A simple story about a simple man, that just wants his everyday routine not to be ruined. A story, that many of us could tell.

Once you’ll start to play Dave, you will soon find out that there is a quite some background for this well made tribute to a Pac-man like games. I was simply amazed with the amount of all the dialogues, options, hidden jokes and obvious puns, all accompanied with great chiptune music. The music itself makes a huge work here as well, as many times I have just realized that I am humming the tones along with my head nodding to the rhythm.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

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Dave-Man is a charming retro-style game that taught me to despise anyone named Cathy! (for real, there is something very satisfying about getting caught out by her for the 15th time and exclaiming ‘GOSHDARNIT CATHY’ while smacking your desk).The gameplay is heckin fun, reminds me of my terrible attempts at Pac-Man when I was a wee lad but with cool extra stuff like online shopping and cats!!!The music is delightful, love the chiptune sound and it is there to comfort you when you inevitably get caught because you tried the hardest difficulty room.The end of a run is a really nice touch too, I won’t spoil it but it made me genuinely laugh.Overall I’d super recommend, and honestly it’s a steal for the price. It’s cheaper than a coffee from Costbucks for Christ’s sake and it comes with janitorial friendship!!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

Dave-Man on Steam

Super Marxist Twins

Super Marxist Twins

Ever wonder what it would look like if a Soviet state sponsored game developer designed a game to compete with classic side-scrollers while subverting western youth? No? Well we did. Introducing Super Marxist Twins. The evil Tsar Boarov, and his army of capitalist pigs, have stolen The Nation’s resources and left The People with nothing. Now it’s up to brothers Mikhail and Ludmil to collect the stolen resources and defeat Tsar Boarov once and for all. In communist paradise, money does not exist, so surrender your funds and buy Super Marxist Twins! Purchase the game for yourself! Purchase the game for your friends! Purchase the game for The Greater Good.


  • Classic side scroller platforming and action.

  • Collect resources to power-up the twins! Steel rivets will power-up Mikhail and his hammer-attack, while collecting wheat grains will power-up Ludmil and his mighty sickle-attack

  • Battle an army of assorted enemies ranging from collaborator rats to heavily armed capitalist pigs.

  • Toil away in the Industrial Forge level editor and then share the fruits of your labor with comrades across the internet.

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Super Marxist Twins on Steam

Run TavernQuest

Run TavernQuest

This is a game you won’t be playing. Instead, you will be behind the scenes, overseeing the inner workings of the game for another player named STEVE. Can you shepherd STEVE away from his poor decisions and towards the goal of saving the princess?

Run TavernQuest is the endeavor of one sole developer named Collin Eddings, whose other work includes contributions to The Stanley Parable. The game is styled after old school text adventure games, but doesn’t require any typing. Instead, STEVE is the player and he types commands to you. Your job is to interpret his words and choose how the adventure proceeds based off of his input. When STEVE types go door, what lies behind the door? The choices you make can lead him down drastically different paths, but ultimately it’s up to STEVE to win the game.

  • Choose how the environment and NPCs respond to STEVE’s stupid commands!

  • Full voiceover from a very talented voice actor (announcements soon to come)!

  • Engage in text-based combat where your goal is to lose every time!

  • Experience frustration as STEVE ignores every single one of your plot hooks!

  • Go blind staring at green text for several hours!*

    *Or, you know, just configure the game’s settings to make things easier to read

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Run TavernQuest on Steam

Retro City Rampage™ DX

Retro City Rampage™ DX

I think the concept of this game is great. The idea is that it’s an open world crime game like GTA, but it’s set in video game land filled with parodies of almost any video game character you can imagine. It’s a brilliant idea, and fortunately the game mostly lives up to this great concept even if it falls short in some areas.

The game plays as you’d expect out of an open world crime game. However, the game tries to have a much better variety of mission styles. It doesn’t try to be only standard A to B shooting. The game tries to mix it up by including missions that are arcade-like or based on old NES games. Thanks to this the variety is incredible and every other mission mixes up the gameplay in some way, so you’ll rarely get bored. The quality of the missions do vary however. A good amount of the missions are fun and challenging, but others tend to be a little shallow and funnled, not leaving a lot of room for experimentation. On the whole though, the biggest problem with the missions in this game is that they’re all a bit short.

Real player with 31.9 hrs in game

Retro City Rampage.

What can I say? I love this game. I can’t even write from an objective standpoint here to make an honest and fair review with this one. I’ve spent over 20 hours with this game here on steam, gotten every achievement- and even then- I didn’t quit. I took the time to Gold Medal all the optional missions too. I seriously can’t get enough. I tried for hours to put my name up on the leaderboards. I’m in the top 20 for lots of the missions and I’m quite proud of that. But enough about me.

Real player with 28.7 hrs in game

Retro City Rampage™ DX on Steam



Run, jump and dodge! Chameneon is a 2D Runner with unique physics that create a great challenge!

Switch the neon colors and surf your way to the end. A powerful virus has infected the Cyber Space and now is up to you to control a manual anti-virus called CHAMENEON.

Collect the Neon Disks to show everyone who’s boss. With simple gameplay and tons of stages to go throgh, you will be tested to the limit!

So what are you waiting for? It’s your time to shiny!

Chameneon on Steam

TV Kid

TV Kid

I love this game. The art and music come together to make a really fun and enjoyable aesthetic. Unlike most other clicker games I’ve played this one actually has some difficulty in it, so that’s another plus. Since its release, TV Kid has been getting multiple updates, adding convenient and noticeable features. The creator has said they would continue to work on and update the game at a slower and steady pace, which is most likely going to make any new additions even higher quality. This is a great thing because that will hopefully mean this game will have an increasing replay value over time.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Fantastic game. I was stunned by how realistic the game is. The Attenborough-like narrator and the documentary setting make the game quite educative.

