The Cold is Just the Beginning

A science expedition was sent to Zhokhov Island to study recent occurrences of magnetic anomalies in the region. Amongst them was Anna, a young geophysicist, along with her mentor and a small military crew. As her group investigates the cause of the anomalies on the island, a sequence of disastrous events unroll trapping them in an unknown underground military complex, under the extreme cold of the Russian climate. Now, Anna desperately tries to survive and find a way out, but something down there disturbingly draws her deeper, and that unknown haunting place bizarrely welcomes her more and more…

Kriophobia is a survival horror in third person, inspired by the old-school games of the same genre. Immerse yourself in a Cold and Inhuman World of Mad Obsession, Extremist Patriotism and Disturbing Relationships, presented with a Unique Art-Style that mixes comics and painting.


  • Immersive psychological horror storyline that explores a twisted and abandoned world

  • Hidden Past Secrets to be found, inspired by real events from Russia’s Darkest Times

  • Cold, Obscure and Terrifying scenarios to be Explored

  • Evasive Combat centered on fleeing and hiding from gruesome abominations.

  • Survival with Limited Resources against Freezing Temperatures in a hostile place

  • Dark Visual Style that blends Comics and Painting in a unique way

  • Fully Illustrated Game World displayed with modern Static Cameras

  • An Exclusive Russian-Inspired soundtrack

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Kriophobia on Steam

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

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School $ sim + tutorial - some minor bugs = Finally the English translation is here. The mechanics are pretty interesting and has a slight learning curve since there are several variables to play.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班] on Steam



Quite fun, quite well executed, it’s a small game but what it does, it generally does well.

The one criticism I have to make concerns “gentrification”. I know what gentrification is, I’ve spent the last twenty years living in Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle, all cities where gentrification has happened. The issue of poor people being priced out of their city is one that I’m aware of. It’s a complex issue - it’s bad for the working class population, but quite nice for the upper-middle-class upwards, because the whole city is reshaped for them; very often the city as a whole thrives. Forty years ago, Catherine street in Toxteth in Liverpool was the scene of rioting; today you pretty much have to be a millionaire to own a house there. The people who used to live there have been pushed out. As to whether you think that’s fair, that probably depends how wealthy you are, and whether you’re on the left or the right politically. It’s currently a live issue in Manchester; regeneration of the northern English former industrial cities was done by giving developers free rein to gentrify at will. The cities were risen from their ashes, essentially at a cost to their working-class populations.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

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This game is not bad, but it’s very unsatisfying.

I understand that you can’t really “win”, that’s the premise of the game.

I started several times and tried almost every possible approach to get all the first missions done, but it seems like that is not possible?! Or there is maybe like one combination/timing, which will make is possible and I wasn’t able to find out how.

If somebody knows, make a comment!

Now it just felt unsatisfying, that I was neither able to finish the missions nor the game in a good way and it was a more frustrating than enjoyable experience. If this is intended due to the urbanization story, okay, but I didn’t liked it.

Real player with 5.5 hrs in game

1980 on Steam



Very satisfying and challenging puzzle game that will keep you thinking outside the box. Simple rules with brilliant execution. Plenty of content with over 100 stages, boss battles, and unlockable bonus mini games and powerups. An ultimate (and maybe a little sadistic ;-P ) 8-bit brain teaser with some epic tunes. I just cleared it all, can you?

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

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I usually review weird hentai games so when my curator friend asked me if I wanted to try BLEWIE and the FUN HOUSE let’s just say I found those words misleading. In reality, it reminds me of some games I’ve played on very old computers with green screen monitors. I really miss one where you’re an ant trying to escape a level having to dodge what looked like wasp heads chasing you. You could drop boulders on them or shoot them. Can’t remember the name though. Anyway, this game is kinda like that but in color and the music is really good.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Blewie on Steam

No Cure

No Cure

Aladdin for the Super Nintendo is your basic run-of-the-mill videogame that was adapted for the movie

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

No Cure on Steam

Search for the Titanic

Search for the Titanic

The search for the Titanic, the greatest ship to ever fall to the grip of the elements, captivated the world for decades while its wreckage lay undisturbed at the bottom of the sea. As an inexperienced oceanographer, you must build your skills, reputation, crew, and resources along your journey to mount an expedition to find the lost Titanic.

