Domineon 2

Domineon 2

Step into the Domineon 2 Arena and experience a fast-paced couch party game straight out of the golden age of arcades. Have intense battles in fully destructible arenas with up to 8 players. Last pixel standing wins.


  • Battle with up to 8 friends:

    Play on your own or with up to 8 players. Kill each other using any means necessary and be the last pixel alive.

  • Compete in fully destructible arenas:

    Every single pixel on screen in the Domineon combat arenas is fully destructible. Break other player’s tails to create new opportunities, or completely tear apart the map. Anything goes.

  • A large arsenal of deadly weapons:

    Weapons are placed around the maps and can be collected by players creating areas where engagements are inevitable. In the arena you’ll find guns, missiles, mines, nukes, or even parasites. You know the usual.

  • An intense retro soundtrack:

    Domineon 2 includes a retro sound-track featuring Waveshaper and Droid Bishop along with other talented artists.

Domineon 2 is created by an Indie Dev Studio in Berlin. We would be super happy if you would put Domineon 2 on your wishlist and buy it as soon it comes out. Seriously - we owe people money.

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Domineon 2 on Steam

Consolation: Board Meeting - Jam Edition

Consolation: Board Meeting - Jam Edition

Amazing game! worth way more than free, fun with friends and enemies. Epic achievement update with fun achievements to spend hours trying to complete :) Awesome characters and easter eggs. I love this game it is the best game by Sayincraft Studios that is on steam (so far).

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

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an awesome horror twist to a usually happy genre of game, Consolation: Board Meeting is a must play especially for anyone who loves party games. awaiting the future updates Sayin, and thanks for having me write a track for it!

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Consolation: Board Meeting - Jam Edition on Steam

Dragon Saddle Melee

Dragon Saddle Melee

Jump into an online game easily with automated matchmaking, or play solo.

Knock out enemies by bashing them from above.

Battle through progressively more difficult rounds

Grab power ups to help you survive and defeat the other dragons

The Challenge

  • Jump into an online game easily with automated matchmaking

  • Play the same game offline in solo mode

  • Battle through progressively more difficult rounds

  • Bash and fight enemy birds and other players before they bash you

  • Become a Survivor by making it through all rounds before running out of lives

  • Win the melee by being the Survivor with the highest score

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Dragon Saddle Melee on Steam

Hyper Jam

Hyper Jam

This is Hyper Jam

, a retro themed fast paced arena figther, that keeps you focused and tryingharding, you need to win, no matter what. What makes this game so great are multiple things:

**The Music: **Just amazing 80’s synthwave/retro electro music that hypes you up, makes you feel connected to the game, and just feels good to listen to.

Even if you are waiting for a game, it’s just nice to listen to while waiting, building the hype for the upcoming game, and keeping the hype from the last one. Simply perfect.****

Real player with 136.3 hrs in game

(Received for free from Launch Tournament)

Hyper Jam is one of the most polished indie titles I’ve ever played, and probably one of the best couch-competitive games out there.

The combat feels like it’s hit the perfect spot between too simple and too complex - everyone can understand and use each mechanic, but there’s enough depth for die-hards and experienced players to perfect and start pulling off impressive plays. The perk system makes every match feel different, and combined with the barrages you can send down when knocked out, helps equalize the playing field a little.

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

Hyper Jam on Steam

Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter set onboard the ISS Genesis Four. You and your team have been sent in to investigate lost communications from the orbiting starship when it becomes apparent that the ships AI systems created by the evil corporation Volkh have gone rogue. It’s down to you and your team to take the fight to the enemy, destroy the Volkh, and reclaim the ship.

It’s just you and your team. Can you survive the onslaught and restore peace?

• Intense Combat

Fight your way through hordes of enemies alone or with a team of up to 4 players. Level up your character and become stronger, faster and more dangerous.

• Ship Management

Repair, upgrade and maintain your ships life support system.

• RPG Gameplay

Aquire energy and upgrades your ships systems. Generate more power and upgrade your characters with a diverse range of upgrades and perks.

• Discover

Find interesting easter eggs, complete objectives and find out more about the ship’s crew.

Starship Survivor on Steam



Something Evil has arrived in the video store…

Abominations once confined to video store cassettes have escaped the tape and transformed into deadly reality. Experience pulse-pounding 4v1 combat amidst neon-soaked cinematic labyrinths where power shifts unpredictably between Good and Evil, but always ends in a fight-to-the-death climax fit for the silver screen.

Monsters follow a script that calls not only for death, but total domination. Be you the Werewolf– brutal and swift, or the Dollmaster– creeping and conniving, you are designed to feast on fear, terrorizing your teenage prey relentlessly.

