Party Host 85

Party Host 85

Throw the greatest parties in human history!

You’re grounded while your parents go on a world trip without you. Throw a bunch of parties and invite the most popular guests to earn some money to go on your very own vacation!

In this game you are the host of a simulated party and need to take care of everything. Clean up after your guests, talk to them to get to know them better and select the right music for your crowd. Make decissions on what you want your party to be like by turning on the TV or let someone sell illegal stuff on your frontyard. And you might wanna remember where the fire extinguiser is… just in case.

Get to know your guests to better plan ahead and keep them entertained. Find out which guests play along nicely and make good choices on who you invite in the planning phase. And don’t forget to buy enough food, drinks and drugs to keep your guests entertained.

Be careful not to burn down the house or get in trouble with the police though. Become ever more popular to unlock new party guests by having great discussions with them on interesting topics. Get acquainted with 14 crazy characters and they might even sign your yearbook. Discover all the crazy things that can happen and a mystery below the surface.

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Party Host 85 on Steam

Rainbow Reactor

Rainbow Reactor

EDIT: 1/21/19 - I originally expressed hesitation toward paying full game price, but that was before I realized the FULL ACCESS version would be much larger, and almost certainly a better cost / content ratio. Yes, I think a bigger and better game will be more worthwhile and more fun game.


I paid full (sale) price (and I’m glad I did!)

This reviewer just spent 30 minutes playing Rainbow Reactor, and I had such a great time I (literally) had to force myself to stop! While perhaps not the world’s biggest fan of color matching games, I’m far from a stranger to the genre, and I have enjoyed it often while on Steam. Yet even in that context I don’t hesitate to take this opportunity to say that color matching through a combination of dexterity and strategy (mostly strategy, I’m inclined to think at this point) is just remarkably fun, and I sincerely thank the friend who told me about Rainbow Reactor.

Real player with 13.9 hrs in game

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I like this game. It’s a little more hectic than I expected but it’s unlikely to make you sweat. I particularly like that I got it at 67% off, it’s definitely a bargain at that price!

I completed the 8 levels of the main game in about 2hrs but haven’t managed to clear the bonus time stage. I also had a little teleport around. I haven’t tried SINGLE SHIFT yet.

The world you are in is well made and gives some grandeur to what is otherwise a quite simplistic game i.e. throw coloured ball in hole. However it does that very well. The colour blending (light not paint) works nicely, but they have clearly spent quite some time getting the throw of the ball just right.

Real player with 9.4 hrs in game

Rainbow Reactor on Steam

Street Heat

Street Heat

has anybody won a race? if so i want to see video evidence! i want to see one of the devs win a race on easy because for a start its not possible to select difficulty on local mode! i dont believe the devs have even played the game!!!!!!!! its impossible to win. online mode is pointless cos theres always an ai with you that will win every time. making a game impossibly difficult will not bring sales. big fail devs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

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According to Steam, I last played this for around an hour back in 2017 when this game was still in Early Access. On a whim I decided to revisit it, and all I gotta say is, I’m really disappointed. When I last played this, I felt that the concept was cool but it was lacking in content, and just needed something more; according to the discussions, I’m not the only one that felt that way.

Other than some bugfixes according to the patchnotes (although OneWay’s AI is just broken), version 0.6.7275.31597 (which is the current version as of me writing this) has two new maps and SLIGHTLY different car handling. Nothing else, no alternate game modes, no new cars, no career mode, nothing. Just quick play with bots, other people on the same screen, or literally no one online. My problem with that is, Street Heat feels nothing more than a proof of concept that you get bored with after maybe an hour tops. At least grinding the car unlocks & achievements only takes three total at most.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

Street Heat on Steam