Very satisfying and challenging puzzle game that will keep you thinking outside the box. Simple rules with brilliant execution. Plenty of content with over 100 stages, boss battles, and unlockable bonus mini games and powerups. An ultimate (and maybe a little sadistic ;-P ) 8-bit brain teaser with some epic tunes. I just cleared it all, can you?

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

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I usually review weird hentai games so when my curator friend asked me if I wanted to try BLEWIE and the FUN HOUSE let’s just say I found those words misleading. In reality, it reminds me of some games I’ve played on very old computers with green screen monitors. I really miss one where you’re an ant trying to escape a level having to dodge what looked like wasp heads chasing you. You could drop boulders on them or shoot them. Can’t remember the name though. Anyway, this game is kinda like that but in color and the music is really good.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Blewie on Steam

Hunt the Muglump

Hunt the Muglump

This is a really fun game. My eight year old son really enjoys playing it and begs to get on the computer so he can play it. It has been a great distraction for him during lock down. He especially enjoys tweaking the game settings in custom mode.

Real player with 5456.3 hrs in game

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I like this game. It’s an ever-changing puzzle adventure that randomizes every time. I’m still working towards the dungeon creator by earning the right achievements, but I enjoy the gameplay. Well-worth the low cost of 5.99.

Good luck Muglump hunters.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Hunt the Muglump on Steam

NCradle: An 80s Synth Adventure

NCradle: An 80s Synth Adventure

Very fun, if short game with a great soundtrack.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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NCradle: An 80s Synth Adventure on Steam

Delta Light

Delta Light

Cool take on the old Jezzball concept. It’s got a few bugs but overall solid. Definitely worth a try!

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

This game is awesome and very addicting. It has many levels, so you do not get bored. It’s music is nice and retro. The concept is very smart. I fully recommend it.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Delta Light on Steam

Legend of the Sword

Legend of the Sword

The chronicles of Anar have long told the legend of a mystical sword, and its accompanying shield whose magical aura protected the inhabitants of Anar for many centuries. The sword and shield were supposedly guarded by the ancient Corsarians, but their existence, and possible whereabouts are now purely part of folklore.

The evil wizard Suzar has assembled a fighting force of mutated humanoids and plunged the kingdom into a state of fear. An entire army of brave warriors has already perished at the hands of the wicked wizard, and only with the combined power of the legendary sword and shield is it possible to defeat the dark forces that are suffocating the land.

Having been summoned before King Darius and the High Council of Anar, you and five other loyal men volunteer to find the enchanted sword and shield, and destroy Suzar before he is able to amass an army large enough to enslave Anar, and the rest of the world…

…and so you come to team up with motley band of hardened adventurers on your quest to seek out the sword and shield, as the chronicles have foretold.


  • Over 350 dynamic individual illustrations, which change as new and challenging situations confront the player.

  • Pointer and icon driven mode for character movement and commonly used commands.

  • Innovative scrolling map feature - the map expands as you explore the landscape.

  • A highly flexible interpreter with an extensive vocabulary and advanced features such as FIND and GOTO commands.

  • A multitude of intelligent characters to communicate with and give instructions to.

  • OOPS/UNDO commands to backtrack your previous command.

  • Flexible command line editor, for correcting typographical mistakes.

Legend of the Sword on Steam

Rotatex 2

Rotatex 2

Haha funny cat go jump.

Real player with 77.0 hrs in game

A good rhythm game with a nice design will not make you bored. And a good soundtrack.

Real player with 4.8 hrs in game

Rotatex 2 on Steam

Adventure Bit

Adventure Bit

ADVENTURE BIT is a solid and fun action platformer. Controls and game play mechanics are solid and intuitive.

There are 6 chapters of increasingly difficult levels to unlock and you can replay any previous unlocked levels.

It’s great because it allows you to choose how to play each time. You can start at the easiest chapter of levels and go for high score, or start right at the highest level chapter that was saved last…it’s awesome making replay value very high.

The style, sound effects and soundtrack are really good and the game has a real nice pacing to it and it is challenging even if it looks not to be the case as you are playing.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

This is a really great example for how simple is not always bad. It doesn’t have to look like Uncharted or Cyberpunk to be fun.

*Very fair difficulty

*Nice save / checkpoint system

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Adventure Bit on Steam

Doctor Klyvinski

Doctor Klyvinski

The game is fun. I have middle aged eyes. I had difficulty reading fine print on my laptop screen. There is fine print throughout the game. I would not buy it again for this reason despite the fun times. If you are young with good vision, recommend.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

Doctor Klyvinski on Steam



_Omaj - Defy Expectations

Omaj is a group of individuals that defy expectations by presenting captivating visual stories that open the imagination and inspire critical thinking._

Join a boy named Timothy and his alien friend Gus on a journey of self discovery as they explore the colorful world of Fragment. Utilize Timothy and his friends' psychic powers to read minds, shoot fire, kinetically push objects and more to journey to the farthest reaches of Fragment (and beyond!). While on a journey to reconnect with his estranged father, Timothy meets new friends, interacts with a zany supporting cast and travels (both figuratively and literally) beyond his own personal limits.


• A sentimental coming of age story based in vibrant 80’s Pop Culture that is more than it seems.

• Explore and solve puzzles with powers such as hypnosis, pyrokinesis, magnetism and more.

• Interact with colorful cast characters - private detectives, drag queens, yogurt vendors, and more.

• A streamlined experience focused on story telling and maximizing emotional impact.

Fragment on Steam

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime

Get ordained in The Abbey of Crime, THE most awarded Spanish graphic adventure game of the 80’s and solve the dangerous mystery that has been hidden among the dusty pages of history for more than five centuries.

Become the friar Guillermo de Mosce and return to your order to discover the reasons why you were imprisoned by the Holy Inquisition.

“_After being accused, deemed guilty and imprisoned by the very Pope John XXIII during the fourteenth century, Guillermo de Mosce flees from the jail in Avignon to seek asylum in the court of Emperor Ludwig of Bavaria. But after his death, Guillermo decides to come back to his order, accompanied by a young novice with the intention of meeting Bernardo Moi, head of the inquisition led by the pope.

Nobody never knew what really happened. There is only a disciple’s account left, which would shed light several years after upon those horrible and astonishing events, which remained secret ever since…_”


  • Original studio game

  • Rewind option

  • Original instruction manual

  • Original material

  • Development notes

  • Trophies

  • Steam/Nintendo Switch/PS4

Retro Golden Age - The Abbey of Crime on Steam