Pharao Reloaded

Pharao Reloaded

I love this game. Of course it has not the pace or the graphics or sounds of modern games but the charme of the original ones which it’s a remake of. I played the original on my dad’s computer 30 years ago and never finished the forth pyramid. It was so damn hard. And this one is hard too g. I like the improvements the developer added like the hierogylphs around the playfield which are decoration only. But the spider is a tough new enemy and the two new potions fit in well.

The first two levels are rather relaxing, there are just ghosts and mummies as wandering enemies but the third level and above becomes tough really quick.

Real player with 123.9 hrs in game

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A great entertaining Maze Game.

I don’t know the original Pharao or Fred, but I started playing Pharao Reloaded since a friend recommended it to me.

At first, I was not really happy due to the “original not so smooth graphic and weird sound” but with the new graphic and sound modes, I really started to enjoy it. It’s nice if you just want to relax a bit and as soon as you start a level, you definitely want to finish it (I gave up once, where I ended up in the same dead end three times, due to my not available skill) :)

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Pharao Reloaded on Steam

Maniac Mansion

Maniac Mansion

“Maniac Mansion” is one of the first point and click adventures of LucasArts (published back in 1987) and one of the games that set the tone at the beginning of the genre’s golden era. Beautiful colorful aesthetics, clever puzzles, multiple characters, fantastic humor and iconic music are some of its characteristics. Yet, it’s gameplay logic is still a little bit primitive compared to the following LucasArts' games and I’m not a big fun of deaths and dead ends. But it is one the most classical games out there so you have to play it.

Real player with 13.6 hrs in game

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LucasArts classic wacky adventure and a predecessor of an even bigger classic – Day of The Tentacle. Nostalgic point’n’click not without its flaws.

The set-up is simple and is largely left off-screen – you and a few of your friends (which you get to choose at the beginning of the game) need to rescue your girlfriend Sandy from being kidnapped by Dr. Fred for experiments. Starting at the gate of not-very-maniac-looking-yet mansion, you’re making your way in to find a place that manages to have nuclear reactor, gigantic telescope, man-eating plant and strange, walking tentacles all under the same roof. Oh, and there is a basement. In which you, no doubt, will be held on multiple occasions. So… Where’s Sandy? Why is everyone talking about some meteor? How can a tentacle be depressed? All these questions will be answered as you’re finding your way around a strange house, trying to avoid its mad inhabitants, opening lots and lots of doors and collecting a hell of a lot of useless stuff, in the best point’n’click fashion.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

Maniac Mansion on Steam



1.) If you didn’t play this 30 years ago.

2.) Do not understand Martial Arts.

You’ll HATE IT. ~ Don’t even waste your time… Go play Something else.


OG. ~ Loved the Apple IIe version. Orange or Green.

Total Cult program.

Had to Bow. Couldn’t RUN.

Had to plan each attack meticulously.

And it was the coolest thing ever…

Baap, Baaap, Bap, Bap, Baaap, POW! …

You had to move in and out. It was a total

Martial Arts Dance. ~ True to the Core at the most

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

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Karateka is a 2012 tribute to 1984 game of the same name, made for Apple II and Atari. The premise is simple: evil shogun imprisoned a girl and you need to save it by a series of honor melee fights one-on-one with shogun’s minions.

The game is really short, the run from the start to end takes for about 25-50 minutes usually. And if you want to compare the tribute with the original, well, it’s 50/50%: some say the original is still top-notch and the remake is so-so, and some think that even the original was mediocre, and the remake is only made the concept worse, ‘cause times had changed for 30 years, and you can’t enter the same river as it was before. And you shouldn’t, some would add. Not me, though.

Real player with 7.9 hrs in game

Karateka on Steam

Double Dragon: Neon

Double Dragon: Neon

A fun, absurdist beat ‘em up with some glaringly rough edges. Neon is one of the better beat ‘em ups out there, peppered with jokes lampooning its own franchise as well as the ’80s in general, counterbalanced by some irritatingly sloppy pieces. Namely all its cutscenes, ending, and 8 company logos being unskippable. Since so much of the humor is based on novelty, there are a lot of diminishing returns that just aren’t designed for these drawn out, repeat viewings… which the game is centered around with a stat-grinding system.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

I’ve read and heard many criticisms about this game and do not quite understand them. I will try and address them and give my opinion as to why this is probably one of the top three Double Dragon games.


Solid art design, although some of the enemies are a bit more cartoony than previous DD designs, the colors, backgrounds, animations and effects are pretty solid. The game mixes 3D models with the occasional 2D background object, The alley level is particularly nice. Varied environments and enemies with vibrant colors.

Real player with 17.4 hrs in game

Double Dragon: Neon on Steam

Skool Daze Reskooled

Skool Daze Reskooled

Absolutely loved this game back in the day (is my favourite) and was absolutely delighted to download it on Steam. However, very glitchy/buggy, teachers and pupils are able to walk through walls/climb stairs and go off the screen eg Mr Wacker climbs the stairs from the white room to his office and carries on through the roof of the skool and disappears, or Einstein disappears and I can’t get Mr Creaks part of the code. I’m also unable to select the aliasing option.

I liked the option where I was able to change the keyboard functions/commands, learning how to aim with the water pistol in the tutorial took some getting used but once you get the hang of it I found it to be fine (i’m using a Mac). Overal, I really like the game (downloaded 24th August) but it’s become unplayable and frustrating because of the glitches/bugs encountered.