This meticulous simulation by Capstone Software was reviewed for authenticity by the staff of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the American organization that first discovered and photographed the Titanic wreck. Experience the challenges, dangers and excitement of scientific underwater exploration!

  • Navigate to over 75 underwater wrecks and 47 ports of call using more than 100 navigational maps and charts.

  • Use sophisticated sonar, magnetometers, underwater cameras, and mini-subs in your exploration of the ocean floor.

  • Battle the elements as you contend with realistic weather patterns and currents.

  • Find the Titanic and be rewarded with digitized photographs of the actual wreckage as it lays on the ocean floor today.

Search for the Titanic on Steam

Dev Inc

Dev Inc

My Character is Zee, i have made it to 100mil + and love the game. I would like to see more upgrades past 2060 and a possibility of multiple teams that can make multiple games at once.


Real player with 33.8 hrs in game

this game has a very good idea but there are too many bugs that make the game unplayable like when you get to around 2010 every time you try to make a new game engine literally thye last week the game will freeze and youll loss the money the engine and time and dont waste your time going to the discord because its dead the dev seamed really positive about the game but i wouldnt get it right now there are just too mant bugs

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Dev Inc on Steam

Vicewave 1984

Vicewave 1984

There’s potential, but it’s not yet realised.


Vicewave is an open-world action game clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. With a great synthwave soundtrack and vibrant 80’s style neons, the atmosphere is set. Unfortunately, the gameplay experience is lacking in several areas, and the optimisation needs work. Frankly, making any progress in this game is a constant uphill struggle against poor game mechanics.

Real player with 5.4 hrs in game

A wild review appears.

Conclusion: if you’re expecting a fun retro style GTA game. Sadly, this is not it (List is down below). I have given this game several tries over the span of a few months. I cannot recommend it.

The Bad

1: Lockpicking is extremely tedious. The (Sweet Spot) needs to be configurable via difficulty.

2: Player dies far too easy, and body armor is behind a XP wall.

3: Difficulty is too high (for casual players of this genre).

4: Cars hand like their on something, and bottom out if bridge is too steep.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game

Vicewave 1984 on Steam

Ad Agency Tycoon

Ad Agency Tycoon

3 Oct 2021:

Strategical gameplay to max out the profit and effects HAHAH

Recommended to buy if this game is:

1. On sales (IMO I just buy game during sales mostly)

2. If you like to play games with minimal guidelines

As this is early access game, I wouldn’t say it’s too bad to play the game

It mentioned that they will skip the tutorial part (so you will read the text-based guidelines)

If you read it clear, the more you experiment, the easier you will get high score with

Had some fun playing this!

Real player with 20.1 hrs in game

I absolutely love Tycoon games. Given that, and the fact that I have never seen a Tycoon games that focus on Ads, I had to try this one.

It’s an Early Access game, so we gotta take that into consideration too, so yes, it has some bugs, it can use some improvements and maybe new mechanics, but with that said, it’s not a bad game at all.

Firstly, the art style is great! It really does give an oldschool vibe, which was the proposal. Great!

Also, as I mentioned before, I’ve never seen an Ad Tycoon, so this is another step on the right direction, innovative.

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Ad Agency Tycoon on Steam



I started writing this review but got distracted and kept playing it.

Its pretty challenging but learning and overcoming a level gives a good level of satisfaction, but do be prepared to end up sitting on a level for an hour or so trying to learn whats going on slowly revealing all the intricate parts especially on the fog of war levels.

If you enjoy logic puzzles and perhaps a lil logic coding CHR143 is more than worth the asking price.

Real player with 101.4 hrs in game

CHR$(143) is an absolutely mystifying game. Behind its retro drapery in the style of the Amstrad CPC (a computer both slightly before my time and popular on the wrong continent altogether) is a construct that tears apart the modern rubric for successful games.

The result is something that is equally wondrous and maddening. The sense of discovery experienced here is something unlike anything I have experienced since the original Portal. New gameplay elements will be introduced that will come totally out of left field - once you’re out of those tutorial levels, how will they work, how will they behave, especially in a strange and quirky physics implementation? It will be on you to find out - this game demands you to experiment!

Real player with 50.4 hrs in game

CHR$(143) on Steam