Castle Break

Castle Break

Its a great hardcore oldschool arcaniod-style game with no mercy to slowpoke players.

Did not expected i’ve spend all the evening, kicking virtual bombs around the screen :D

Controlling your own robot, you have to break through the enemy walls, protecting your troops from being destroyed by the enemy. Each new level brings new powerfull enemies on the battlefield, opens new tools and weapons to upgrade your robot.


  • funny pixel-style graphics

  • hardcore gameplay

  • levels variety

  • different gamestyles by using different tools

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

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Very nice game, I caught nostalgia when I was a child playing this game on the football field, instead of bombs we had a ball, and instead of a castle and minions, a grid/wall

Convenient one-mouse operation that allows you to take a breath while working.

I liked the idea, with construction, in this game you can even shoot))

A simple game that I figured out in the first minutes of the game.

Retro-style graphics are very suitable for it, it feels like you moved to the 90’s, and you play this game on a slot machine, and there are a lot of spectators behind you

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

Castle Break on Steam

Spacey Vade

Spacey Vade


can you have the RT button on Xbox controller as the trigger button

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

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Loving the old school arcade vibes of this one, but with hidden depths you’ll discover as you play. I was genuinely pleased to get a score that wasn’t a negative! Recommend if you’re old enough to have played the originals, or young enough to have only seen arcade games on your mobile phone.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Spacey Vade on Steam



I started writing this review but got distracted and kept playing it.

Its pretty challenging but learning and overcoming a level gives a good level of satisfaction, but do be prepared to end up sitting on a level for an hour or so trying to learn whats going on slowly revealing all the intricate parts especially on the fog of war levels.

If you enjoy logic puzzles and perhaps a lil logic coding CHR143 is more than worth the asking price.

Real player with 101.4 hrs in game

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CHR$(143) is an absolutely mystifying game. Behind its retro drapery in the style of the Amstrad CPC (a computer both slightly before my time and popular on the wrong continent altogether) is a construct that tears apart the modern rubric for successful games.

The result is something that is equally wondrous and maddening. The sense of discovery experienced here is something unlike anything I have experienced since the original Portal. New gameplay elements will be introduced that will come totally out of left field - once you’re out of those tutorial levels, how will they work, how will they behave, especially in a strange and quirky physics implementation? It will be on you to find out - this game demands you to experiment!

Real player with 50.4 hrs in game

CHR$(143) on Steam

Gravity Runner

Gravity Runner

An innovative platformer/runner from an indie dev. It’s fun and hard - each level ramps up the difficulty and throws some new obstacles at you. I love the aesthetics - the scenery, lighting and soundtrack set up a cool vibe.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

A fun neon endless runner. As you progress more mechanics get introduced and the levels become trickier - and as you fall behind things get more chaotic and difficult!

Huge fan of the cyber neon graphic style.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Gravity Runner on Steam

Meteoroids 3D

Meteoroids 3D

Asteroids: when the simplest is the most addictive.

Eighties of the twentieth century. The golden age of 8-bit video games. We were leaving school, and we were going to spend our precious coins in the arcade machines.

One of the machines that personally caught my attention was Atari’s Asteroids. How could something so simple be so addictive? How could they simulate the physics of that little white triangle on a black background in such a way?

Asteroids was as simple as it gets. A simple black background, a white triangle, and figures representing asteroids, which were destroyed as we shot white dots from our triangle, which was our ship. Imagination did the rest. And the inertia effects were really amazing for the time.

A tribute to Asteroids: Meteoroids 3D.

Meteoroids 3D doesn’t pretend anything except two things: to be a tribute to Asteroids, and to allow the player to go back to destroying space rocks in an absurd and crazy way. To do this we have created a modern game, with weapons and scenarios in three dimensions, but with the simplicity of the game of the time.

Meteoroids 3D doesn’t want to be better than Asteroids; that’s impossible. What we want is to make a tribute. And that’s all we want.

We have added some aspects, besides the famous UFO: a demon, and some enemy ships that launch rockets to destroy us. Main features are:


Note: we highly recommend using a pad (Xbox, Playstation or compatible) because you’ll have more control flying the starship.

1.- 24 levels, that follow the greek alphabet. Why the greek alphabet? It’s cool.

2.- Seven weapons. You get new weapons while you get new levels. But you can activate all the weapons from the very first time if you wish.

3.- Energy weapons are far more effective, but consume a lot of energy. Be careful.

4.- Missiles. They follow the priority targets. If there are only meteors, they destroy the nearest. If there are enemies, they follow the most dangerous.

5.- Enemies. Asteroids had the UFO. Here you’ll also get the Demon, the Mother Ship, and enemy fighters, that are very, very fast and dangerous.

6.- What if you don’t want enemies and just want play the old way, destroying meteors? Deactivate enemies and that’s it.

7.- Every time you start destroying meteors there is an incremental count that finishes after a time. Try to make your best records in the minimum time.

8.- There are two initial scenarios, more to come. But don’t worry: the main goal is to finish meteors, not scenarios.

9.- You can see who’s the best in the Steam statistics.