Bullsharks [Carcharhinus leucas] give live birth, which makes the enforced caesarean section at the beginning of the game totally believable. They are found in sweet and salt water alike, which totally explains how the shark can intrude that many lakes and rivers. They are also big on energy conservation. For example, they react to external factors and can decrease energy required for osmoregulation. That totally explains how the shark can eat an entire bbq society while crawling and jumping for several kilometres over a golf lawn. Arguably, bio-electricity and grenade-resistance are rather atypical mutations of bull sharks, but hey, who can really claim to understand nature? Similarly, the shark possesses an active sonar which seems unlikely given that it’s only to be found in marine mammals, but it’s totally possible that her father was a humpback whale (also given the incredible size that this specimen reaches).

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

TV Kid on Steam



Worshipping its inspirations, yet being a unique game

What to expect?

If you are at the age of about 30+, »UnMetal« might have gotten your attention due to its graphical similarities with the top-down »Metal Gear« games (MSX2, NES, GameBoy), and »UnMetal« plays very much like those: While escaping from your prison cell, which you were thrown into for »a crime you didn’t commit«, you explore your surroundings and stumble upon files about an imminent terrorist action you then try to prevent. Sneak around your opponents, distract them, knock them out with your bare hands or even shoot them (but with a catch), use mine detectors and nightvision goggles, disable surveillance devices and so on. In contrast to the aforementioned »Metal Gear« games, »UnMetal« follows a rather humorous approach while referencing iconic scenes from its inspirations. To get a first impression, I recommend playing the free demo.

Real player with 24.5 hrs in game

I first heard about this game a couple months ago and was interested when I saw the retro NES Metal Gear style game play. I played the demo and loved the humor in it. I was excited to give it a go when the game came out and it did not disappoint. The gameplay is great. My only complaint about it is that at times, it’s hard to get right up behind somebody to punch them if you’re approaching them vertically without alerting them. It’s probably more to do with the 2D design than anything else but I had to knock a slight point off for that. Fortunately, after the first few chapters, you get chloroform which you can hold from a greatest distance so you won’t run into that issue again.

Real player with 18.9 hrs in game

UnMetal on Steam

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

For some of us, the 1980s never ended. The true scene veterans persevered through the changing trends in music, fashion and common decency, keeping glam rock alive through sheer stubbornness and detachment from reality. When one of the least successful bands in hair metal decides it’s time for a comeback, no one is safe. They may have put on a few pounds and lost some of their graying hair, but their rocking power and sex appeal are still… Uh, as questionable as ever? But this time they’re sure to make it big. This time rock ‘n ‘roll will never die!

Rock 'n' Roll Will Never Die! on Steam

Mango Mischief

Mango Mischief

The four protagonists: Sprig, Marion, Merrow, and Arach

Mango Mischief is a throwback to a simpler time - the 16-bit era of video gaming - when JRPGs used (and abused) cliché storylines as vehicles for showing off interesting battle mechanics, difficult dungeons and monsters, complex puzzles, character leveling systems, and customizability through skills, upgrades, and gear.

_Is it time to go on a magic quest to save the world - a quest that only YOU can complete (with the help of three other party members who have different skill sets, of course)?

Do you need to collect several inanimate objects that serve no purpose other than to accidentally help the antagonist at the end of the game?

Is the antagonist merely a puppet of the true final boss (who has multiple forms)?_

Eh, maybe. Or maybe not.

The map at the beginning of Mango Mischief, showing off the early areas of the game

Mango Mischief attempts to straddle the line between paying homage to the tried-and-true tropes of JRPGs, while also parodying the memes of role-playing games with plot twists and comedy.

Self-referential humor and fourth wall breaks augment the narrative and interactions in this game, without detracting from the core gameplay:

  • Open exploration of a huge, diverse world, full of quests and monsters and loot

  • Flexibility in leveling up desired classes and gaining new abilities along the way

  • The freedom to optimize character builds and complete dungeons in any order

  • Tons of weapons, armor, accessories, and items that allow for a variety of playstyles

  • A turn-based battle system involving elemental strengths and weaknesses, an assortment of buffs, debuffs, and status ailments, and monsters that scale with your progress, to keep battles fresh, interesting, and challenging

  • Just enough random encounters to annoy players who prefer visible encounters, and just enough visible encounters to annoy players who prefer random encounters

  • At least a few interesting NPCs who aren’t merely mindless drones created for the sole purpose of furthering the plot of your special story

Please enjoy Mango Mischief, the passion project of a solo indie game developer!

Mango Mischief on Steam

TAD: That Alien Dude

TAD: That Alien Dude

Great Speedgame!!

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

Fantastic experience. Great gameplay combined with awe-inspiring voice acting and minimalistic graphics clash together in this magnum opis of a game. On the outside TAD appears to be your ordinary AAA gaming experience, but upon closer inspection the game can be compared to a regular “Clockwork Orange” or “Gone with the Wind” in terms of sheer storytelling and eye candy. TAD: That Alien Dude defines what it means to be a gamer, games like this are what keep me from abandoning the gaming community entirely. The lack of tutorials give the gamer a more cut-throght experience, similar to cup-bread or dark shoals. Minimalistic graphics allow the gamer to focus more upon the machanics then the graphics

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

TAD: That Alien Dude on Steam