Real player with 24.9 hrs in game

Finished all three schools… The problem is you need to finish Skool Daze to get Back To Skool and Nu Skool on and it’s the most frustrating. Get past that though and it’s fairly smooth sailing. The code thing from back in the day is ridiculous in 2020 mind (get codes from the teacher and work out the order… clue - use the headteacher’s number first. The game will not tell you this).

Good fun overall if you remember it back in the 80’s. Everyone else might be scratching their heads though.

Real player with 14.3 hrs in game

Skool Daze Reskooled on Steam

Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy

At this point in the history of the franchise, you either “get” Double Dragon, or you don’t. This is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in it’s purest and simplest form. You can punch, kick, jump, jump kick, and do a scant few other moves. The enemies you’ll face all have personality, but it’s of the behavior-based variety. The game is challenging, particularly on the Original and Expert difficulties, but can be finished in a short amount of time… even shorter if you become particularly skilled at the game and the nuances in it’s play.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

In theory this collection should be a great experience. That’s what I thought when I booted it up. As soon as I tried to adjust the resolution, the game proceeded to crash, forced me to verify files and turn off my virus protection as a content lock occured.

Once I got it back up and running with controls set comfortably on my 360 pad, it worked well. Well enough for what feels like a lazy attempt to wrap three arcade roms into a stand-alone executable.

The Time and Score text overlay is really weird and doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the visuals. The options feel kind of barebones, there’s no intro videos or explanations or anything for any of the games, nothing. People coming into this without knowing about the games will have no idea that you can do super moves, like hitting punch and jump together in DD1 for the game-breaking backwards elbow. Or how DD2’s controls are odd. Or how you can flipping run in DD3 by double tapping move (the previous two games didn’t have it, so unless you did this by accident how would you know?).

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

Double Dragon Trilogy on Steam

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection

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Nepiki’s Stats

| Overall length |

Real player with 34.1 hrs in game


What is this?

A collection of the first 6 Mega Man platformers immaculately emulated with loads of extra content. |

The Best:

First timers: Challenging, fine-tuned gameplay from Mega Man 2 trough 6.

Longtime fans: Museum filled to the brim with behind the scenes content such as concept arts and unused Robot Masters’ designs. |


Make Capcom great again:

1: Mega Man properly ported and available on Steam. |

Real player with 33.2 hrs in game

Mega Man Legacy Collection on Steam

PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+

PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+

This game is absolutely bonkers, in a good way though.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ is like normal PAC-MAN, only the map is rotated 90 degrees, there are tons of ghosts instead of just 4, and it’s a race to eat as many dots, food and ghosts as possible before the timer runs out.

The game is split into several boards with different structures, dot and ghost positioning, and paths to follow. None of them really feel any harder than the others, but they’re all difficult in their own way. The DLC boards are a fun addition, but I wouldn’t recommend you buy them separately from the game, since it’s cheaper to buy the full Big Eater pack and just get all of it at once.

Real player with 14.9 hrs in game

Hello Everyone,

It is time to munch, chomp, and manoeuvre your way through another series of mazes with Bandai Namco’s notorious pelt eating ghost munching spherical maze racer, Pacman in “PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+”. This game is not your original Pacman but a new fast pace version that will keep you on the edge of your seat every step of the way.

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+ is an arcade score attack game that takes its inspiration from the original Pelt Muncher that was first released in 1981. This time around though Pac-man has been turned into a speed run crushing dynamo taking on hoards of ghost that are determined to get in your way as you try to climb to the top of the leader. With that being said, lets begin talking about the gameplay.

Real player with 12.7 hrs in game

PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+ on Steam

Get Out! Snakes!

Get Out! Snakes!

What an incredible idea!

I never imagined playing snake this way, the levels, the colors, the music, everything collaborates for a perfect experience for the game! 10/10

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

I liked the game concept to recreate a classic. great for kids. congratulations.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Get Out! Snakes! on Steam

King of Dragon Pass

King of Dragon Pass

I am of extremely conflicted opinions on this game. TL;DR, this game is unique enough that if you have any interest in its concept at all, you should probably get it at least on sale, in spite of its flaws.

I also will not weigh in on the GOG versus Steam versions debate, as I don’t own the GOG version. The GOG/classic PC version is less expensive, and has your clan tula (lands) improvements shown on a map, while the Steam/iOS version has higher resolution support.

That said, the good:

This is a game of serious choice-and-consequence gameplay that isn’t bound up in a single black-and-white morality system. It can be a serious game of strategic choice and risk-management, as well as role-playing. The world, in particular, is rather detailed, and while the simulation is rather simple, it does manage to leave a sense of verisimilitude in the world. Other clans have military and economic strengths where their casualties and losses are recorded, and other clans feud and raid in the background without you.

Real player with 95.8 hrs in game


King of Dragon Pass has rich and well thought out world. The story is captivating, events have consequences and you can get attached to your clans ring and its candidates.

I have finished a short campaign, and I still have a lot to learn. I played as a passive peace clan, who traded and avoided conflict, but I had my fair share of it. The diplomacy felt a bit wonky and randomized. Warring felt unimpactful and tiresome. The events were really the cream of the game. In the end all I really wanted to do was solve the issues of the clan. Everything else was and felt trivial to me.

Real player with 43.3 hrs in game

King of Dragon Pass on Steam