so small now) that had Dragon’s Lair. Many of us fell in love with the game and a new challenge was present in our community arcade… to beat the dragon and save the princess. I dumped way too many quarter’s into this game and came back late from lunch on more than one occassion. The owner of the arcade had installed a monitor above the machine so others could watch while you played. In time I had developed quite a few followers that I think figured I was most likely to complete the game. Some would even let me play ahead of them even though they had their quarters lined up. A couple of times other people even paid for me to play the game. One afternoon, it finally happened. Amidst a small crowd of people surrounding the machine I reached the Dragon’s Lair. Of course I didn’t beat it the first time, but I played again and much to the enjoyment of the crowd, I defeated the dragon and we all saw the end of the game. I was very proud to have been the first person in our city to have defeated the game.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Dragon's Lair on Steam

The End o,,,o

The End o,,,o

You are a slow-moving pixel zombie who can shoot fireballs and just wants to get home. This is a very (VERY) old-style, slow, MS-DOSesque platformer(?). Very short, very vague, and very odd. Single life- you screw up, you’re starting over. And that dude moves REALLY slowly. Good luck building up the patience. The music isn’t awful but just kind of drones on slowly.

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/sKpDX2KKuP4

It will likely take you all of 10 seconds to download, so check it out I guess? I say this often- but– give us a ‘Neutral’ option, Steam. I don’t really recommend this, but there’s nothing worthy of a thumbs down. It accomplishes what it’s trying to accomplish.

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

O,,,O is the sad story of a fire demon that wants to go home. You control a purple undead by using WASD and SPACE to walk, jump, hit next and throw your fireballs. A tiny retro treat that fullfills its simple ambitions. Interestingly enough, this title was originally developed for the C64, but I’m glad a free PC port made it to Steam because now we can all bask in all the glory of its 3FPS. However, because of this glorious framerate, the controls can feel clunky at time – but nothing serious enough that will get in the way of your journey back home. The soundtrack is a depressing 5 second loop, but the enemy deathcries are so jarring they might as well be jumpscares. In addition, despite being heavily pixelated, O,,,O successfully creates an eerie atmosphere that makes the player feel like if they were walking through a graveyard in the dead of night during a full moon. Moreover, the game ends with

! a bloody question mark, meaning that there might be a sequel depending on the traction of this demo. Let’s hope so!

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

The End o,,,o on Steam

Pitiri 1977

Pitiri 1977

Okay, first of all, this is not a distopian game. Which is not a bad thing, but, honestly I was intrigued by the concept of a 70s distopia, only to find that this is more a case of not using the word correctly. This game is quite a good example of “zeerust” though, (the particular kind of datedness which afflicts things that were originally designed to look futuristic) but not distopia.

The big problem with this game is that it’s an action-puzzle-platformer that just doesn’t have enough action, puzzles, or platforms. It’s just not engaging enough. Mostly, the game involves walking, jumping, and doing obvious actions to obvious objects. The story-line is bare-bones, which would be fine, if the rest of it was strong, but it’s not. In a lot of ways, it reminds me of Teslagrad, but Teslagrad does everything better.

Real player with 6.8 hrs in game

I’m not a big fan of indie games, but this one was made with love and accuracy, so it turned out to be a pretty good game (especially, considering the limited capabilities of its “engine”).

It’s like returning to childhood fantasies about macabre creatures and distant worlds.

It has a distinct remarkable hand-drawn artstyle and marvelous music and sounds, that sets it apart from other games.

It reminded me Machinarium in terms of visual style and Vanishing of Ethan Carter in terms of atmosphere and mood.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Pitiri 1977 on Steam



Yo! This game is the shit! You all need to make this game for MacBooks so I can play it when I’m with my mom too! This game is very fun and addicting for me, just not good for anyone with sensitive eyes, and again guys, you all should make it available for Macbook

Real player with 25.1 hrs in game

2 points:

  1. Regardless of your susceptibility to epilepsy, this game WILL give you a seizure (note the 5.5 hrs on record - i was not conscious for at least 5 of those hours).

  2. This is not a duck simulator and is exploitive to waterfowl more generally.

All that being said, I recommend this game. …if only to promote a market where more waterfowl is featured in gaming.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game




It has been a pleasure working with Josh Bergasse to playtest Roguebreaker and watch it develop from the earlier builds. The game has come a long way, and I honestly believe that Josh has created a product worthy of your time and attention.

Roguebreaker is a passion project that Josh wanted to see come to fruition long before coding even began. The concept of an 80s themed arcade game with modern conveniences and features (level editor, workshop support, incredible powerups, etc.) was one that he knew would be a perfect blend, and he was right.

Real player with 22.4 hrs in game

This review was not sponsored by, or paid for by, any entity or being in all of creation. There was a free key given to me, simply because they wanted exposure. so. here it is.

RogueBreaker is a hellishly fun game that aesthetically takes you back to the NES days of Arkanoid (if you remember that). Its music is absolutely immersive and brutal, but also light hearted. Its gameplay is friendly to start off with, but it gets harder…and harder… and harder… AND HARDER until it goes absolutely APE!@#$ insane!.

Real player with 8.9 hrs in game

Roguebreaker on Steam

All That Remains: Part 1

All That Remains: Part 1

Very challenging but well worth the results if you finish it

Real player with 11.2 hrs in game

A couple of the puzzles are off. Please know that I carefully spent time with each of these trying different things assuming the problem was me. The password provided to override the computer doesn’t work. I even looked online to verify I was providing the correct answer. I was correct but nope, still doesn’t work. The abacus puzzle answer didn’t match what I had in this version of the game. Online I found another solution to this puzzle on a different platform. That worked on this version, even though it did not match what I was seeing. Another puzzle referred to a miniature phone booth that somehow related to “ants.” (Sorry - mini spoiler here.) It turned out to be a clock that needed a light source to operate. Again, had to find answer on line. Made zero sense. Some of the puzzles are pretty solid, but at this point I can’t progress anymore. Waste of time. Glad it was cheap.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

All That Remains: Part 1 on Steam