10.- First view is the best! We want third view! Well, choose how you want to play in the config menu.

11.- Fast game or a long challenge? You can modify the time for every level from 3 minutes to 15. And you’re going to suffer if you want to survive.

12.- Leaderboards and records for various items, including the record destroying meteors in 20 seconds.

Have an idea or something to say? This is a game to have fun. We’ll hear you.

Last, but not least, we have added a full physics option: if the player wants can activate it, and then the ship will have the same inertia that the small ship of the old game had, so the control will be logically more complex. Those who do not want that degree of realism in physics can leave the simple mode activated.

For the rest, Meteoroids 3D is a simple, addictive game, with twenty-four levels, which wants to be a tribute to the games that gave us so many good times in the eighties, and especially Asteroids, which undoubtedly made me leave many, many coins inside.

We hope you enjoy Meteoroids 3D, but don’t forget to play Asteroids in some emulator. It’s still as addictive now as it was then. Thank you very much.

Meteoroids 3D on Steam

Brick People

Brick People

《Brick People》Is an action shooting game, the setting of the game is set in a wonderful building blocks world, here, all the enemies are made of building blocks, you have to defeat them, and finally save the little girl who created you.

Challenging levels

Different level styles will have different enemies, different terrain, and a tense atmosphere through the level.

Interesting enemies

Each enemy has its own form and attack style, so watch out for them or you’ll suddenly be defeated by them.

The final BOSS

The final BOSS is hidden in a huge scene, which is open to exploration, and you need to find him and defeat him in a fierce battle.

Beautiful picture and real physical collision

Using their own research and development of the engine, to bring beautiful graphics and real physical collision, the game every model using high resolution maps, each object is added real physical collision.

Brick People on Steam

Flowing Lights

Flowing Lights


Flowing Lights is a puzzle shmup or shooter with a ton of zones you’re encouraged to speed run one at a time. I was given a free copy for betatesting and have played through the whole game. For each zone you have to figure out the best way to clear it, then use your shmup skills to get past the bullets and take out the enemies.


There are 10 levels with each 17 to 26 short zones. The first two levels act as tutorial. Your weapons are regular fire and a slingshot with a slow laser guide. You can also use boosts with a time interval. You start each level with 1 live and you can earn more for clearing a zone without getting hit. In some zones you can earn weapon upgrades for getting combos. You earn a C rank for just finishing a zone but if you’re fast enough you can get Bs, As and Ss.

Real player with 45.6 hrs in game

A great puzzle shooter game

Real player with 9.1 hrs in game

Flowing Lights on Steam

Stream Toys by Zokya

Stream Toys by Zokya

Stream Toys by Zokya is a collection of chat-interactive mini-games that live-streamers can use to engage with their audience!


Your chat will LOVE playing with Plinker! Every message turns into a “plinky” coin which then bounces down a peg board. Plinkies that land in the moving cup score a point for the viewer. Viewers love seeing their name and user icon pulled up on your stream. The plinker can be configured to fir the look and feel of your stream. Plinker Works well either as a stand alone game or can even be pulled in over your existing gameplay for a fun-interactive element.

Break The Ice

Work together with your chat and see how many boards you can clear. Chat can spawn new balls into play and also trigger power-ups (and power-downs!) Try to destroy all the bricks on a board to advance to the next level. Will chat work for you, or against you?

More to Come!

As these stream toys are in active development, it will benefit greatly from your feedback. We plan to develop and add more games and toys that will encourage viewer engagement on your streams. Add a layer of fun for you and your viewers!

Stream Toys by Zokya currently integrates with the API but plans are underway to integrate into other streaming services (Including YouTube) are underway.

Stream Toys by Zokya on Steam

Ant Force

Ant Force

Ant Force is a platformer/PvP brawler game made by the Russian group Trinity Project by filling out some game templates for GameMaker Studio, a game construction kit. No real serious development effort is involved in filling out game construction kit templates, and it results in very poor quality games, something Trinity Project have a solid reputation for.

It’s no surprise this was dumped into cheap, nasty DailyIndieGame bundles.

While a half-hearted attempt at making a playable video game was done here, as this is differentiated a little from most copy+paste template games, the quality is still deplorably low.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Ant Force on Steam

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

Game Machines: Arcade Casino

this was fun with beer and weed,

reasonabaly short but reasonably priced, it goes good with any

sort of cannabis or alcoholic beverage.

then it just ends cause a well, its only 1.99


wish i could pay 40 dollars and get 20 times the content and have a full on

casino arcade thing in my house

p.s. my light saber is not weird looking its deady

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

This game takes me back to being a little kid visiting the Atlantic City boardwalk. At the time they had “casinos” like these with fun games to play for tickets or tokens that could be cashed in for prizes. It probably cost my parents a small fortune to win items that would be dollar store quality today, but I loved the experience.

So step off the boardwalk into a tiny casino arcade. The coin pusher was my absolute favorite, and realistic to what I remember. I really like the overall feel and physics of that one. It feels the most authentic. Things like the stacker machine would have been after my time, but that was also realistic, at least compared to the ones I’ve played in VR.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Game Machines: Arcade Casino on Steam