Neon Bricks

Neon Bricks

A classic breaking blocks game with a good stylized neon art and explosive screen shake

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

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I like arcade games. Fun and good to spend the time.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Neon Bricks on Steam

Neon Snake

Neon Snake

This game is lovely. It gives the player what it promised, and does it in a fun way. What I would love to see in this game, however, is some sort of competitive style of game-play. Maybe implement a leader board of sorts? It’s just my opinion, as this game is a little bare. With that out of the way, I honestly do enjoy this game.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

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good nostalgic game

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

Neon Snake on Steam

Stream Toys by Zokya

Stream Toys by Zokya

Stream Toys by Zokya is a collection of chat-interactive mini-games that live-streamers can use to engage with their audience!


Your chat will LOVE playing with Plinker! Every message turns into a “plinky” coin which then bounces down a peg board. Plinkies that land in the moving cup score a point for the viewer. Viewers love seeing their name and user icon pulled up on your stream. The plinker can be configured to fir the look and feel of your stream. Plinker Works well either as a stand alone game or can even be pulled in over your existing gameplay for a fun-interactive element.

Break The Ice

Work together with your chat and see how many boards you can clear. Chat can spawn new balls into play and also trigger power-ups (and power-downs!) Try to destroy all the bricks on a board to advance to the next level. Will chat work for you, or against you?

More to Come!

As these stream toys are in active development, it will benefit greatly from your feedback. We plan to develop and add more games and toys that will encourage viewer engagement on your streams. Add a layer of fun for you and your viewers!

Stream Toys by Zokya currently integrates with the API but plans are underway to integrate into other streaming services (Including YouTube) are underway.

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Stream Toys by Zokya on Steam

In The Shadows

In The Shadows

I saw this game at a student developer showing at a college in Montreal some time ago and was very impressed so when I saw it on Steam I had to try it out. The game is very good, the story, design and game play are very well thought out. I am a big fan of unique puzzle games, kind of tired of the same stuff so I look for more original designs and this one fits the bill with a nice light and shadow based game play that adds new concepts as you go through the levels to keep it interesting, even to the point where I would have liked to see even more levels with certain mechanics (like the movement of the sun or the shadow mirroring levels). Given this it must also be noted that there are some issues which I am sure could have been polished with more time. The controls are less responsive than ideal (mainly the jumping), there were some glitches where I had to restart the level as my shadow no longer jumped, the respawn points were often off leaving you in an area that forced a level restart plus a few other minor bugs. None of these really were much of an issue though, so I still really recommend trying it out.

Real player with 8.5 hrs in game

In the Shadows is a little gem of an indie game!

I really enjoyed the pixel art and animation in this puzzle game.

Clearly a lot of time and effort was put into the visual aesthetic and soundtrack and it makes for a very atmospheric experience.

Most puzzles are a joy to figure out, but I did run into 2 or 3 that required too specific a timing and execution to complete for my taste.

Overall however the levels never outstay their welcome, on top of that all of them are nicely varied and beautifully detailed.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

In The Shadows on Steam

Stacker Puzzle

Stacker Puzzle

Great game! I really like the minimalist design. Great game to relax and kill time. Congrats to devs!

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

A very good and relaxing puzzle game. To beat the last few levels you need some patience.

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

Stacker Puzzle on Steam

BATTLEBOX - Pre-Launch Music Application

BATTLEBOX - Pre-Launch Music Application

Do you like music? Do you like video games? Well, I don’t really care, because either way you are going to like our soundtrack. It has over 30 minutes of original music on it, it features uninterrupted listening and 2 full songs that are exclusive only to the OST and cannot be found anywhere else. Also, it contains my love (and some of my hate ; ) Includes 27 original songs.

1. Summer Breeze (1:35)

2. Summer Sneeze (0:06)

3. Grassland Gallows (0:44)

4. Treetop Triple Time Trouble (0:55)

BATTLEBOX - Pre-Launch Music Application on Steam

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing

Well, what can I say. The game is unique. First and foremost for the racing game lover I should mention a very unusual set of cars which Electro Ride offers you to drive: every car is real, and includes many less-known soviet prototypes you’ve probably never heard of. But check this out: the very first car that is given to you in a tutorial is FSO Syrena Sport - and that’s just the beginning. The cast of cars is rich, diverse and very rare - I doubt you will see anything like that in any other game anytime soon.

Real player with 25.4 hrs in game


I honestly can’t recommend this game as it is completely unrealistic.

I have owned two of the cars that are in the game and I can tell you that they do not go above 120kph even in freefall.

Handling on the other hand is spot on.

You turn your steering wheel and the cars go straight. Sometimes oversteer sometimes understeer … you just never know.

I wouldn’t recommend the cars either, unless you live in a garage. Nostalgia is powerful poison.

Anyway back to the game. I’m half way into the career.

Real player with 11.6 hrs in game

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing on Steam

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

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School $ sim + tutorial - some minor bugs = Finally the English translation is here. The mechanics are pretty interesting and has a slight learning curve since there are several variables to play.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班] on Steam

80’s Night

80’s Night

A good game.

However I’ve played until 5055 points and then I hit a car.

When I looked for my achievements I didn’t win the 4 palm trees (pink & blue), the 2 stars and 2 music notes (pink & blue) and the letter K (pink).

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

The most fun was the overtaking.

After that nothing.

I made it over 9000. No, i even did 10'000.

Please use your time better.

Nothing to see here, please move on, move on.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

80's Night on Steam

Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay

A really fun and relaxing game.

I’m a bit sad it has such a mixed review score.

There’s not really a big challenge to anything you do ingame, however to me this was perfectly fine.

I wanted to play a really laid back game, which is exactly what Moonglow Bay seemed to be.

And I got even more.

You can just chill, catch a few fish, cook, collect pieces of the story behind your character and the citizens of the bay.

You’ll progress through quite the variety of biomes and there’s lots of interesting fish to find, that all have nice little myths the people of the bay affiliate them with.

Real player with 30.4 hrs in game

I really can’t recommend the game in it’s current state. There’s just too many bugs ranging from small visual things to currently unfixable softlocks. I’m currently stuck, unable to progress through a bossfight because it simply won’t continue. I see too many other issues like this in the game’s discord as well. Keyboard support seems like a very last moment addition; on launch, the controls were wonky and you couldn’t even save your game. They updated the controls, but there’s still no way to rebind anything. The game also doesn’t use the mouse, which is strange for a game with analog input in sections. I really wish this game had had some sort of early access/open beta period to iron out the more obvious and game-breaking issues before launch.

Real player with 24.6 hrs in game

Moonglow Bay on Steam