Awesome Mix Tape

Awesome Mix Tape

Now, I personally recognize my small amount of playtime in this game, Personally I don’t enjoy the gameplay. Although I do see how others could easily like the highscore based, atari-esque games that are contained. Personally I find them all boring and repetitive, the fact that there aren’t any sound settings nor resolution settings is another big turn off. While I wouldn’t personally play it, I do recommend it towards its intended audience

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Awesome Mix Tape on Steam

Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game

Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game

Amazing game!

any mistake ends up leading to your death, pay attention to every detail. test your skills and memory, solving puzzles and trying to stay alive every second.

Participating in the closed test was such a great experience,

now I’m trying to improve my score!

Real player with 197.0 hrs in game

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I participated in the closed tests and it really is a game for those who enjoy challenges and strong emotions …

Not taking the save and dying … makes you think “Why, why didn’t I go to get the save first?”

The team is to be congratulated, the game was thought of details, paying attention to the paths, sounds and details of the environment really helps to prevent traps.

I took several scares … rsss

Very cool!


Real player with 42.8 hrs in game

Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game on Steam

Disco Ball

Disco Ball

Addictive gameplay, great sound.

Real player with 2.0 hrs in game

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Disco Ball on Steam

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

this was fun with beer and weed,

reasonabaly short but reasonably priced, it goes good with any

sort of cannabis or alcoholic beverage.

then it just ends cause a well, its only 1.99


wish i could pay 40 dollars and get 20 times the content and have a full on

casino arcade thing in my house

p.s. my light saber is not weird looking its deady

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

This game takes me back to being a little kid visiting the Atlantic City boardwalk. At the time they had “casinos” like these with fun games to play for tickets or tokens that could be cashed in for prizes. It probably cost my parents a small fortune to win items that would be dollar store quality today, but I loved the experience.

So step off the boardwalk into a tiny casino arcade. The coin pusher was my absolute favorite, and realistic to what I remember. I really like the overall feel and physics of that one. It feels the most authentic. Things like the stacker machine would have been after my time, but that was also realistic, at least compared to the ones I’ve played in VR.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Game Machines: Arcade Casino on Steam

Retro Vision

Retro Vision

Had quite a bit fun playing this game, really like the take on theme and the relative ease you pick it up and put it down. Music and visuals compliment each other well and all round is enjoyable. Very glad that there are so many different takes on levels that make each experience customisable and unique. Would like a community leader board.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Picked this game up for cheap thinking it was going to be meh but was left pleasantly surprised. The music is great, the visuals are awesome and the control scheme is simple but intuitive. I can see myself revisiting this time to time whenever I need to unwind and relax.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Retro Vision on Steam

Road Flash

Road Flash

Road Flash is a racing game inspired by the visuals, games and cars from the late 80s and early 90s.

A game suitable for those who love arcade games and nostalgia.

There are 5 different maps and 6 different vehicles in total.

With the points you earn, you can unlock new cars and maps.

We also added a small combination cheat so that you can pass all the levels. (Use the arrow keys)

Road Flash on Steam

Pixel Poops

Pixel Poops

When this game meets the Steam Store metric threshold to get profile features turned on, the Steam Market :poop: emoji’s will be amazing.

Real player with 41.3 hrs in game

A truly bizarre game that attempts to capture that 1980s console and arcade feel, Pixel Poops! A truly **** game, literally…

Replying to

Pixel Poops is developed by Mostly Random Games, and published to yyrGames, and became available on STEAM on the 20 Feb 2021. The game is free but with optional DLC that looks to mimic the styles of the C64 and NES. The free version of the game has an Atari 2600 feel to it.

The premise of the game is simple. You have a problem with the joggers! Joggers are happily jogging across the local park trying reach their fitness goals. But armed with the healthiest metabolism the world has ever seen you’re going to put a stop to that!

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Pixel Poops on Steam

Brick Breaker Premium 2

Brick Breaker Premium 2

An Arcade Classic.

This is the sequel to the classic brick-breaker game.

You are the hero “Blippy” the paddle, that has to save planet Earth from a new threat.

  • Over 40 Brand New Challenging Levels to Complete.

  • Continuation of the Heroic Storyline, Where It All Began!

  • Gamepad Support.

  • Classic Power-ups.

  • New Additional Small Bricks.

  • See Brand New Ending Cutscenes If You Can Complete The Game!!!

Can you finish the game and save Earth from The Little Snarfers?

Brick Breaker Premium 2 on Steam

Dizzy Two

Dizzy Two

So there’s a DIzzy game on Steam! Not really clear what the involvement of Codemasters, the Oliver Twins or whoever owns Dizzy these days is, but I’m accepting this in good faith.

This is a fairly typical Dizzy arcade adventure, resembling the 16-bit versions with full colour graphics rather than the black sky 8-bit originals. It starts out in an actual house instead of one of those treehouse things, seeming to put Dizzy in more of a realistic setting than usual. I’ve played for a bit and found some annoying platform-jumping bits where you’ll struggle for a while just to get back to where you started… Which is, of course, totally on brand for Dizzy. The puzzles I’ve encountered so far make sense; if anything they’re a bit too obvious.

Real player with 5.6 hrs in game















Real player with 3.2 hrs in game

Dizzy Two on Steam

Donut Dodo

Donut Dodo

Tough as nails and no continues, do you have what it takes?

Donut Dodo is a light-hearted arcade game, reminiscent of the beloved classics from the early 80’s that we still cherish to this very day. You play as Baker Billy Burns, who has to run, jump, and climb to outwit Donut Dodo and his bunch of clueless minions. Your goal is to collect all donuts in each level, in the best possible time!

Will you top the high score table today?

Come and join the fun!

It’s 1983, only better! The game features…

  • 5 single-screen levels plus a bonus stage, each with their distinct game mechanics

  • incredibly tight controls (no cheap deaths) for frantic single-player arcade gameplay

  • old-school screen ratio and pixel perfect graphics with a 16-color palette

  • an original chiptune soundtrack by the very talented CosmicGem

  • worldwide leaderboards, limited to 3-character initials, arcade style!

Donut Dodo on Steam