Teens scramble to flip the script with weapons fueled by ancient Stigma– Burn, Shock, Curse, and Purify– that extinguish Evil. Blast monsters with a faceful of Flame and Fury, dish out a killer jolt from your Raygun or RC Flyer, swing Cursed Swords and cast curses, and harness the glory of a Holy Slingshot or Cross.

VHS bleeds 80s horror, and if you’re not careful, you will too.

Fight Back or Die

The monsters of VHS are a tribute to over the top 80s horror where anything goes. From a classic Werewolf to the sinister Dollmaster, fight as a growing roster of grotesque, ferocious, and lethal creatures. As a Teen, craft and master a variety of single use and limited fuel weaponry for a shot at turning the tables on the monster. There is no escape, so you must fight to survive.

Movie Magic

Each level is hand-crafted and designed for the ultimate cinematic showdown. Explore classic and fantastical cinematic locales, from decrepit hotels to top-secret research facilities.

Hero’s Journey

Each character has a skill tree full of unique perks and custom cosmetics along their personal path to becoming the ultimate hero or villain.

Celebrate Creativity

Showcase your own style from head to toe in colorful costumes and vivid variants that celebrate the freedom of the 80’s video era. Become the ultimate Video Horror Society fan as you collect an entire shelf of movies full of challenges that reveal hidden lore and reward themed cosmetics.

Free to Play

VHS is already yours to enjoy, so hop in!

VHS on Steam

Plush Madness

Plush Madness

A badly made “wave shooter” With horror element thats not scary since everything is cute which defeats the whole purpose

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

I’m not quite sure what to say about ‘Plush Madness’. You can play co-op or single-player and the idea is to kill any killer teddies coming towards you by shaking them or pulling their arms, legs or heads off and you search a house looking for something all while on a timer to something. There is no story here, no fun, barely any grapics and certainly nothing worth the £3.99 aksing price. It’s not even scary because all the rooms are well light and the “killer teddies” are quite cute! This gets a thumbs down from me, but maybe with some improvements it will be worth a revisit.

Real player with 0.0 hrs in game

Plush Madness on Steam

Bricks Frenzy

Bricks Frenzy

A good and interesting game that is addictive for a long time.

I also liked that it supports a gamepad and is somewhat reminiscent of the good old Tetris or games in a similar style

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

An unusual game in neon style. The game mechanics are quite well-known, but the authors decided to add a certain variety to the design. The modern interface gives the game something new.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

Bricks Frenzy on Steam

I am not a Monster: First Contact

I am not a Monster: First Contact

One of the best games I’ve ever played. It is Xcom style tactical turn based strategy game and it is flawless.

  • Visuals are stunning. Game is made in a way that it looks like as if it was made in the 60s. The graphics use old movie filter, the sound effects are “poor” quality, stereotypical (with game progress you’ll find out that they have much more depth) characters and the whole future concept from 60s movies about distant future. The whole 60s thing is done very well. Amazing.

  • Level design is great and used cleverly. Many times game reuses same levels, but is done so well that those reused environments feel like totally new levels, I mean they are, they have different objectives and stuff, so they are completely new levels, just with same level design. But it is not reused because of lazyness or cheapness, it’s reused because it is needed for story progression. This is really smart design choice, I love it.

Real player with 104.4 hrs in game

Literally, I started the game with no expectations. I knew people liked the multiplayer, but since I wasn’t interested in it, I’ve watched the game with suspicion. Once I learned that there was a single-player mode, I didn’t expect much from it either.

I was sure this was some sort of “alibi mode” to complement the multiplayer and even if it was good, it would be short as most indie game campaigns are.

Oh my God, how wrong I was! The game campaign is simply stunning!

It is very long, it takes 25-30+ hours to finish it. - That is a huge selling point for me!

Real player with 44.8 hrs in game

I am not a Monster: First Contact on Steam

Super Arcade Football

Super Arcade Football

I would like to write this review mainly for the developers in order to assist them with the development of their game. I think this game is a gem especially for older people like me who miss the good old days of kick off, which is now abondonware software, from amiga 500. However, I think the developers are not hitting the sweet spot for people like me. Below are a few suggestions for the developers to take into consideration.

1. In the current version, the story mode is a good start. I think you can make that story mode amazing by incorporating the aspects of the “player manager” game from the Amiga 500.

Real player with 36.9 hrs in game

I’ve been into football games since Match Day and Football Manager on the BBC Micro. I’ve played a few since then: Kick Off, Player Manager, Sensible Soccer, Kick Off 2 and Goal! Although I never really got in to FIFA or Pro Evo. I was after a more old school footie kickabout game I could enjoy with my friends. So from the end my Amiga days until now there is a massive gap in my football games. I have never really found anything as good as Kick Off or Sensi. Then I heard about Super Arcade Football on Steam Greenlight.

Real player with 17.2 hrs in game

Super Arcade Football on Steam